What is the Toyota SofTex Cleaner and Maintenance process?

Toyota SofTex Cleaner is one of the essential things that require cleaning the seats. While selecting the cleaner, one must remember to avoid the oily product. Besides, anything alcoholic, non-aromatic, and simple will do the job.

Since vinyl is not something that gets dirty quickly, one will not have to do much work to clean them. Just a simple cleanser and a cotton cloth will do the job. Before applying the cleaner, users have to clean out dust and dirt using a vacuum cleaner.

We have discussed all the details of the cleaner for the SofTex seats below.

Toyota SofTex Cleaner

Since the end of the nineteenth century, Toyota has been in the automobile industry with pride and a reputation. One of the primary reasons for their reputation is the wise selection of materials and design in their car.

Along with technological features and updates, people look for a great and comfortable interior. As a result, people spend a lot of time inside the car. If the setting arrangement of the vehicle is not satisfied, users will end up with muscles and joint pain.

In the most renowned series of Toyota, they have used SofTex material in their seats. This is a later synthetic material that is comfortable and eco-friendly. We are saying it is eco-friendly because it only produces a few CO2 and volatile organic compounds in the manufacturing time.

The new Toyota user with the SofTex seat always faces the consequences of taking care or maintaining the seat. Since they look real sensitive, people assume that cleaning the hearts or the lather must be exposed.

Normally, people know that cleaning genuine leather involves some substance and conditioner. The lather will absorb the conditioner to keep hydrated and in shape. That is not what will happen with the SofTex of vinyl or artificial leather.

Because the vinyl will not absorb any element to be in good health, things are complicated for the user. They have ignored the fact that the SofTex may be easygoing. However, cleaning the vinyl need nothing but little patience with some equipment.

To clean the seats, one can choose the Mequiar’s Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner G13616. This cleaner contains no oily substance. One will find it quick and detailed while cleaning the interior. It has high lubricant formula for gentle cleaning of the sensitive interior like vinyl.

It comes in a spray bottle for proper and accurate spreading for easy and deep cleaning. One will not feel anything greasy but shine on the surface after cleaning. Also, this cleaner contains UV blocking substance. That means heavy sunlight will not harm the vinyl.

To use the product correctly and effectively, one must follow some requirements. Firstly, the user has to shake the product appropriately. In addition, one must not apply the material to any hot surface. Finally, for cleaning the seat, one must make sure that the seats are at standard temperature or cool.

Alternatively, one can use a microfiber towel to clean the seats. They can spray the product on the cloth and wipe the seats softly. After that, dry out the seats by wiping the liquid substance with a cotton cloth.

One must make sure they do not leave anything wet on the seat and let it dry by itself. They must wipe all the watery substances from the heart.

What precautions does one have to keep in mind for cleaning the Toyota SofTex seats?

SofTex seats of Toyota are made of vinyl material. If the users want to get an everlasting, good-looking, and comfortable seat experience, they have to clean them properly. One can follow some requirements.

Firstly, users must clean any big dirt or dust from the seats. They have to do it before applying any cleaner or cleansing substance. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean hair, dry food, or other dirt will be better.

At this part, one can use any cleaner like a mixer of non-aromatic soap and water. The most efficient option will be using any alcoholic non-oily cleaner. One will find appropriate options in the market. With the cleaning substance, one will need a piece of cotton or microfiber cloth.

In the final step, one must rub the seats smoothly and wipe up all the wet substance from the seats. If one does not wipe the liquid properly, that can damage the shine of the seats.

What are the differences between Vinyl and Leather Seats?

Vinyl SeatsLeather Seats
It is artificial leather.It is an original lather.
UV is resistant at the high range.The lather is not UV resistant.
Cleaning is easy.Cleaning is comparatively hard than vinyl.
No animal-based product.Animal-based product
Bring less harm to the environment.Bring so much harm to the environment.
Do not require complicated maintenance.Maintaining the lather is quite hard.
Vinyl will not fade away so quickly.Lather loses its authentic shine and color without regular maintenance.

Can the consumer use oil-based cleaner in Toyota SofTex seats?

One must not use any oil-based product in the SofTex seats because the seats are made with vinyl material which is vulnerable to oil-based cleaner. The vinyl requires a simple mixer of water and non-aromatic soap.

Also, one can use any alcoholic cleaner for the cleaning. However, a substance like leather conditioner is highly forbidden in vinyl or SofTex seats.


Owning a vehicle is not the end of the journey. The users have to take great care of every part of the car, including the seats. Usually, the seats are made of vinyl material which is synthetic leather. This thing requires different care than the natural lather.

Moreover, the Toyota SofTex Cleaner will help the user take care of the seats correctly. Mainly, the oil-free alcoholic substance is perfect. Hopefully, one has an overview of the topic from the above discussion.

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