Tacoma SR Vs SR5 2021, What to Know before Buying?

Tacoma SR Vs SR5 2021, this discussion will clarify the confusion of many buyers on the different price ranges. Though they have almost similar features, they distinguish by a huge range in cost. That’s the reason buyers want to know the differences and the cause of it.

Specifically, they do not share any major or minor differences in the mechanical system. However, one will get more performance with the SR5. Also, this one will give a brighter look with some extra features like a GPS navigation app. For further information, one will have to look into the detailed discussion.

Tacoma SR Vs SR5 2021

The SR and SR5 of the Tacoma happen to have so many similarities yet some not so major differences. Moreover, the term SR stands for Sport Rally, and the SR5 stands for Sport Rally 5 speed. However, SR5 is a more demoted model with some specific features. For example, it will have a specific Toyota trim level with a sportier look. Also, it has a firmer suspension for more flexibility and performance.

Specifically, the differences between these two models will not be much. However, the differences they shares are,

It has a lower price compared to the SR5.It will cost so much more than the SR.
The starting price of SR will be $26,700.The starting price of SR5 will be $29,490.
SR is comfortable but less than SR5.More comfortable than the other one.
It is a manual transmission with 5 speeds.It is an automatic transmission with 6 speeds.
The SR has a simple yet attractive look.The look of the car is almost similar to the SR but brighter.
It does not have any GPS navigation.It has a GPS navigation app for the drivers.
It features a dark gray grilleFeaturing a charcoal-colored grille it enhanced the look.
SR has 2.2 inches LCDSR5 has4.2 inches of color display

Manufacturers have to launch the SR first and then the SR5. So, one can say whatever top-notch features the SR has, SR5 will take to another level. However, they share similarities in the most important mechanical system of any car. For instance, both of the models will offer a 2.7L inline V4 engine which can be extended to a 3.6L V6 level.

Also, both of the cars will have rear-wheel drive or FWD Drivetrain. Moreover, with a 21.1-gallon fuel tank, both SR and SR5 will provide 20 MPG fuel economy in the city and 23 mpg fuel economy on the highway. Another fun thing about the similarities is the seating arrangement, 4 people can seat in both of the cars.

Another major point that people consider while buying a car or distinguishing between two cars is the towing capacity. For SR and SR5, the towing capacity will be 35,000 lbs. moreover, the dimension of these two cars will be exactly similar even they will not be distinguished by one inch.

Let’s now talk about the differences between these two by some major features that the buyers look for while buying.


Comparatively, the SR5 will provide better performance than the SR. one may think since both of them have similar mechanical features how come the SR5 will provide better performance. Well, we have already stated that with all the top-notch features the SR will have, the SR5 will take it to another level. The same things happened with the performance.

Cab Style

The SR will provide two options in the cab style. The buyers can get the crew cab with 5.1 inches bed or the extended cab with 6.1 inches cab. However, the SR5 will provide a third option with a bigger cab and bed size. They have removed the rear bench to extend the cab to gain a flat cargo space for more usability.


The exterior of SR and SR5 will be similar but they distinguish in the grill and the wheel. While the SR offers a steel wheel and dark gray grille, the SR5 will offer a more silverish and bright wheel with a charcoal-colored grille.


In the interior, one will notice some differences in the entertainment section. Also, the steering wheel of the SR is of regular fabric but the SR5 features a leather steering wheel. Besides, the SR has a 2.2 inches LCD monitor while the other one has 4.2 inches color display.

Tacoma SR Vs SR5 2021, which one to buy?

Initially, one will not find any major differences between SR and SR5 without the huge price range. This price distinguish arises confusion in the buyer’s mind. They think why they should pay that much more money on similar features.

To clarify their doubt in simple words, we will say that whatever feature the SR will provide, SR5 will take them to another level. Even though they have major similarities, the SR5 will offer more than the SR. However, one can always choose SR over SR5 without any doubt if they have financial limitations.

Do SR and SR5 have different safety levels?

The automobile manufacturer Toyota is very much concerned about its safety system. Concerning the user’s security, they use the top-notch safety system in every series and model. The SR and SR5 are nothing different. One will have Star Safety System, Toyota Safety Sense, and other physical safety like keyless entry.

Which one will provide a better off-road experience SR or SR5?

Though the SR and SR5 are the strongest vehicles of Toyota with so many useful features, they are the regular use car one can have. However, it is possible to drive the SR5 in not so aggressive of-roads with low speed. One has to keep in mind, one will not get enough traction, speed, and control with SR5 in the off-roads since they are not made for that.


Often, people get confused between Toyota SR and SR5. The huge price difference between this two yet having the same mechanical features is the issue here. Without digging in the deep, people avoid making their decision on these two vehicles. Well, it is true that one will not find any major differences between these two.

However, the SR5 will always provide better performance and comfort compared to the SR model. In case of looking for the brightest car one will end up in the SR5. Hopefully, one has got all their answers on Tacoma SR Vs SR5 2021.

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