BMW 335i Front Bumper Replacement Cost, will it be too much?

BMW 335i front bumper replacement cost is uncertain. It will keep changing with the preference and choices of different people. Moreover, the overall cost will include the new bumper, labor, and paint cost. The cost of these three criteria is not constant.

In some scenarios, the cost may seem affordable. However, in some cases, the expense will seem too much. Therefore, the pricing of the work will depend on the choice of the owner. Looking for more details? Please have a look below at the elaborated discussion.

BMW 335i Front Bumper Replacement Cost

BMW 335i Front Bumper Replacement Cost

Being one of the first-row automotive companies, BMW is extremely concerned about the quality of their car. They always use the best quality material to design and construct the car’s body. Because of their wise selection of material and design, the internal part of the car stays safe even after a brutal.

Mainly, the front bumper of the BMW is the most crucial part of the car that keeps the most sensitive mechanism. In front of the car, there are the most important yet sensitive connections and parts that get damaged even if someone splits water on it.

Here, the bumper protects the main mechanism and enhances the overall look of the car. One will notice how much the bumper design amplifies the car’s look. A stylish and uniquely designed bumper can change the game.

However, a simple accident can harm the front bumper. Sometimes it gets scars and dimples, and sometimes the injury becomes so serious that one will have to replace the front bumper of the BMW with a new one. Even if it costs a healthy amount of money, one will have to replace it because they cannot drive a car with a damaged bumper.

Specifically, the replacement cost will depend on some factors like parts cost, labor cost, and paint cost. These three feature costing is not constant. It will keep changing place to place and option to option. A workshop may charge less than the other or more than the other for labor and painting. That is true for the bumper price too.

Moreover, the design and material of the bumper will impact the overall cost. Some may prefer not so unique designs. In that case, the cost will be decreased by a lot. However, some prefer the extreme design of high price with heavy-duty material, which will insanely increase the cost range.

Calculatedly, one will pay around $300 to more than $2000 for the bumper replacement and repair cost. This involves labor, painting, and new front bumper costs for the BMW. Specifically, a new bumper will cost around $600 to $1180. The installation cost will be around $250 to $425. Also, the painting cost will be around $300 to $600.

BMW 335i Front Bumper Replacement CostCriteriaMin
New front bumper$600$1180

If the damage is only scarce, one will not have to replace the whole bumper. They just can simply bring them to the workshop and ask them to repair the scars that only harm the paint. An expert will repair the paint with a similar paint, and it will not cost more than $200.

However, if the damage is pretty bad and it requires replacement, then the cost will be high and more than $2000 in some cases. So, one will need to find out what the damage is and which type of work will need to solve the problem.

What are the possible damage and charge to the BMW 335i front bumper?

Any damage to the front bumper is repairable or replaceable. The action will depend on the amount and range of damage to the front bumper. Let’s look into the possible damage and required work along with price and time.

Repair TypeNew Bumper CostRepair CostTime DurationRequire Work
Dent or DimpleNo$250 to $3503 to 4 hoursOne will remove the dent using a special tool and smooth the surface. After that, they will repaint the damaged area.
Cracks$600 to $1200$325 to $4255 to 6 hoursThey will have to change the old bumper if the crack is bad.
Holes & Punctures$600 to $1200$325 to $4254 to 5 hoursIf the hole and puncture are big and bad, it will require a replacement.
ScratchesNO$250 to $3502 to 3 hoursJust buffing, sanding, and painting the surface of the bumper.
PDRNO$250 to $3502 to 3 hoursPDR means paintless dent repair. The worker will pull out the dent first and smoothen the surface. However, it does not involve repainting the surface.

Is it possible to replace the front bumper of the BMW in the home garage?

Because of the high replacement cost of the BMW front bumper, many people feel comfortable replacing it by themselves. Well, replacing it without being an expert or mechanical engineer is possible. One will need to know the basics of the work. They can watch some videos and read related articles on the internet before starting the real work.

Though the work does not involve any complex work, one will have to be extremely careful since it involves some wires and sensors. If one has the confidence and required tools, they can go for the replacement of the front bumper. Otherwise, it is always wise to get expert help when it is about one of the most expensive cars.


A healthy bumper is important for any car to keep the most sensitive part safe and sound to keep it running. As for the BMW 335i, the cost will be more since the BMW is one of the most sophisticated and luxurious cars.

Overall, the price will be less if the damage is less. If one needs to replace the damaged one with a new one, the cost will be much. Hopefully, one has ideas on possible BMW 335i front bumper replacement cost.

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