Type and sizes of speakers in BMW

Whenever the requirement is about a luxurious and premium model, the name of BMW models gets heard from many people. Where they don’t leave any compromise about the quality, speakers also get counted under that level. But BMW speaker sizes might not be known for everyone. Gladly, you guys are about to know them briefly.

BMW speakers come in between 3 and 4 inches. They have differences according to the car models.

Speaker sizes for BMW

Since BMW comes with different models, almost all hold some size differences. A chart below will help to elaborate on the speaker sizes. This chart is based on the model year and variant.

BMW 3Series 2015 model

Location of the speaker  Center dashboard
Speaker size  3 inches
TweetersAvailable on both front doors

Series 2018 model

Speaker location  Center dashboard
Size of the speaker  3.1/2 inches
TweetersAvailable in both front and rear doors

Three series 330i and 328i models

Location of speaker  Center Dash
Speaker size  3.5 inches
Tweeters  Surrounded by doors and dashboard.

Three-series F3x model

Speaker location  Center dashboard area
Size3 inches  
Amplifier  Placed in Backside trunk
TweetersTotal of 8 different tweeters in every corner of the car

These are some common modes of the speakers that get seen in BMW models.

Starting from the three series, it comes with a 3 inches sized speaker connected to the dashboard. It has the tweeters available in both front area doors that deliver sound in the internal area.

Second, this speaker is available for the 330i and 328i models. It is featured in the middle area with 3.5 inches of sizing. Talking about tweeters, it comes with two different ones for both sides as well as a middle one too.

And the third most known model with a functional speaker is the F3x. It is also the most surrounded car model with a higher number of tweeters. A total of 5 tweeters at different places let the task be done with the best sound quality and performance.

The highly based woofer from the back-sided trunk delivers the best bass and loudness on the road.

So these are the common and greatly known speaker sizes available in all the BMW models. There might be some different models too. But they hardly get seen in the rides that come in stock condition.

Type of speakers in BMW

Although the sizes are almost similar, the speakers are not. However, there is a total of three different typed speakers get seen for BMW models. And those models are known as the best ones for using on the rides. They are:

  • Hi-Fi
  • Stereo Base and
  • S688A or Harman Kardon

Hi-Fi– This is a standard-graded speaker that comes with 9 speakers. Two woofers from the bottom of the seats, an 8-channel amplifier, four midrange pieces, and 6 total of 6 speakers complete the entire set. With all these functions, HI-Fi provides standard and high-quality sounds in the car.

Stereo Base: It’s the typical and most common speaker mode available in every car. BMW is also included in this sector. The base is the lowest sound maker with the highest beat. All it does is deliver a superior beat with rhythm. In general, a typical base model comes with six speakers.

Four mid-range ones at surrounded areas with two of the larger woofers complete the entire sound player. Although there is no amplifier in it, the iDrive power unit lets the job be done to perform.

The S688A: Harman Kardon is another name of this speaker. And it’s probably the loudest and noisiest one among the others. True sound lovers are obsessed with this model.

For better sound-performing ability, this speaker is featured with a total of 7 midranges, seven tweeters, and 2 of the Harman Kardon woofers. Both the woofers remain under the seat of the ride. With all these, there is no doubt or objection about the performance at all. The entire speaker set makes a good noise for both the internal and external areas of the car.

Speaker sizes for BMW F30

As said earlier, almost all the speaker systems from BMW hold similar sizing. F30 is a model that has recent footsteps in the market.

That is why it comes with some differences from the speaker’s sizing. And the sizing is based on mounted body, nut, and internal bodywork. All these things make a good difference for the speaker to perform. Here the speaker dimension below will help to know about the sizing perfectly.

  • Under Seat woofer of A90-256mm
  • Midrange Speaker of A45-110mm
  • Midrange speaker of A40-100mm
  • Tweeter-30mm

These are the sizes that can come under changes according to the differences. The mounting area, extended internal part, and body is valid issues that are the reason for changes.

The speaker installation

Whenever sizes are measured and good to go, nothing but installation is the only thing to be done. Installing the speaker into the car is quite easy to work. All it needs is to follow some sequence and way of fixing. Let’s have an idea about them.

  • First of all, pull out all the built-in speakers from the car. In that case, use the T20/T15 screwdriver along with the head driver.
  • Remove every nut from the hinges so that the speaker completely comes out
  • Make sure to unplug the wirings from the electric board. Try the unplug the wires with steady hands
  • Disconnect all the clips of series

All the speakers are removed. Now it is time to adjust to the new one.

Installing the speaker:

  • Put the speaker and midrange in their accurate places. Don’t forget to use measurement tape just before the attachment. It will help to assure the sizing and space of the compartment.
  • As the principal speaker is done connecting, plug in the woofer and tweeters in different areas
  • Use the screwdrivers to adjust the speakers with the dashboard and body successfully
  • As the door-sided places are complicated, they can be removed from the entire body and get wired up.

These are the ways of installing the speaker with the tweeter. Follow a similar way of installation for both the amplifier and the woofer.

By maintaining the sequence, the speakers can be changed very easily and perfectly.

2003 BMW 325i speaker size

Even though the speakers come in the same sizing, they sometimes have distinctions. 325i model from 2003 is featured with a ten-speaker system. And it allows the vehicle to have perfect and outstanding sound quality. Besides, the 2.5 inches sized midrange from every corner holds better sound providing the ability with the finest quality.

Where the other speaker models are available with tweeters, this one doesn’t come with any. Except for this simple thing, all the facts and items remain the same, just like the other speakers.

2004 BMW 325i speaker size

Since they come under some individual changes, the 2004 model follows a similar thing too. While comparing to the other ones, this model follows the similarity. In addition, the size of the woofer is the only thing that makes the difference.

And it has the maximum woofer sizing of 5.1/4 inches. It’s the highest sized woofer available for the BMW models.

Now all these things are good to go. How about knowing the BMW 335i tire size? Well, if you find this is a useful discussion, make sure to follow in according. You’ll certainly gather some great ideas.

Final Verdict

Now you’re probably known about the BMW speaker size. Hopefully, it will be enough helpful for you people. Whenever your near and dear ones require the changes of speaker, assure to give them your learned ideas.

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