Chevy SS vs CTS-V: What is the main disserence?

Chevrolet and Cadillac are two well-known car brands that have owned huge popularity and demand in the market. Chevy ss and CTS v are two different models of both these companies. In this article, we will discuss both these models and compare them with one another.

Hope that the article seems educative and notable for the readers.

Both these car models have some differences in their specifications, transmission system, and performance. All these factors will go through a brief explanation.

Distinctions according to Specification

Having different details provide an individual identification of the car. Chevy ss and CTS v have some differences too. They have been placed into a chart down below.

The Recap/First Impression factors

Features  Chevy SSCTS-V
Manufactured by  ChevroletCadillac
Car Type  Large SedanMiddle Sedan
Total Doors  44
Available inTotal of 9 different colorsTotal of 7 different colors
Entire sizing195 inches in length, 60 inches in height197.6 inches in length and 57 inches in height
Maximum output415 horsepower640 horsepower  
Total fuel tank capacity18.8 gallons19 gallons
Estimated running capability in MPGAverage of 15/16miles17 miles

Engine Type

Features  Chevy SSCTS-V
Engine6.2 liters, V8 engine6.2 liters, V8 supercharged engine
Transmission systemTwo variants. 6-speed automatic transmission system and 6-speed manual transmission system6-speed automatic transmission system with dual shifting mode
Maximum torque415nm at 4600rpm630nm at 3600rpm
Maximum horsepower416 at 5900rpm640 at 6400rpm

These are some essential factors that require highlighted comparison. And now it’s time to place some practical differences.

Body shape

Chevy is the larger one than CTS. But the CTS comes with a better aerodynamic shape and design. On the other hand, it has not had enough internal space as like Chevy.

 Chevy can be a good choice for bigger-sized sedans with sufficient inner space lovers,

CTS can be granted for a stylish look and beautiful shape.

It’ll definitely be a loss project to spend money on a slow machine! Isn’t it? But fortunately, none of these cars can be called the slow one.

Talking about the Chevy SS first, this semi-sedan is surprisingly fast. It can attain 0-60mph in less than 5 seconds. And has the top speed record of 150mph.

CTS-V can surely deliver more power and acceleration. With higher acceleration and maximum power, it can reach up to 200mph. Along with this speed; it can reach from 0-60 in 3 seconds. This machine is incredibly fast as a sedan.

Braking Ability

Both cars are perfectly formed with premium braking systems. An anti-lock braking system in all the wheels with power braking. A perfect combination to deliver the best performance on road.

Suspension System

Cruising on a plain road or highway is not the only task of a car. They get used against potholes and rough areas too. Suspension, therefore, is very much an essential thing to consider.

Gearbox Ratio

The gearbox ratio is directly connected with the transmission process. It’s obvious to expect a manual gearbox system from a sedan car. But none of these models are built for pure sedan purposes. They can be called the sport sedan.

Manual transmission therefore can be a good requirement for these cars. Luckily both these cars are available with manual and automatic transmission modes.

In addition, a dual shifting mode has been placed for them. So that, the driving experience has reached the next level.

Both these car models contain high-quality suspension that appears very responsive in highways and other areas.

Besides playing in unstable areas. The suspensions remain perfectly stable on-road even with maximum weight. So there is no objection to the suspension feedback at all.

Fuel Efficiency

These are mainly sports-level sedans. For that reason, expecting better fuel feedback is a term of foolishness. But still, two of the cars can deliver good fuel levels. As a fact, the fuel service is almost equal for both.

As a pure American muscle segment, the Chevy SS consumes a little bit higher fuel than the Cadillac. But on average, none of them can be deniable.

The wheels

They are high rev pushers. So proper quality wheels are much-required items for them. Aluminum has been used as the main material for the wheels of these cars.

Therefore, they can last longer as well as provide good balance and biting on the road. And the sizing of the wheels is also similar to each other.


Pricing matters a lot while choosing the best one. Unfortunately, there is a big mismatch in pricing between these two models.

Although a majority of the factors appear almost similar. But a brand new Cadillac can cost almost double of a Chevy SS!

This can be a legitimate issue to choose the perfect one within budget.

Brand Value

A buyer may get confused about the cars. Better brand value can be the main reason for it. There is no chance at all to ignore any of these models.

Chevrolet is a pure American heart that has a mass prevalence across the entire world. On the other hand, Cadillac also belongs to America which is known for pure luxury and royalty.

Choosing out a particular brand, therefore, is a complicated task.

Maintenance Cost

Cadillac CTS-V surely requires more maintenance costing. The main reason behind the cost is, Cadillac contains all the high-graded and latest features in their parts.

Besides being premium, they are so much more durable too. For this great reason, CTS-V will definitely cost more to maintain rather than the Chevy SS.

Ratings by the experts

There is a huge distinction between practical ideas and virtual ideas. As experts place their opinion according to their practical thoughts. It will surely relate to the actual features. However, all the related ratings of Chevy SS and CTS-V have been given.

FactsChevy SS(Rating out of 10)CTS-V ( Rating out of 10)
Comfort             7          7.5
Power             6            8
Braking           8            9  
Smoothness             9           9
Better space             8          6.5
Durability             8           8
Instant power delivery           8.5           9
Body to weight ratio           7           8
Fuel Economy             8           8.5

So which one is best to Choose

As it has been said before, finding out the proper model is a quite difficult job.

As long as the pricing and internal space are aside, the Cadillac CTS-V is the perfect one to choose from every angle.

Aerodynamic shape, superior control, great traction, outstanding speed, and acceleration are surely the best things a sedan lover can afford.

But it has a lower internal area with a little bit of expensive. Typical sedan users may not find this useful to purchase.

On the opposite, the Chevy SS costs low with better internal spaces. Above all, it has a sober cost with almost the same functions as the CTS-V. The majority of users with solid using intentions will surely go for this ride.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, the explanation of Chevy SS vs CTS-V will be acceptable by curious readers. And now the only thing left is the requirement and intention of the buyer.

Assure to find out what is your necessity. Showing off or performing the task. If luxuriousness is the only meaning, CTS-v is for you. The Chevy SS is true on to select by thinking of effective work purposes.

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