BMW X3 Rear Bumper Replacement Cost, What will be the consequence?

BMW X3 rear bumper replacement cost will be like any other replacement cost. It will also vary in some circumstances and will not be constant. It may charge differently for a buyer than the other for the same task. It happens because of the selection of workshops, price differences in the new bumper, and also the living area of the person.

However, the cost will not be so little even if one goes for the cheapest option. For being on the safe side with all the sensors and sensitive mechanisms behind the rare bumper, one must look for quality over price. Let’s have a look below for further information.

BMW X3 Rear Bumper Replacement Cost

BMW X3 Rear Bumper Replacement Cost

The purpose or rare bumper of any car is to protect the sensitive area inside the car. If the car faces any accident like being hit by another car in the back, the bumper will protect sensitive instruments inside the car. So, this shield is usually made of heavy-duty materials like steel and aluminum in a specific way so that it can withstand the hit and save the others.

Specifically, the BMW X3 rare bumper is something one can say is the most heavy-duty body part. All know that the BMW is well known for the power and durability of their car body. Those bumpers that come with BMW do not easily get damaged. However, nothing is forever, and it is so true for the bumper. Because even in the smallest hit, the bumper is the first area that gets the most damage.

In that situation of damage, rare bumper, one will need to take action of repairing or replacing the bumper. If the damage is not so much, one can simply repair the damage. However, if the damage is so much like a broken or smashed rare bumper, one will need to replace it with a new one. So, they will need to know the cost of the replacement.

Normally, changing the rare bumper of the BMW X3 will cost around $1880 to $2555, including everything in the state like the USA. However, the overall cost will depend on so many factors like parts cost, labour cost, state tax, and so on. One may decrease the cost by altering their decision or choice of theirs. Now, let’s see an illustration of the demonstrated cost of replacing the bumper for that specific model.

Table: BMW X3 Rear Bumper Replacement Cost

BMW X3 Rear Bumper Replacement CostCriteriaMinMax
New rare bumper$900$1,020
Disposal Fee$90$100

Therefore, the bumper replacement cost will be between $590 and $995. The cost will depend on the expertise of the workshop. If the workshop is certified by BMW then the labor cost will be the highest. Otherwise, the labor cost will be minimal. Besides, the workshop will charge for the pain which will not have huge difference. Also, one will have to pay for the disposal of the waste if they want the workshop to do it.

However, the labor cost of a rare bumper will depend on the range of damage. Some of the damage requires less technical interaction and less time. Those types of damage will cost so less than replacing the whole bumper. If one has the idea that which damage requires replacing the existing bumper and which one does not, they can save a lot of money.

Table: Type of damage in BMW X3 rare bumper and possible consequence

Repair TypeNew Bumper CostRepair CostRequired time in HoursRequire Work
Dent or DimpleNo$250 to $3503 to 4-One will remove the dent using a special tool and smooth the surface. After that, they will repaint the damaged area.
Cracks$900 to $1,020$590 to $9505 to 9-They will have to change the old bumper if the crack is bad.
Holes & Punctures$900 to $1,020$325 to $4254 to 8-If the hole and puncture are big and bad, it will require a replacement.
ScratchesNO$250 to $4502 to 3-Just buffing, sanding, and painting the surface of the bumper.
PDRNO$250 to $3502 to 3 hours-PDR means paintless dent repair. -The worker will pull out the dent first and smoothen the surface. -It does not involve repainting the surface.

Overall, the cost can be minimum or maximum depending on the choice of the owner. If one is looking for a cheaper option, they should go for the minimum cost described above. However, one is concerned about the best possible quality service they will have to pay the highest amount.

Will it be wise to replace the rare bumper of the BMW X3 at home?

Many people think of replacing their X3 rare bumper at home because of the high labor charge. Well, changing the bumper requires expertise in DIY knowledge in the mechanical sector. Because this work will involve some connections and sensors of the main mechanism of the car like the PDC sensor.

This sensor is connected with the main system of the car which monitors the obstacle behind the car. It helps the driver detect any obstacle behind the car when parking the car or taking a turn. Without that sensor working properly those actions are not possible to do without causing the problem.

So, it does requires some expertise if one wants to do it at home. Besides, one will need some tools which are not available in the toolbox of a home. Therefore, it is always wise to seek help from experts if they do not have enough knowledge.


Replacing the bumper is necessary if it is damaged and can cause a problem later on. Since this rare bumper protects the sensitive part situated on the backside of the car, one must not see it as minor. Moreover, the rare bumper replacement cost for X3 will depend on some factors like new parts cost and labor cost.

If one seeks help from the certified workshop, they will charge the highest. Also, the best quality bumper will charge more than the average quality. Therefore, the cost will depend on the owner’s choice and it will be different for different people. Hopefully, one has understood the points of the BMW X3 rear bumper replacement cost.

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