BMW 128i Vs 135i, is there any major point to consider?

BMW 128i Vs 135i will discuss the major and minor differences they shares in their features. Specifically, both are the model of the same series launched in different years. BMW has launched one model first and then launched the other one making some updates.

The main difference they share is the price, one is a bit expensive, and the other one is less expensive. However, the expensive option will provide more power, fuel efficiency, and driving range. Also, this one will give better top speed. Furthermore, please have a look below and read the article to know more.

BMW 128i

BMW 128i Vs 135i

BMW launched its series one back in 2004 and continued with the series by updating features. That series is basically a petrol-based vehicle that gets new features year by year until they launch their second series.

Among all the wonderful options of series one, models 128i and 135i have gained quite a place in the market. The manufacturer launched the 128i back in 2008 first, and they continued with the model till 2013. On the other hand, the 135i model was first launched in 2007, and BMW continued with the model till 2013.

Since both of them belongs to the same series, they will have features almost identical to each other. However, they will share some major differences by which one can distinguish both the car to make a choice. Let’s have a look into the features they have and try to find out the differences.

BMW 135i


BMW is well known and award winner manufacturer for their best quality and uniquely designed engine. Here in 128i and 135i models, they have added a 3.0L Turbo Inline-6 Gas engine. Both the car will provide similar engine power with that similar engine.

Moreover, they have the same engine and transmission. The 128i will have a 6-speed manual transmission so does the 135i car. Besides, the engine of these two will give a separate power range. Specifically, 128i will have a horsepower of 230 HP at 6500 rpm meanwhile 135is will have 300 HP at 5800 rpm. Moreover, the Torque of 135i will be 300 lb-ft at 1200 rpm, and the 128i will have 200 lb-ft at 2750 rpm.


Normally, the cars have RWD or AWD drivetrain. Both of the types have the same RWD or Rare wheel drive. That means both of the cars will drive by the rare wheel, and they will be perfect for both professional and toddler drivers. So, in the drivetrain one will not get any differences for 135i and 128i models.

Fuel tank and Driving Range

Many people give attention to the fuel tank capacity when buying a car. Mostly, the people who tend to go for a long way drive or travel so much. As for our 135i and 128i models, both of them have a 14-gallon fuel tank which means both of them will cover almost the same distance.

Specifically, the driving range of the 128i BMW is 308 miles. Meanwhile, the 135i will give 387 miles range. Here we can see that the 135i car will provide more driving range than the other one. Also, the difference is quite a lot according to the driving range.

Fuel Economy

No one wants to end up with high maintenance of fuel with a high cost per month. People buying a car always look for something fuel economical. Almost all the vehicles being in the flashlight have almost the same range of fuel economy.

Moreover, the 135i and 128i have a different range of fuel economy. The car 135i will have 28 MPG fuel economy combined and 19 MPG in the city. However, the 128i will have 22 MPG combined and 18 MPG on the city road. Also, the 128i will have 28 MPG on the highway, and the 135i will have 37 MPG on the highway.

Carbon Emissions

Considering the recent situation of the atmosphere of the world, people need to stop producing CO2. However, the vehicle we use still produces that harmful gas, but it can be low if one takes care of it. Here, both cars have a high range of differences in CO2 emissions per km, which is not so much but not so less. The 135i car will emissions 198g of CO2 per km. Meanwhile, the 128i model will produce 255g of that gas per km.

Top Speed

BMW is known for its ergonomic design and excellent power in any situation, which attracts people. Some users feel keen on the speed of the car and give it a priority while buying their dream car. Here, the 135i will have a 250 km per hour top speed meanwhile the 128i will have a 209 km per hour top speed.


Specifically, the 135i vehicle will cost around $39000 meanwhile, the 128i will cost $31000. Both of them distinguish by $8000 which is huge.

BMW 128i Vs 135i, is there any major point to consider?

Well, both the 128i and 135i are of the same series model of BMW. So, one can guess the number of similarities they will share. Looking for major differences may disappoint the seeker because they do not share so many major differences.

However, while buying or looking for the best fit, people may distinguish this by price and power. Also, the top speed and driving range can be two major points to distinguish these two. Moreover, they have quite a difference in the fuel economy that the buyers can look for. One can read more about the differences between some other models of the same series from 335is Vs 335i.


Buying the perfect car after dreaming for so long is an achievement. During that time, one tries not to mess things up by making silly mistakes. The confusion becomes high when people try to choose a car from the same series of BMW. That is what happens with the 128i and 135i, being two models of the same series. They share more similarities than differences.

However, one can distinguish this two-car by price, power, top speed, and some other criteria. Overall, the 135i will be the most expensive choice, but it will be the most powerful choice. Hopefully, one has got answers on BMW 128i Vs 135i.

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