Why Brake Light Blinking in a Car?

This is a question that indicates the possible reason for a brake light blinking. Specifically, the brake is important, and many issues can cause the brake light to blink, which notifies the drivers of the various situation of the car.

Moreover, the light will bling either yellow or red. The yellow means the issue is not so much. However, the red means it is a serious issue. Furthermore, one will have to look below to know more about the topic.

Brake Light Blinking in a Car

Why Brake Light Blinking in a Car?

The brake in a car is a mechanical component that gains energy from the car and makes the car stop. Specifically, brakes are extremely important in an automobile system to save the car and the passengers in certain situations. Every wheel of the car has a brake system. When one pushes the brake paddle under their leg, it creates friction by other mechanisms like the cylinder and makes the wheel stop or lose motion.

Moreover, the brake system sometimes gets issues and does not work properly. However, it is one of the most important mechanisms of a car and requires to be in good function all the time. Otherwise, one can fall into serious accidents. To know there is some kind of problems with the brake, engineers have designed the car in a specific way. One will notice a brake icon on the dashboard or screen, and it will have different light. If the brake icon is blinking or has a red light, that means the brake is not working properly. Also, there can have some other reasons that the brake light is blinking.

In this section, we will discuss some of the common reasons that cause brake lights to blink.

Engaged Parking Brake

If the parking brake of any car is active, then the brake light of the vehicle will be ON and blink. In most cases, the brake light appears on the dashboard in yellow, which indicates that the parking brake is engaged. Also, some of the cars have P, and some have exclamation signs. One can check the user manual for the sign and possible solutions. One must not drive when their parking brake is engaged.

Low brake Fluid

In most cases, the brake light appears on the dashboard in yellow, which indicates that the parking brake is engaged. Also, some of the cars have P, and some have exclamation signs. If the light is yellow, that means there is still some fluid in the system. If the light is red, then there is no fluid left in the system.

If the light continues with the red light, one will face serious consequences with the hydraulic system. Also, a brake failure in the middle of the journey is possible, which may cause a deadly accident.

Issues in the Anti-lock Brake System

An anti-lock brake system is common in modern vehicles. This mechanism helps the car to prevent wheels from locking up and add the tires from losing traction on slippery roads. However, the car’s anti-lock braking system has a different warning icon of “ABS” which may vary from car to car.

Electronic malfunction, broken or dirty wheel speed sensor, and other reasons cause this light to blink. Moreover, if the light is yellow, then the problem is not so serious. However, if the light is red, then something is going too bad.

Broken brake light bulb

Many vehicles warn the driver of the broken rare brake lights of the car by blinking the brake light on the dashboard. To check whether a broken brake bulb is the issue, one will need help from someone else like a friend. They have to stand in the back of the car, watching the rare brake light. Once the driver presses the brake paddle, the other person has to notice whether the light is turning ON or not.

In case the issue is in the brake light bulb, they can simply replace it with a new one to solve the problem. Though driving a car with a broken brake bulb will not cause any mechanical issue, it is against the rules of many states.

Overly sensitive brakes

If the brake light continues blinking even after changing and repairing everything, it can be because the braking system is sensitive. With all those replacements and repairs, the brake system gets sensitive, and it is common. For this, one can push the brake pads a few times to create good contact with the brake and the discs. Also, a restart of the car will be helpful.

Issues in the electrical wiring

Sometimes the electrical wiring inside the car, which is poorly connected or gets damaged, creates the issue because the system does not get enough power to operate or does not get the actual data from the sensor.

Will it be okay to drive the car with a blinking brake light?

Well, the cause of a blinking brake light can be many. Some of those causes can be minor, and some may be major. The decision to continue riding the car with blinking brake light will depend on the cause of the issue. Some of the causes, like dusty sensors, may allow the driver to continue with it for some time. But some of the issues like engaged parking lights extremely forbidden to drive the car with that situation.

However, if the blinking is happening in yellow light, that means there is some time left that one can continue driving. If the light is red, then they must stop driving before diagnosing the problem.


Breaking the system of any car is the most crucial system which requires great attention and care. However, because of some reasons, the brake system gets issued or even gets damaged. Those issues come with serious consequence that becomes harder to tackle.

Moreover, one can be alert about the problems in the brake system by keeping attention to the brake icon on their cars. Otherwise, it will lead them to harmful consequences. Hopefully, everyone has got all their answers regarding Why is Brake Light is Blinking in a Car?

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