BMW Alternator Replacement Cost

BMW Alternator Replacement Cost will always depend on some factors. Mainly, the car’s series, model, and year will highly amplify the cost. Also, different workshops and places will have different pricing for the replacement.

Moreover, the age of the car and the amount of damage will also be issues when it is to replace the alternator. Initially, the cost will be lower for the recent vehicle and higher for the old one. Also, the X series of BMW has the highest price in that case. Furthermore, one will find all the relevant and valuable information below.

BMW Alternator Replacement Cost

All the vehicles that have an internal combustion engine will have an alternator. BMW has a lot of variation in it also has an internal combustion engine, so does the alternator. Specifically, an alternator is a simple generator that provides power to the engine. Mainly the time the engine is running or working the alternator provides power to it. Without this power, the engine will not work.

Besides, without the alternator, one cannot use an electric device like the radio, air-conditioner, or anything inside the car. Simply, one can say an alternator is a device that provides electric power to the whole car, including the engine.

However, the alternator of BMW is not something that will run for a lifetime. This device has a limited serving life which will end, and the owner will need to replace the alternator of their BMW. Well, the replacement cost of the BMW alternator will depend on the location and the model of the car.

However, on average, the replacement cost will be around $400 to $1000. Specifically, the labor cost will be around $120 to $240, and the parts will cost between $300 to $800. Still, this price can be different for different models and years. Also, various locations and workshops may charge differently.

BMW Alternator Replacement CostService nameMinimum CostMaximum Cost
Table: BMW Alternator Replacement Cost

BMW Alternator Replacement Cost for different models

We have already mentioned that the alternator replacement cost of BMW will vary on the type and model of the car. Also, the same car covering different mileage will have a difference in the cost. In the next part, let’s get some idea of the cost of different models of BMW alternator replacement.

BMW Series 5 and series three alternator replacement cost.

BMW has come to the market and gained its ultimate popularity with the series five, which has several models of cars. They launched this back in 1972 and continued with the series. Besides, they started launching their series 3 in 1975.

Over time, they have brought so many useful upgrades in their series 5 and 3. Moreover, the alternator replacement cost of series 5 and 3 will depend on the car’s manufacturing date.

However, the alternator will cost between $440 to $810, depending on the year. The more mileage the car will travel, the more cost the labor will claim.

BMW Series 2 and series one alternator replacement cost.

BMW started manufacturing series one back in 2004 and continued until 2011. After that, they launched series two as a successor to series three and continued with this series by launching different generations and models. Moreover, the alternator replacement cost of these two will be similar because of the close manufacturing year.

Specifically, one will have to pay around $410 to $620 for replacing their alternator of series 2 and 1. However, they will have to choose the workshop wisely.

BMW Series X alternator replacement cost.

Originally, BMW started manufacturing their series X in 1999. However, they continued with the series with many models and generations. One will find the most luxurious and performance vehicle in this series.

Moreover, the alternator replacement cost of the vehicles of this series will be between $500 to $1000. Depending on the situation of the car and place the price may go high or low.

What are the symptoms of a bad alternator in BMW?

One will experience a lot of signs of a bad alternator in their BMW. Mostly, those symptoms will be related to electrical power issues. Let’s see what type of symptoms one will find with their bad alternator.

  1. Dimming or flickering headlights. Since the alternator will provide power to the headlights, they will start dimming if the alternator is going bad.
  2. The car will face issues starting since the alternator will provide power to ignite the gasoline.
  3. If one continuously ignores the problem, the battery will die prematurely.
  4. If one hears rattling sounds starting or running the car, for sure the alternator is going bad.
  5. Issues with the electric devices of the car are another common sign.

Will it be wise to drive the BMW with a bad alternator?

Well, it is possible to drive the BMW of any series that Has an alternator with a bad alternator. Specifically, those cars run with two power electricity and gas. If the alternator is going bad it will not charge the battery properly, which means the car will burn more oil or gas. Also, the battery will drain more power and it will die immaturely.

Therefore, driving the BMW with a bad alternator is not a wise decision. Because it will eventually kill the battery as well as lower the performance of the engine.


An alternator is a significant part of the internal mechanism which has a direct connection to the engine. Also, this simple equipment will be responsible for all the electric devices of the vehicle. Specifically, BMW has used high-quality alternators in their all vehicles. However, that alternator will die after serving its time.

Noticing the signs of a bad alternator one will have to replace the bad one with a new one. As for the cost, it will be different for the different series, models, and years of BMW. Hopefully, one has understood the pricing from the discussion above on BMW alternator replacement cost.

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