GMC at4 problems, is there anything to concern? (Solutions)

GMC at4 problems are something that will concern the owners as well as new buyers. If one just brought their brand new GMC AT4 of model year less than twenty-twenty then they may regret their decision.

Because this trim has several complaints from its owners. Some of the complaints can be solved. But some of them are not since they do not know the source of the problem. Moreover, one can read the information below to find out more about the issue.

GMC at4 problems

GMC at4 problems

The GMC AT4 or Sierra AT4 or Silverado AT4 whatever the name one calls belongs to the Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty series. Both 1500 and 1500HD/ 2500HD have that GMC option in it. This trim offers a plethora of engine and transmission options to choose from. However, according to users’ reviews, there have been several issues with this trim.

Being one of the toughest pickup trucks offering several powertrain options, it will offer a handsome amount of money. So, getting issues with the main mechanism of the car was quite disappointing. According to the users, mainly, they faced the issues with the transmission and other users indicates some other issues too.

They complained that they hear a strange sound coming from the transmission. Also, when they try to shift the transmission, they felt it is hard and requires time to shift the gear too. there are some other problems including this. Let’s discover the issues the vehicles of this trim may have.

Mechanical Problems

Some of the owners complained that the check engine warning light was red. Also, the car failed to get acceleration over 60 MPH. when they come to the dealers about the issues, the authority solved the issue by diagnosing the DEF tank. Because it was failed and they will have to need a replacement of it. Normally, it happened with the users in 4000 miles which is extremely odd.

The company and dealers also get voice mailed on the issue of the engine valves. They said that the valve lifter is continuously failing and they are having issues starting the car. Also, they faced several issues when they turned on the 4WD mode of the car. Well, the dealers failed to diagnose this issue and it was left unsolved for many owners.

The most common issue from a mechanical perspective is the transmission issue. Several owners complied with how much hardship they had faced with the transmission and the brake of the car.

Problem with the engine

In several online forums and platforms, the GMC AT4 owner had continuously complained about the engine performance. they stated that they had driven the brand new car only for a few thousand miles. Now they are hearing a strange sound coming from the engine. First, it will be hardly noticeable but it starts increasing and sounds like they are driving an old truck.

They specified that the sound becomes higher and noisier when they higher the speed of the car. Specifically, the sounds seem like something is broken and not properly secured in its place. Things get worse when some of the users complained about a completely dead engine in the middle of the road even with a new car.

Engine oil7.0 quarts w/ filter change
Engine coolant 20.2 quarts
Automatic transmission fluid13.0 quarts
Transfer case fluid1.6 quarts
Front differential oil1.15 – 1.25 quarts
Rear differential oil2.1 – 2.75 quarts
Diesel exhaust fluid 5.3 gallons

If one is having such issues, they have to make sure that they have all those required things in their engine. Because they will have to check and change those liquids in every schedule.

Overall, this one is a wonderful heavy-duty truck option. However, the 2013 to 2020 model years have not been doing so great. Many users complained about many issues including the issues we mentioned. They have issues with the engine, transmission, brakes, electrical system, interior, and the technology of the car.

Also, the older owners complained that the maintenance of this one is way too much. Since this one have many issues in the main mechanism so many important parts need repair and replacement. We all know that the repair and replacement cost for any vehicle is expensive. In the next part let’s have a look at ratings according to our expert research on the topic.


If one is still confused about the car, they should know about the trim and its specifications. Also, one of the strongest points of it which is the several options of the powertrain. On the outside, these cars will look gorgeous with a heavy-duty performance look. Also, the off-road performance of the car is really good with extreme fuel efficiency. It will also include,

Drivetrain-5.3L V-8 L84 engine with 8-speed automatic transmission -4WD with a two-speed transfer case
Suspension-Off-road-tuned Rancho monotube shock absorbers
Safety-Front Pedestrian Braking -Surround Vision -Low-Speed Forward Automatic Braking -Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert
Optional Engine-6.2L V-8 L87 -3.0L Duramax 3.0L LM2 inline-six turbo-diesel
Visibility-High-intensity LED reflector -LED Daytime Running Lights with lighting signature -LED fog lamps

These benefits will be an extreme offer to catch in such a price range from a truck. Overall, it is on the buyers to decide what they want. Well, after 2020, the manufacturer has solved all the issues with this trim. If one badly wants to buy the truck, they can go for the manufacturing year after 2020.

What are the engine options of GMC AT4?

engine options of GMC AT4


Overall, the problems of the GMC AT4 can prove a nightmare for any owner. Since none of the problems are identified in the individual model years, anyone can have those issues. It is not unlikely that one owner or user can have or face all those issues. Then owning or using that trim will be a nightmare for them. Because it will cost them a high maintenance charge. Hopefully, one has got all the information on GMC at4 problems.

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