What is the purpose of Rav4 Raptor Lights?

Rav4 Raptor Lights are something mandatory in the USA and many other countries. These lights in the front grill of the car will tell the car’s width to another driver coming from the opposite direction. Mainly, in the dark, people make mistakes because of less visibility.

However, one can assume what’s going on with the other car with the raptor lights. Also, while taking a turn on a hilly road, pre-considering the size of the vehicle is essential to prevent a severe accident. O, the aim of these lights is visibility and safety.

One may look below to know more about raptor lights for rav4.

Rav4 Raptor Lights

One may have seen yellow or amber lights in the front grill of their Toyota Rav4. Those are the raptor lights unique to Toyota. The primary purpose of using raptor lights in Toyota is visibility. If one is a nightrider, one will know the importance of light.

Though the car will have a rear and front high lumen flashlight, the raptor lights will add extra value and visibility. Another reason for the light is monitoring the bracket of the car. Eachframe will hold two LEDs. Since rav4 have two shelves so the number of LED will be 4.

One will get two color options in this regard. One is amber, and the other one is Smokey white. Both colors will provide high visibility and reliability. For turning ON or OFF the lights, one can use two options. They can connect them so that they turn ON with the ignition or the headlights.

Wherever one buys the lights, one will get the instrument listed below.

                Rav4 Raptor LightsRav4 Raptor Lights Amber color–4 LED –Aluminum black anodized front mounting brackets x2 –Aluminum Rear Mounting Brackets x2 –Complete insulated wiring harness –Add-a-fuse, ground, two 10-amp Fuses
Rav4 Raptor Lights Smokey white color–4 LED –Aluminum black anodized front mounting brackets x2 –Aluminum Rear Mounting Brackets x2 –Complete insulated wiring harness –Add-a-fuse, ground, two 10-amp Fuses

However, picking the right raptor light for the Toyota Rav4 is essential. For this, one has to remember the primary features of the lights.


One of the main concerns of any gadget is its main construction and its material. Picking up the lights also involves picking the suitable material. One must not buy something made out of low-quality material. The best will be a metal or ABS-constructed light.


One may have noticed that the front grill of the vehicles where one mountain the lights have a particular shape. Therefore, one must pick the lights in the same condition as the grills. Otherwise, the lights will not fit appropriately inside it and create an odd look.


One will find the different color options in LED. The most common color options are amber and Smokey white. One can pick any of the colors which have excellent visibility. The amber will give olden yellow light, while the smoked white will provide a silverish glow.

Besides, the lumen of the lights must not be less than 110 lumens, the more, the better. Also, one must consider the life span of the LED. Usually, they come with up to 50,000 hours lifespan.

Wireless Option

In the raptor lights, the wireless option is a valuable feature that not everyone has. However, having a light system with a wireless remote will be better. The driver can control the brightness level of the LED. In the dark, one can increase the brightness.

On the other hand, one can minimize the brightness if the environment is not that dark.

Is It Illegal To Not Use Raptor Lights?

According to the USA state law, every running vehicle has to have raptor lights or grill lights in their car. If they have two brakes, they have to use four lights. It will increase if the width of the vehicle increases. They have made this rule to prevent an accident at night in the dark.

The raptor lights will tell other drivers about the width of the car. It will help them understand how much space they need to leave for the other vehicle. If one does not use that light in their car, they will have to pay a massive fine for breaking the rules.

How to install raptor lights in Rav4?

Installing raptor lights in the rav4 is not so hard. One can easily do the job by themselves or take help from an expert at a low serving charge. All the necessary parts will be included with the LED. One will need some hardware like a wrench, panel puller, wire crimper, and a wire splicer.

Begin with one having to open the fuse box first. After that, remove the cover above the grill to put the LED into the grill. Now mountain the LED just pushing them inside the hole. Finally, it’s time to install the harness into the raptor lights as well as into the fuss.

That’s all the step one have to follow. After completing this, one can try whether the LED is turning ON/OFF properly or not.


Hopefully, one has got all the necessary information on Rav4 Raptor Lights. This is not something complex or time-consuming to understand. Probably, this lighting system is the most basic and easy thing in the Toyota rav4.

So, one does not have to panic. First, they will need to bring quality raptor lights from the market. After that, following the easy steps, they can install the system in the vehicle’s front grill. Nothing is complicated here nor requires high mechanical knowledge.

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