What will be the E30 Spark Plug Socket Size?

E30 Spark Plug Socket Size will be similar to all the new vehicles or the engine type of E52 to E54. In BMW almost all the newer vehicles have a similar spark plug socket size. If the owners figure out one size, they will know the other vehicles’ sizes too.

Moreover, picking the right size of the spark plug is extremely important. Otherwise, one will end up damaging the spark plug. Resulting in a high repairing cost for the spark plug as well as for the engine. Moreover, one may have a look below for further information on the topic.

E30 Spark Plug Socket Size

E30 Spark Plug Socket Size

The spark plug socket is to handle the spark plug in a better way so that it does not get damaged. One may ask that why not use the regular wrench in the spark plug? Well, the regular wrench can damage the spark plug. However, the spark plug socket will not damage the device. It will perfectly handle the plug without harming the spark plug.

Almost every spark plug has a different socket size. Mainly, the different manufacturers will have different-sized spark plugs. For working out things in a perfect way, one will have to find the perfect socket size. If the socket does not fit into the spark plug, it will not serve the purpose.

Specifically, the BMW will have two different spark plug sizes. For their old vehicles and the new ones. As for the E30 model of BMW, the spark plug socket size will be 3/8″ Drive, 12 Points, and 14mm thin wall. This socket will fit almost every engine BMW.

What is the Common Spark Plug Socket Size?

One will have to know that almost every different vehicles have a different size in spark plug socket size. The socket is used to screw the spark plug down or unattached it. The main purpose of the socket is to keep the plug damage free. Generally, any of the sizes will fall in 14,16,18,21 mm sockets with 12 and 6 points.

Almost every new vehicle manufactured after 2000 use those mentioned sizes. One will find socket sizes for their motorcycles, cars, lawnmowers, Toyota, BMW, and many more. Moreover, there is some additional size of a spark plug socket. However, those are not in use in recent times. In case one owns an old car, they may need those sizing information.

Spark plug size Spark plug sizeSocket neededApplication
5/8 inches16 mm5/8-16 mmScooters, motorcycles, smaller cars
13/16 inches20 mm13/16 mmCars
3/4 inches19 mm¾ mmLawnmowers/Small engines
18 mm3/8 mmMotorcycles
9/16 inches14 mm9/16 mmFord, Newer Asian cars
18mm bi hex11/16 mmBMW/MINI
11/16 inches8 mm11/16 mmOlder BMW
7/8 inches7/8 mmRare

Table: Different types of spark plug socket size

Is there anything to consider while buying a spark plug socket for BMW?

Some people prefer to change the spark plug of their BMW by themselves. In that case, they will need to know the things that require to consider while buying a spark plug socket. Because without the perfect socket, they will end up damaging the main mechanism. So, the things they will need to consider are,

Spark plug socket size

The main thing to consider while buying the socket is the size of the socket. Because not every spark plug requires the same size. As for BMW, the different engines will require a different type of size. Normally, the new engine has a different size than the old one. Also, the mini engine will have a different size.

Depth of the Spark plug

Another thing to consider is the depth of the spark plug. Some of the sparks have standard depth and some of those have deep depth. One will have to buy the longer socket for the deep-depth spark plug.

The thickness of Spark Plug

Some of the spark plugs are snug, and those do not have enough room in the wall to fit the socket. For those types of plugs, one will have to buy a thin wall spark plug socket. Otherwise, the socket will not fit.

Is it a must to use a special spark plug socket?

The answer will be both yes and no. If one has enough skills and patience, they may do the work with a regular socket of the same size. However, this is a risky job to do. A simple mistake can ruin the whole system, and it will cause an expensive repair cost.

Besides, modern vehicles have complicated spark plug replacements, which makes it hard to work with the regular socket. In that case, it will be wise to use the spark plug socket for the job.


The modern BMW has a complicated placement of its spark plugs. It becomes hard to work with those spark plugs with a regular socket. One will have to use a specific spark plug of a specific size in those cars. Moreover, for the job, one must have to know the exact size of the spark plug.

Almost every engine of BMW, like the E30, uses the same sized socket. Mainly, the newer vehicles have all the similar sizes and the old ones also have the similar size. Hopefully, one has got all their answers on the E30 spark plug socket size.

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