What’s the difference between AC Delco Spark Plug 41-110 and 41-162?

Spark Plugs perform better if they belong to a well-known brand. AC Delco in that case can take the title. Their parts and accessories are well tested and certified. This article will show two different models at a time. And they are AC Delco Spark Plug 41-110 and 41-162.

Basically, there are not any distinctions or different natures between these two models. They perform similarly with a different model or numbering.

Let’s have a clear knowledge about these two.

41-110 Spark Plugs

This is an iridium plug from AC Delco. As for its iridium feature, it can perform better and more efficiently in vehicles.

Nickel is the main material that has been used for this spark plug. That means, it is enough durable to perform. 41-110 helps to make the engine smooth and stable to perform at any temperature.

The spark plug is perfect for any four-wheel ride. Higher performance output and quick acceleration are the actual nature of this model.

Here the specification of this spark plug has been given down below.

Total Size  6.6 X 3.3 X 1.1 inches
Total weight  0.64 ounces
Pre-Gap Size0.04  
Material for the inner area  Copper
Maximum electricity flow  25,000+ volts

41-162 Spark Plugs

41-162 Spark Plugs
41-162 Spark Plugs

Similar performance in upgraded variant. That is what the 41-162 spark plug offers. The latest design with a shiny look performs the same as before.

 It is capable enough to burn fuel perfectly and make the ride feel energetic.

Besides everything, the startup process is very quick and responsive too. No chance of having misfiring at all. Any harmful element of the engine is easily avoidable through this 41-162 spark plug.

Some of the features have been given in a chart.

Total size  4.1 X 3.5 X 1.06 inches
Weight  1.6 ounces
Pre-Gap Size0.04  
External area contains  Chrome finishing
Type of metalIridium  

Iridium Spark Plugs. Effective or not.

Fortunately, both these spark plugs contain iridium nature. But what does iridium means to a spark plug?

Well, iridium is a strong material that is known for extreme durability and performance. It comes with a superior melting point from electrode material. For that reason, the plugs contain high-performing ability as well as better fuel economy.

From these positive features, the iridium plugs appear very much effective to use.

Suitable Vehicles for 41-110 and 41-162 Spark Plugs

As both these models have higher-performing abilities. They are not worthy to use for every vehicle. As a matter of fact, a low-power vehicle is not worthy enough to use these spark plugs.

Vehicles with high-performing ability. Such as Dodge Charger, Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac are suitable ones where the spark plugs can be used.

Any differences between these two spark plugs?

Whether these spark plugs are similar or not. ACDelco has a good demand for both these models. It is even tested and certified that there are no differences between these spark plugs.

The 41-162 one is the latest edition, whereas the 41-110 is getting used for a long time. Numbering is the only difference between these spark plugs. The rest of the performance efficiency and service remain equal.

So there are no distinctions between these models without their numbering. They have similar efficiency.

In-depth performance

As both of them are equal to perform, let’s have an idea about their working efficiency aka the performance.

These spark plugs are perfectly formed with a single-piece suppressor seal for their inner area. It helps to ignore any kind of radio frequencies that are harmful to electronic items of the vehicle.

The plugs may get hotter during running times. That is why the front inner area contains a 100% copper layer. Copper helps to work as the temperature controller. And it also increases durability.

Lastly the electrode control panel at the upper part. It has a complete takeover by iridium. Therefore, these spark plugs can last longer than the other ones.

Varieties of Spark Plugs

ACDelco has some other models and variants available to them like the iridium. The rest of the other variants get used for different purposes. And the other variants are:

1. Rapidfire Spark Plug

2. Conventional Spark Plug and

3. Platinum Spark Plug

Rapidfire Spark Plug

It is made with insulators that contain a ribless pattern. The main efficiency of Rapidfire spark plug is to maximize sealing between plug and boot.

Seal made of brass and glass for two pieces delivers a better solidity to the plug. Besides it, the plug helps to deliver higher combustion pressure into the engine. So that, the engine can produce more torque and power.

Just like the iridium ones, it can also avoid radio frequency to keep the electronic sector safe.

Conventional Spark Plug

This one can also be called the performing spark plug. And the reason is, it has been made with high-performing intentions.

There is the least chance of having a misfire from the engine after using the conventional plug. Besides it, high-quality onyx coating in black color can easily prevent junk and corrosion.

In short, this is an efficient spark plug that can last for a long time.

Platinum Spark Plugs

As with the other variants, the platinum spark plug is formed with high performing ability and maximum durability.

A strongly placed seal gather three glass layers that can easily increase performance and efficiency. A perfect engine interference avoiding ability is another great feature and quality of this spark plug.

Above all, the dual point pad of platinum at its middle area can ensure the best durability. And lastly, the perfect attachment of copper material lets the engine remain cool in nature even after high performance.

Durability Period of Iridium Plugs

Unlike the other variants, iridium plugs can perform better and last for a long time. It is even confirmed and granted by the users too.

Since the iridium plugs contain better material with the finest quality. They have a great lasting period too. High-performing nickel ground electrodes and centered electrodes are the main reason behind this performance.

Any of these iridium plugs can easily last for 60-85k miles.

How Good AC Delco Plugs are?

It’s a common question that will come to everyone’s mind. In answer, their plugs are just awesome in performance.

In point of fact, some popular four-wheelers in markets recommend using the plugs from AC Delco. They’re reliable, true performers, and higher in quality.

Even the manufacturers claim that each of their spark plugs can deliver maximum running ability rather than any other brands.

Why iridium plugs to choose when there are some other versions?

That’s because of the maximum durability and performance of iridium plugs. Among the entire spark plug variants, iridium is the strongest material that has been used.

For that reason, iridium plugs have better acceleration and a developed startup process. It is also more reliable and durable than the other spark plug models. And these are the main reasons for choosing an iridium spark plug.

Final Verdict

AC Delco Spark Plug 41-110 and 41-162 are the two game-changers in markets. They have been getting used for a great long time till now.

And all the credit goes to AC Declo Company which has produced this quality material for the users. Sooner or later, both these spark plugs will take the ranking with the “best spark plug” title. Believe in that.

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