What will be the BMW I3 Battery Replacement Cost?

BMW I3 Battery Replacement Cost is not yet officially announced by BMW. However, one can still replace their dying battery from any BMW-certified workshop or another workshop. Before going there, one will have to make sure they can deal with an electric vehicle.

To estimate the overall price, one can research the market for a new i3 battery. After finding the actual price of the new i3 battery, they can get an idea of the work. Overall, the sum will be the replacement cost. For further information, one can have a look below.

BMW I3 Battery Replacement Cost

BMW has a vast amount of vehicle options. They have gas-powered, hybrid, and electric-powered cars. Every type has a uniqueness which makes them different from the other vehicles on the market. As for their electric vehicles, the I3 battery is a popular choice for buyers. They have made quite a change in their EV with the I3 battery.

Buyers will get eight years or 100,000 miles warranty with the battery, which is pretty impressive. After that, if the battery dies, one will need to replace the battery to keep it going. However, BMW has not yet announced the official replacement cost of their I3 battery.

According to the expert on EV, the replacement cost will be around $1920 to $17,240. This will include a new battery cost between $1600 and $16800. Also, the labor cost is between $320 and $440. Still, this estimated price will depend on the type of vehicle and the year.

Table: BMW I3 Battery Replacement Cost

BMW I3 Battery Replacement CostServiceMinimumMaximum
New Battery$1600$16800

One can minimize the overall cost if one chooses any aftermarket battery. However, the aftermarket battery may not be a secure option. The battery may die a few days after one installs it into the car. To be on the safe side, one should always choose a new battery for their BMW.

What are the symptoms of a dying battery in BMW?

Owners will see many symptoms of a dying battery if they concentrate on the car. Even if it does not have life, it requires the attention of its owners for the possible faults in its. Seeing the symptoms, the owner will have to act and repair the problem to keep the car going. Moreover, the symptoms of a dying battery of BMW are,

Issues while starting

One of the main and common symptoms of a dying battery in the EV of BMW is the driver will face issues. The time they try to start the car, they will have several failed attempts. After trying so many times, the car may start. Eventually, the battery will die, and the car will not start anymore.

Warning Light on the screen

The EV of BMW has a digital screen to operate the functionalities of the car. If the battery is having any trouble, the screen will show a notification, or a warning will pop up. After seeing that warning, the owner must take immediate action against it.

Poor performance

A dying battery means a poorly performed battery. If the battery is having an issue, it will not provide enough power to the motors of the car. Also, one will not get enough acceleration from the system. Eventually, the performance of the car will get poor.

Other Electric devices

Initially, all the other electric devices of the car will not work properly if the battery is having an issue. Mainly, the headlights of the car will have a dimming light if the battery is having a problem.


In BMW electronic vehicles, they have broadly used the i3 battery, which is one of the best versions of an EV battery. They will provide a pretty amount of warranty with the battery. However, after the warranty, the battery may lose its power and require a replacement.

Regarding BMW, have not yet announced any official declaration of the replacement cost. But one can still do the job from their certified workshop with a handsome amount of price. Hopefully, one will get all the required information on the BMW I3 battery replacement cost from the above discussion.

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