Softopper Vs Bestop, which one is better?

Softopper Vs Bestopin this discussion, one will get to know the differences between this two. Though they are of the same manufacturer, they share some significant differences. Mainly, the construction and the design of these two are not the same.

The manufacturer used different materials and different designs for the tops. However, both products are two of the best ones you will find at an affordable price. In addition, they will provide secure and comfortable expertise for a long time.

Therefore, one may look below to know further details about these top.

Softopper Vs Bestop

A truck is extremely popular in the USA and all over the world. This type of vehicle helps the user to carry some heavy things from one place to another. In addition, they can use the car as a passenger along with carrying items.

That versatile use of the car makes it too prevalent in many countries. However, not so many advantages are free of disadvantages. For example, the open part back of the vehicle or the trunk is exposed to the weather for the truck. Sometimes in the rain or the snow, the products or the things on the car get wet.

Well, human is intelligent. They always come up with new helpful ideas to remove the drawbacks of their life. This is what happened with the truck too. They have invented a topper for the open part of the truck. One can attach those toppers whenever they want. A

Also, they can detach the topper whenever they want. It is easy and requires a few minutes to do the complete work. One will find so many options in the market, but not all are good options. A truck topper can make the day or ruin the day.

However, two of the best topper is Softopper, and Bestop one can buy from the market. While shortlisting the best topper, they always fall into this option and get confused. Therefore, this article will talk about the differences between these two.


Both Softopper and Bestop have high-quality construction. They have a considerable reputation in the market because of their quality topper. In both toppers, the manufacturer used heavy-duty waterproof and dustproof material.

However, in quality, Softopper is some steps ahead compared to Bestop. They use high-regulation polyethylene which is scratch-free, UV-resistant, and unbreakable. In addition, unlike other toppers in the market, it can withstand 4x the weight of average weight.

Another unique thing that made it better than Bestop or any other top is the installation process. The patented design of the top will allow easy installation and detached or replacement. One will not need any tools or anything for attachment removal. Or replacement.

When one attaches the topper to the truck, it will become a completely sealed room. As a result, people can store their valuable belongings. Also, they can use it as a shelter on a long road trip.


As for the Softopper, the manufacturer used marine grade double stitched tread protection along with heavy-duty polyethylene material. This design will keep the inside dry, clean, and comfortable. As a result, one will not feel too cold in winter or too hot in the summer.

Though the main construction of the toper is made of fabric, it is vital as metal. Also, the design is durable as metal along with performance. This can resist extreme harm but keep the inside comfortable, safe, and cozy.

On the other hand, Bestop designed their truck topper with 23-ounce diamond point fabric. Its design keeps the inside compartment secure from heavy rain, storm, UV, and many more things. However, the removal and installation design are not as easy as the Softopper.


In the case of durability, both of the toppers are the best in the market. The Softopper is considered close to fiberglass performance which is highly durable. It can withstand heavyweight, high obstacles but stay as it is.

On the contrary, Bestop used 23-ounce diamond point fabric which is also durable. Therefore, it will perform to its best for a long time. However, its durability will not go as long as the Softopper.


Since we have already mentioned that the Bestop and the Softopper are shortlisted as the best top, they are best in protection. The toper will keep the inside of the compartment safe from heavy rain, snow, dust, UV, and many more natural disaster.

Besides, the material and the design are scratch-free and unbreakable. It will be extremely hard for them if one tries to cut the fabric. One can say they will give a tough performance as factory-made steel. So, one cannot ignore them or feel low because of the material.

Fitting and Installation

In terms of installation, Softopper will provide more flexibility compared to Bestop. This one does not require any tool or anything for the installation process. Regarding fitting, both of the topes will provide excellent fitting.

However, the fiberglass Softopper provides the best fitting, but as for extra bed access, this one might not act so well.

Necessary Instrument

The Bestop topper is a complete package that comes with all the necessary hardware and an installation kit along with an instruction book. As for the Softopper, it does not require any hardware. However, it comes with an instruction book.

Let’s have an overview of the comparison.

The material and design of the topper are highly waterproof.It is waterproof but not much as Softopper.
It can withstand too heavyweight on the bed.It can withstand too heavy weight on the bed like the other one.
The zipper is heavy-duty YKK.This one has molded tooth zippers.
The widows are replaceable Acrylic.Users can easily remove or roll up the windows.
Manufacturers have to use a rust-free Anodized Aluminum frame coated with zinc.Frames are of industrial strength thread constructed.
Extremely easy to install and remove.Easy to install and remove within a few minutes.
It provides a cozy and secure room to have a long road trip.It provides more space to store things.

Softopper Vs Bestop, which one is better?

One of Softopper and Bestop is that they belong to the same manufacturer. Not so many people know that fact. So one can say both of the topers is two of the best. One cannot beat another in quality and performance.

They assure comfort, safety, and durability along with performance. However, the Softopperprovidesa more easy installation and removal process. On the contrary, the Bestop delivers more space than ever.

Moreover, for a long road camping or picnic far away from home, the Bestop will be the best option. Therefore, the decision will be on the user and what they want.

Can one lock the Softopper or Bestop?

The construction or the design of the Softopper or the Bestop does not involve any locking system. Those involve a zipper system in the door and the windows. So, one cannot lock the top. However, they are entirely secure.

Any natural force cannot harm the components or things inside. Only any evil human can forcefully enter inside the toper.


Hopefully, one has got all their answers regarding Softopper Vs Bestop. For the truck, the top is a piece of extremely important equipment. It makes the car waterproof, rustproof, sun-proof, and a secure place. People can use the back of their truck in any way because of that wonderful invention.

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