Acura TLX Transmission Problem, is there anything serious?

Acura TLX Transmission Problem is something serious that the buyers should consider. Mainly, the new buyers should avoid the faultiest year. In case one is looking or planning to use Acura TLX, they must remember that this trim has several issues mostly some of the years. They will need to avoid that year to buy.

Specifically, the problem is with the leaking of the fluid of the transmission. Also, it loses its lifespan so quickly than usual. Moreover, one will find more information on the topic below.

Acura TLX Transmission Problem

    Acura TLX Transmission Problem

    The automotive manufacturer Acura or Honda manufactured the four-door sedan TLX in 2014, still manufacturing. Specifically, this one is an executive car with an excellent interior and exterior. This is a front-engine and all-wheel drive passenger vehicle with wonderful performance.

    However, there is a question on the reliability of this trim of the Acura. Because the owner or users of these trim filled many complaints. Mainly, they complained about the transmission issue of the cars. Severally, this transmission issue becomes a headache for the manufacturer for this specific trim.

    That happening happens to drop their sales rate by a huge number. After that, they put a great development on their next model year to avoid this transmission issue.

    Before going further this Acura TLX features two generations from the launch date. In this two-generation, it offers different engines and transmissions. Before going any further let’s have a look into the specifications or the features one will get from it.

    Key1st Generation2nd Generation
    Engine-2.4-liter K24W7 I4 -3.5-liter J35Y6 V62.0 L K20C6 turbo I4 3.0 L J30AC turbo V6
    Transmission8-speed dual-clutch (I4) 9-speed ZF 9HP automatic (V6)10-speed automatic

    So, there are not so many differences one can choose to avoid transmission issues. Specifically, the 2015 and 2016 year model of this trim is the most fault for that issue. Customers several complained that the fluid of the transmission leaked before the time. Even if they installed the best transmission and used the best fluid, it gets damaged and leaked. Also, they hear strange noises while having a break or changing the gear of the car.

    Whichever year one selected to buy the trim, it is sure that if one does not take care of the car, it will show the problem. If transmission is the problem, then they should put great care into it. They must change the brake fluid when it is low. Mostly, they can replace the brake fluid every 40, 000 miles.

    In case, the transmission is already broken and they need a replacement then they select the best one this time. They have to make sure that everything will go perfectly so that they no longer have transmission issues. If the car still is on warranty, then the owner must use it and do the job from the dealers.

    Depending on different vehicles and the overall mileage, this job will cost around $1800 to $4500. Most of the cost will go to the new transmission and the labor cost. Because one will have to choose the best one. on the other hand, replacing the transmission in the Acura is a time-consuming task that will increase the labor cost.

    Is there any way to check the transmission fluid in Acura TLX?

     To check the transmission fluid the first thing one will need to do is, they need to turn on the car to warm up the engine. After that, they will have to look for the transmission fluid dipstick to pull it out to touch and check the fluid.

    To do so one will have to move it between the forefinger and thumb. It will help them to get a sense of the color and texture of the fluid which is necessary to know the condition.

    It is normal if it is clear pink. In case, the fluid is not clear and it looks dirty or smells bad then it goes bad. One will have to immediately change the fluid with something new.  If it looks dirty or smells burnt, it’s time to schedule your service.

    Which Acura has problems?

    Well, the Acura has five different trims and they have quite some issues that one needs to consider. Mainly, two or three specific manufactured years have the issues. One can either avoid these years or pay a little extra to buy the latest one.

    Moreover, the most common issue of all those trims is transmission issues. Some of the trim has serious issues with it and some of them are minor. However, lest having a look into the table to know the reliability and other problems with it.

    ModelStarting priceReliabilityMost common problemsYears to avoid
    TLX$39,54575/100Transmission problems, defective TRW crash sensor, engine stalling2015, 2016
    RDX$41,14574/100Brake problems, infotainment/navigation defects2019, 2016, 2010
    NSX$171,49580/100Clutch issues, A/C malfunctions, ABS leak1995, 1996
    MDX$49,04580/100Transmission failures, excessive oil consumption, Hands-free drains of the battery2014, 2004, 2016
    ILX$28,34581/100Transmission issues2018, 2014, 2016

    What will cause the transmission issue of Acura TLX in a harmful way?

    The transmission issues of the Acura TLX are itself one of the biggest problems. However, it gets worse if one avoids and ignores the symptoms of the car. Also, if they failed to take care of the car. Moreover, the things which will affect the health of the car are,

    Things to remember for avoiding issues with Acura TLX-Service appointments
    -Routine oil changes
    -Tire rotations
    -Using quality parts
    -Driving smoothly


    The Acura TLX is a wonderful luxurious yet affordable car to buy. That is why people tend to have a soft corner for this trim. Unluckily, this one is not free from issues. Mainly, the manufacturing year 2015 is on the faultiest list.

    Hopefully, the discussion on Acura TLX Transmission Problem helped me understand the discussion. Now, the readers can make the right decision on their confusion properly.

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