N63 Valve Stem Seal Replacement Cost, what are the possible scenarios?

N63 Valve Stem Seal Replacement Cost will be extreme because of the complexity it involves in the repairing. One may think that just a valve one will need to replace, but it is more than this. As for the N63 engine of BMW, the worker will have to work on 32 valves of 8 cylinders. That is a work of patience and hard labour.

Specifically, this task will require days to complete and an expert in that specific field. Moreover, they will need to go for the certified workshop. Because not every workshop will have the required tools and skills. Overall, those things will increase the price range and cost a fortune to the owners.

N63 Valve Stem Seal Replacement Cost

N63 Valve Stem Seal Replacement Cost

Valve stem seals are an important part of the engine. This simple and small equipment will protect the oil inside the engine from external air and dust. Also, it will keep the lubrication of the valve stem interface of internal combustion engines. It will prevent the engine from burning more oil than necessary. It will help minimize engine emissions.

Moreover, BMW has been the award winner manufacturer of best engine designs for the last 20 years. However, they have lacked in their V8 engine designed after 2004. People have complained about the valve steam seal of those engines that they fade away after a few thousand miles. Those seals start leaking over time and increase engine emissions.

Specifically, the N63 engine of BMW faces that specific problem and requires a quick response to the problem. That valve steam seal will have several problems like higher oil consumption of the engine. One may find themselves in a situation where they need to add oil to the engine so often.

Another common issue of the bad valve steam sealer is the blue-white smoke coming out of the tailpipe. That means the oil of the engine leaks to the valve stem seal and goes to the combustion chamber. In that, the oil gets burned with the fuel and creates that blue shade with the smoke. 

Whatever the problem and symptoms, the solution to the problem is-diagnosis initially. If it does not work or the damage seems unrepairable, one will have to replace the valve steam seal with a new one. Most of the time, this is the solution, and one will need to have the costing idea on it before going to the expert.

One will have to know that the N63 engine of BMW is V8. That means that the engine has eight cylinders and 32 valves, four valves per cylinder. For replacing the faulty valves, one will have to buy the valve set and then bring it to the expert workshop. Another headache of replacing the N63 valve steam seal is not everyone has the required tools and skills.

Specifically, the work will need a new set of valves which will cost around $900 to $1800, depending on the quality. Besides, the labour cost, including tax, will be between $7500 and $10,000. The prices of those criteria will keep changing depending on the users’ choice.

Table: N63 Valve Stem Seal Replacement Cost

N63 Valve Stem Seal Replacement CostService NameMinMax
Parts Cost$900$1800
Labor cost$7500$10,000

Owners can go for the cheapest option or most expensive option. Whatever they feel is right, they can go for that. However, cheap does not mean bad, neither mean good. One will have to be in a dilemma if they go for the cheapest option. Overall, the decision is on the owner’s shoulders.

Why does N63 Valve Stem Seal Replacement Cost so much?

Replacing the N63 valve stem seal replacement cost seems so much, but one will need to get into the core. That action will involve replacing at least 32 valves of the engine and some additional work. That requires great expertise, time, and above all, patience. If anyhow the worker become destructed from their work, they will harm the system in a bad way. That means their work is too sensitive.

Besides, not every workshop has the required tools to perform the job. It requires some complex and unusual tools to do the job perfectly. That’s the reason one will have to go for the certified and experts for the job. That increases the overall cost of changing or replacing those particular things of the engine.

What are the symptoms of a bad N63 valve steam seal?

The users or owners will face more than one symptom of a bad valve stem seal of their N63 engine. Those common symptoms are,

Symptoms of bad N63 valve steam sealHigher rate of oil consumption Higher rate of carbon emissions.
Bluish white smoke of the tailpipe.
The exhausted smell of burning oil.Engine misfire Poor performance and acceleration.

Those are the common symptoms of a bad valve steam seal. High oil consumption rate with exhausted smell and bluish smoke are the initial symptoms. When the case gets worse, one will have a misfire in the engine along with the extremely poor performance of acceleration.

Is there any way to check if the valve stem seal is bad forthe N63 engine?

Certainly yes, there are some specific and reliable ways to check the health of that specific valve of the engine. Specifically, one will have the six most efficient and reliable ways to test whether that valve is in good health or not. Those are,

Way to check the health of the N63 valve steam sealThe cold engine test checks the oil rate of the engine on the dashboard frequently. Check if any leak of oil around the value and notice the smoke coming out of the tailpipe. Keep eye on the carbon emission rate of the system. Check if the engine is doing misfire or not


Getting a bad valve stem seal in the N63 engine of BMW before the warranty time is normal. The engine of these specific models shows issues after coming into the market. However, one will have to replace those valves if they go bad. That arises the headache of cost which is quite high.

Moreover, that too lengthy and boring work will require certified workshops and skilled manpower. This means a high charge in labor costs. Hopefully, one has got all their answers for N63 Valve Stem Seal Replacement Cost from the discussion above.

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