GMT800 vs GMT900? Which is better? #chevy #silverado

SUV trucks and pickup hold some individual platforms. They mainly get identified according to different shapes, features, and performances. In that case, GMT800 vs GMT900 also brings some unclear doubts among interested ones. Fortunately, both these SUVs appear almost similar to Chevy SS vs CTS-V. These are pure heavy-duty vehicles.

A major dissimilarity between these two variants is. One is the refreshed version of the other one.

This article today will clarify all the doubts and bring some information that will be worthy to observe.

Facts that separate GMT800 and GMT900

Some variable factors are responsible for the differences between GMT800 and 900 trucks. All those factors have been highlighted through a chart.

Facts  GMT800GMT900
Manufactured byGeneral MotorsGeneral Motors
Variant   1st Generation2nd Generation
Model Year  1999-20062007-2014
Engine capacity6.6liter Duramax Turbodiesel Engine6.2liter vortec V8 engine
First Vehicle Chevrolet SilveradoChevrolet Tahoe
Major benefits  Powerful engine and body structureFormed with the latest technology

GMT800 Trucks


This is the first generation truck from General Motoworks. There are three different engine versions in GMT800.

 And they are 4.8-liter, 5.3-liter, and 6.0-liter engines. 6.6 litre turbodiesel engine was the last engine version of GMT800. And it has been launched back in 2001.

Multiple materials like aluminum, iron, and cast iron have been used for the principal cylinder head of the engine.

Magna International from Mexico was the manufacturer of the frame for this variant. There was a total of three-part framing system. The hydroformed front-sided area with the stamped rear part was able to make the rides flexible and strong.

Variants Under GMT800

All the models under GMT800 were available in four different patterns.

  • Dual door Pickup Truck
  • Four-Door Wagon
  • Four-Door Wide Wagon and
  • Four-Door Pickup Truck


An essential thing for an SUV truck is the suspension. High-quality suspension can deliver superior balance and stability. That is why all the models of GMT800 come with rear lifting spring suspension.

It helps the trucks to remain at good height even with heavyweights. Besides, the performing level remains similar for the rough and unstable roads too.


With a highlighting demand, the GMT800 trucks have gained some titles too. The 1999 Chevrolet Suburban model was selected as the best motor trend truck of the year at that time.

It has also brought the Truck of the Year Title back in 2001.

Updates Versions for 800

Even though the 800 was a platform for the SUV vehicles. There were some updated variants too. Chevrolet Avalanche was the updated version under GMT800.

It has been launched in 2001. Avalanche was a 2002 edition under the platform that can produce both the 5.3liter and 8.1-liter engine back to those times. And for the great feature and outstanding performance, the Avalanche has been gained the 2002 Truck of the year award.



This one is mostly known as the updated version of 800. Therefore, it also contains some similar factors as 800. Although the previous platform was quite demanding in the market.

But General Motorwork (GM) thought about bringing some changes among SUV lovers. As a result, 900 platforms have been launched in the market. Chevrolet Tahoe was the first vehicle that comes under 900 versions.

Generally, the 900 was a game-changing move by the GM. And it was for solving their financial lacking from the previous model.

Just like their intention and target, all the models from 2007-2014 have gained huge demand in the market.

The best thing about the 900 variant is, it has been upgraded with some latest and most useful features.

Long wheelbase-sized trucks and SUVs were available under this platform. 2006 was the time when plans for the next 900 variants were made. And from the starting periods, the platform has gained much more demand in the market.

Although the vehicle pattern and dimension were the same, there were some internal changes in them.


Engines that get seen in 900 variants contain a minimum capacity of 4.8litre and a maximum of 6.2liter. Two different transmission systems of 4 speeds and 6 speeds were available in them.

Models under GMT900

Some popular models come under the 900 version. And they are still having a good requirement among the users. These models are:

  • Chevrolet Suburban (2007)
  • Chevrolet Avalanche (2007)
  • GMC Sierra (2009)
  • Cadillac Escalade (2007)

The last GMT900

Since there were a lot of models that come under the GMT900, the 2014 model Chevrolet Tahoe was the last variant.

This SUV is featured with a 5.3-liter V8 engine that can deliver 320 horsepower. This gasoline-used vehicle can perform 461nm of torque at 4600 rpm. It has a compression ratio of 9.9 which makes the ride suitable to perform anywhere.

As it is the four wheels driving one, all the brakes work just fine and are effective. The antilock braking system for each wheel makes a responsive performance in both plain and wet roads.

As the suspensions. Both independent and multi-link independent suspension makes the ride feel great and efficient in rough roads and areas.

This was the last version under GMT900. It is still a dream for some aesthetic SUV lovers. More aerodynamic look, latest features, and fresh interior are the main functions that this SUV can offer.

GMT800 and GMT900. Which one is better to choose?

Some valid reasons get found in both variants. And they can appear as a major issue for both these variants too.

Talking about the GMT800 first, this one is the older platform of SUVs and trucks. And it has represented the true necessity and demand of SUV trucks among the users.

This first-generation GMT was loaded with some high-performing SUV models. They were strong and have solid bodies. Even the painting quality was top-level and durable. Steel is the main material for the entire body. It ensures long validity as well as performance.

But unfortunately, the GMT800 was not formed with the latest feature or technologies. Thinking about their manufactured times, they were surely quite advanced. Nevertheless, the GMT800 generation will not appear much valuable for this latest era except for its performance and solidity.

Now coming to the GMT900, this is the second-generation platform for SUVs and trucks. They have been featured with the latest and most functional technology. Besides it, different variants of powerful engines are much more refined and consume low fuel economy. They literally work awesome and strong rather than the beginning gen. In terms of towing or carrying,

There were some lacking in the first generation. That is why the second one has completely solved all of them. Above that, its finest interior design with better steering performance can give the rider a butter feel to use.

Low-quality paint and material is the only issue that GMT900 models have to face. Users claim that the second generation is made for on-road performance and stability. But they’re not quite good for durability and long-lasting.

Final Statement

The entire discussion has taken out an explanation that GMT800 vs GMT900 both are tough competitors. Both these variants contain some worthy features as well as some issues too.

But in the end, they are the pure powerhouse and strong machines. Before going for the perfect model according to budget, pricing, and requirement. Don’t forget to have a proper observation in this article. It’ll be a worthy decision.

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