What is the purpose of the Toyota Tacoma Subwoofer Box?

Toyota Tacoma Subwoofer Box will provide enough bass for a comfortable music experience inside the car. Since listening to the music in a place like a car requires bass, one will have to have a subwoofer box. It will produce a low frequency which means high bass music.

Without the subs box, the sound will be muted inside the car because the cone’s backward air will cancel the front perspective. Besides, the box will help produce better sound in every aspect. Moreover, one may look at the detailed discussion below for further details.

Toyota Tacoma Subwoofer Box                 

Driving a car without a proper sound system is a boring thing one can experience. Mainly, in the long drive or going for a picnic with friends and family becomes funless without a sound system. Unfortunately, however, one cannot put any sound system in their vehicle.

Specifically, the Toyota Tacoma requires a subwoofer for a better sound system. Using the subwoofer’s main aim is low frequency. As a result, users can listen to heavy metal music at a low frequency inside the car.

If one uses the regular sound system in the car, which provides high frequency, they will feel uncomfortable. Probably, they will suffer from headaches and vomiting in some cases. However, the subwoofer will provide a 20Hz to 200Hz frequency, which is quite comfortable.

Moreover, one will need a subwoofer box for settling the device inside the car. The package will not only balance the subwoofer inside the vehicle, but it will also help produce better sound. If one does not use a sealed box, it will be a negligible sound.

The enclosed box serves two purposes to make sure the sound is comfortable. Those are rear wave cancellation and subwoofer physical power handling.

Rear Wave Cancellation

After connecting with the amplifier without the box, one can try playing music in the subs. It will not create any bass. Because the cone will move forward, and the rarefied back air will cancel the front perspective. That is called rear wave cancellation.

For example,

Let’s consider that the yellow curve is an X sine wave, and the curve blue is a Y sine wave. X one is positive, and the Y one is negative. If one puts those two waves together, the green line produces Zero.

That is what happens with the Toyota Tacoma subwoofer if one does not use the box with it. The sound of the back of the cone cancels the sound of the front cone in the subwoofer. The package separates these two sounds to produce a base in that scenario.

In Toyota, one has to install the subwoofer with the box. The box will capture the rare sound and hear the music.

Subwoofer Physical Power Handling

The subwoofer’s cone moves backward and forwards from its place while producing sound. For example, to produce a 50 Hz frequency sound, the subwoofer will move 4mm forward and backward. If the cone is not inside a box, it will not travel to a straight line.

This phenomenon will create an issue in the sound production and quality. Naturally, no one will want that.

As for the Toyota Tacoma, the subwoofer box will find the Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Truck Kicker Bundle Comp C10 Dual in the market. It is 10 inches coated with Sub Box Enclosure. This subwoofer box is one of the best products people can trust.

This one is a complete package with a decent subwoofer and a box at an affordable price. However, one can buy the box separately from online and offline shops. It will be wise to bring the package. It will cost less.

This wonderful sound system will fit flawlessly into the Toyota Tacoma. However, it will take little strength and time to setup after the setup. One will become a teenager and rock the road with their favorite music.

As for the quality, it is one of the best boxes with solid construction. Also, the subs will perform exceptionally well though the price is low. One can use the complete system for a long time with its best performance. Besides, the physical shape of the box with color will stay as it is for an extended period.

This package will include,

Included productDetails
1. One Rhino coated Toyota Tacoma 05-15 Double Cab Truck Dual Sub Box Enclosure of 10 inches.   2. Two Kicker Comp C10 Series Sub of 150W RMS and 4 Ohm SVC Subwoofer of 10 inches.   3. One Harmony Audio HA-A800 with a Class D Mono 1600W Sub Amp.   4. One nickel Harmony Audio HA-AK4 with 4 Gauge Amp.

The box will be of 10 inches and solid black color. In addition, it will be coated with Rhino which will provide a better look and durability. The airspace of the box will be 0.75 Cubic Feet per Sub. Also, the mounting depth is 5 inches with a sealed enclosure.

Surprisingly, the box will keep the sound system waterproof. So even if one splits some water, the sound system will get no harm from it. As for installation, it will fit behind the rare seats perfectly. This one will have to remove the plastic panel tray from the back.

This one will fit perfectly in the back of the rear seat of the Toyota Tacoma model 2005 to 2019 easily. It will not create a mess or anything headache. However, one has to follow the instruction given by the manufacturer properly.

If one buys the full system, they will get two 10 inches subwoofers. The subs will offer 300W Peak or 150W RMS. Along with 30Hz to 500Hz frequency, one will get 86.2 dB sensitivity. Besides, the impedance will be 4 ohms SVC, creating a comfortable frequency.

Is it possible to install a speaker instead of a subwoofer in the car?

One will need low frequency and sensitivity for an audio system inside a car. Because inside a sealed car, the high frequency will feel uncomfortable. That is why one cannot use the speaker instead of the subwoofer.

While the subwoofer produces low-frequency sound, the speakers have mid to high-frequency sound. Unlike the subwoofer, the speakers will fail to produce bass, which is crucial for feeling the music.

However, the speaker is a part of the subwoofer, but the speakers do not have a subwoofers system. It’s just subwoofers are modified versions of speakers, especially for music.

What is the perfect tune for a subwoofer box?

The different listeners will feel better at a different level of tune. As for an average decision, the perfect theme will fall in the frequency range of 25Hz to 120Hz. If one wants to have more bass, one can lower the frequency.

In the case of low bass sound or music, they have to higher the frequency. The choice is up to the listeners of the music.

Is there any impact of the subwoofer box in the sound system?

The shape and the size of the box will create a significant impact on the sound system. It is recommended one must choose a square-sized book with enough space. If the air produced by the cone cannot travel, the excellent quality will be low.


Good music is a big part of human life. People listen to music when they are sad or happy. Also, when they want to celebrate something, driving the car, removing loneliness, enjoying with friends, and in many more circumstances. As for music in the car, it requires a special arrangement.

Toyota Tacoma Subwoofer Box will provide relaxing music inside the car. One will get enough bass to feel the music at an affordable price. Hopefully, one has already reached an overall idea from this article.

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