265 70r17 vs 245 75r17 Tire Comparison chart

All-terrain using tires are the good ones to perform against extreme toughness and heavy-duty activities. But the sizes can’t be identified individually in bare eyes. 265 70r17 vs 245 75r17 tires may look similar, but there are some differences between them.

There are some benefits for each of these tire sizes too. Two different sizes are the main dissimilarity between these two tire sizes. One of them is bigger than the other one.

For this reason, there will be a comparison between these two tire sizes. So let’s jump into the main discussion.

265 70r17 vs 245 75r17
265 70r17 vs 245 75r17

The Comparison Chart

Before going for an individual discussion, let’s see some basic differences between both these tires.

Specs   26570r17 24575r17             
Total diameter31.6 inches31.4 inches
Total width  10.4 inches9.6 inches
Sidewall height7.3 inches7.23 inches
Circumference size  99.29 inches98.86 inches
Total Tire radius15.80 inches15.73 inches

All these features separate both the tires individually. But some other relevant objects create differences between these two tires.

265 70r17 Tires

Not everyone will have an idea about the tire through this numbering. But the explanation might appear enough helpful.

Basically, the 265 numbering of this tire indicates a total diameter of 265 mm. It is the width diameter of the tire. “70” the numbering describes that this tire has an aspect ratio of 70. The height of the sidewall for the entire width is the main aspect ratio. And lastly, the 17 indicates the size of the wheel in which the tire will fit.

In terms of the using ability, this tire size can easily go for any kind of four-wheeler. As these tires have a terrain-performing nature, it suits heavy-performing trucks and vehicles.

245 75r17 Tires

This tire also provides the same numbering, sizing, and nature. But it has a shorter diameter of 245mm.

Sidewall height with the total width plays better performance and delivers 75 percent of aspect ratio. And lastly, the size of the tire remains the same as the previous one. Therefore, it can also be used for all types of high-performing trucks and vehicles.

In-depth differences

It is now confirmed that both these tires are different from each other. And the sizing is the main reason for making these differences. But there are some other factors available for each of the tires.

And they are the great reason for making the distinctions. And these factors are given below.

Sizing: The very first and major dissimilarity comes from the sizing. The 265 is naturally bigger in size than the 245 one. A total gap is 20mm between these two tire sizes. This is the principal reason for their differences.

More Aspect Ratio: Although the 265 model is bigger in size, the 245 one holds more aspect ratio. And more aspect ratio means it has closer relevancy between the entire width and height of the tire.

Traction ability: So these tires are not similar to each other. That is why; the level of traction will not appear the same as well. Bigger-sized tires can deliver more traction and grip on the road.

265 70r17, therefore, is better in gripping rather than the other one.

Durability: It depends on the usage. Some users may feel 24575r17 is the better one. Whereas some others believe in 265 70r17. But the experimented statement is, 265 70r17 can last for a long time for its better sizing.

Speeding: If both the tires were similar in size, they may not create any differences in speeding. But the 245 will help to gain more speed rather than the 265 ones. It is because of the small size. A perfect adjustment with the wheel is a needed factor in order to get better performance.

Wide tire vs Short tire. Which one to choose?

Deciding all the related factors and natures, 265 70r17 is called the wide tire. On the other hand, the 245 75r17 can be called the short tire.

Despite that, it’s a tough decision to choose the perfect one. Both these tires are different in their efficiency and nature.

In a short answer, both these tires can be chosen for their worthy actions. Wide-sized tires deliver more gripping and traction and road. Delivers superior braking ability with a little bit of higher ground clearance of the vehicle. But this bigger-size tire is not applicable to use for all types of vehicles.

Heavy-duty and powerful trucks that get used for towing, climbing, or crossing terrains can be upgraded through these. However, there will be not sufficient power delivery that is possible to get from these tires.

On the other hand, short-sized tires as like the 245 one. It may not deliver good traction or grip into the road. Despite it, they can deliver smooth acceleration with better speed. Above all, the fuel economy will remain sober and stable too.

So now it is not left to know that. Both these tires are the perfect ones for different purposes. The rest of the selection depends on the user’s requirements.

Using after Feedback and Rating

Since the doubts are not clear yet, our expert team members have organized a practical observation. They applied both the tires for the vehicles and brought out some results.

The 265 70r17 tires may have the better tractions on road. But they make the vehicles a little bit weighty to run. In fact, this tire is another big reason for having slow acceleration.

But the main internal issue that gets seen in this tire is. There will be a speedometer reading error if this tire gets switched with the stock ones.

If an example is given, a truck can perform a maximum speed of 90kmph. Using this tire, the speed may get decreased to 85-86kmph.

The main reason behind this issue is. The tire is wide in size as well as bigger too. It may be a minor issue to accept or deny.

Apart from them, it consumes more fuel compared to the small-sized tires. The vehicles lose power at their top-end performance. And the ratings are:

  • Traction                          8.5/10
  • Fuel economy                  5/10
  • Top-end                            6/10
  • Braking                             7/10
  • Acceleration                    6.5/10

Coming to the 245 75r17 sized one; it is the short-sized tire that has provided some good advantages. It delivers a smooth acceleration to the ride as well as good top-end speed.

Moreover, great fuel efficiency and consume a very low amount of fuel than the other one. But it can’t perform well for making good traction. As well as gripping on the road.

Besides it, the thin-sized tires also appear very simple in braking. And this is how this tire size got rated.

  • Traction                                 6/10
  • Fuel economy                       9/10
  • Top-end                                 8/10
  • Braking                                  6.5/10
  • Acceleration                          8.5/10

Final Statement

Different-sized tires for different reasons of using. That is what the 265 70r17 vs 245 75r17 discussions have shown. None of the tires can be counted as bad ones. All their nature, quality, and performance are legitimate and worthy to apply for the vehicles.

However, it is now up to you which one will you go for. Before going for any one of these models, don’t forget to have a look at this article. It will definitely be a beneficial decision.

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