335is Vs 335i, Difference between 335i and 335is – BMW 3-Series

335is Vs 335i. This discussion will lead one to more similarities and fewer dissimilarities. Both of the options is two of the best vehicle forthe BMW 3 series. BMW has launched one first, and after a decade, they have launched the other one to improve its performance.

Specifically, both cars have the same engine, drivetrain, and dimension. However, the 335is will have the highest price range with the highest power and driving range. Therefore, one will have to look below and read the details to get a proper idea.

335is Vs 335i

BMW has been on the market for decades, and over time they have manufactured many vehicles of any type. They have taken over the automobile market with their stylish and luxurious vehicles. People loving BMW will find gas-powered, hybrid, and electric vehicle options here.

Moreover, two of the best vehicle of BMW which have rolled on the market for quite a time are the 335i and 335is. Initially, BMW has launched the car 335i first at the end of the 19’s with a 3.0L Turbo Inline-6 Gas engine. After that, they have not changed the car so much overtime but launched another one named 335is.

The ‘s’ in the name 335is indicates sport and more powerful performance. However, both cars do not share so much of differences in them. Let’s see the features of these two cars and try to find some differences.


BMW is well known and award winner manufacturer for their best quality and uniquely designed engine. Here in 335i and 335is models, they have added a 3.0L Turbo Inline-6 Gas engine. Both the car will provide similar engine power with that similar engine.

However, the only difference user will have in the engine is the transmission. The 335i will have a 6-speed automatic transmission. On the other hand, the 335is car will have a 6-speed manual option and a 7-speed automatic option.

Besides, the engine of these two will give a separate power range. Specifically, 335i will have a horsepower of 300 HP at 5800 rpm meanwhile 335is will have 320 HP at 5900 rpm. Moreover, the Torque of 335i will be 300 lb-ft at 1200 – 5000 rpm, and the 335is will have 332 lb-ft at 1500 rpm.


Normally, the cars have RWD or AWD drivetrain. Both of the types have the same RWD or Rare wheel drive. That means both of the cars will drive by the rare wheel, and they will be perfect for both professional and toddler drivers. So, in the drivetrain, one will not get any differences for 335i and 335is models.

Fuel tank capacity

People give concerned about the fuel tank capacity when buying a car. Mostly, the people who tend to go for a long way drive or travel so much. As for our 335i and 335is models, both of them have a 16.1-gallon fuel tank which means both of them will cover almost the same distance.

Specifically, Cruising Range City of 335i is 289.8 miles, and 335is has 289.8 miles. On the other hand, Cruising Range Highway is 434.7 miles for 335i and 418.6 miles for 335is. Therefore, they seem to have a bit of difference in driving range.

Fuel Economy

No one wants to end up with high maintenance of fuel with a high cost per month. People buying a car always look for something fuel economic. Almost all the vehicles being in the flashlight have almost the same range of fuel economy.

Moreover, the 335i and 335is have a similar range of fuel economy. Both the car will have 21 MPG fuel economy combined and 18 MPG in the city. However, the 335i will have 27 MPG on the highway, and the 335is will have 26 fuel economy on the highway.

Carbon Emissions

Considering the recent situation of the atmosphere of the world people need to stop producing CO2. However, the vehicle we use still produces that harmful gas, but it can be low if one takes care of it. Here, both cars will produce 8.7 tons of CO2 per year, which is not so much but not so less. If one takes care of the system and keeps the car on regular maintenance, it will produce less CO2.


One may have thought that since both models do not share so much of differences, they may have a similar price range. However, it will amuse the buyers that the 335i and 335is have a huge gap in a price range even if being an almost similar vehicle.

Specifically, the 335i vehicle will cost around $45000. Meanwhile, the 335is will cost $52000. Both of them distinguish by $7000, which is huge.

335is Vs 335i, which one to buy?

From the above discussion, one will see they do not share so much of differences. Also, both of the cars have the same size, almost the same design, and all. Moreover, they have the same engine, and drivetrain, and almost everything falls in the same coup.

However, the price of 335i is less than 335is yet 335i shares less power than the other. Maybe here is the point of the high price of 335is. BMW has increased the power with the same engine with the same carbon emission. Also, this one increases the driving range with the same fuel economy.

Therefore, the buyers will need to decide what they want and match their requirements with the vehicles.


Buying a car from BMW is one’s lifetime dream. When the time finally comes to make that dream true one will have to distinguish the available options for them. Often people like to go for the series 3 and fall into the option of 335i and 335is. Well, both car shares extreme similarity.

However, the 335is has a high price range as well as a higher range of power than the other one. Also, this one will have a long range of driving with the same fuel tank and will provide the same fuel economy. Therefore, one cannot really get so many differences, yet they will have some major points on 335is Vs 335i.

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