BMW 335i Run Flat Tire Cost

Run-flat tires are one of the greatest invented things. They can surprisingly take your vehicle from any place, even if they get punctured. Luckily, you will get some renowned car brands with these efficient tires. Among them, this blog will help you to know about BMW 335i run-flat tire cost.

Assure to have the entire observation. It’ll be a beneficial consequence for you all.

On average, the cost of running flat tires remains between $150 to $500. This is the costing of per tire with an additional charge.

Comparing the other standard type tires, the pricing is slightly expensive. High performance and inflated running ability are the main reason behind this cost.

What is a Run-flat tire?

Some might not have an idea about the run-flat-tire. These are high-performing tires built with great efficiency. These tires can easily go from any place, even if they get punctured. While the other completely lose the running ability after inflation, run-flat ones can easily make an emergency exit from anywhere.

Even if there’s no pressure on tires, they can still beat the other typical tires with longer running ability.

Run Flat tire costing for BMW 335i

There are plenty of models available for 335i from BMW. And almost all of them come with flat running ability. That means these tires perfectly suit up with the ride to go against any area or situation.

As mentioned, the average cost remains between $180 to $500. Here is the pricing chart shown below. It will describe the pricing of some models under flat running tires.

Radar DIMAX R8+ tires$162  
Ecsta PS71 Tires$235  
Pirelli Cinturapto P7$355  
Bridgestone Turanza P005$312
Michelin Pilot Sport 4$340  
Michelin Pilot Super Sport$390
Goodyear Eagle F1$425  

The pricing chart shows that the lowest pricing of run-flat tires starts from $162. And it’s Dimax from Radar. BMW 335i users count it as the starting model of flat run tires.

Ecsta P71 in the second position comes with better performance as well as better performance. And the price is a little bit higher for having some better performance.

Two of the most common and efficient tires are, Pirelli Cinturapto P7 and Bridgestone Turzana P005. And the pricing is respectively $355 and $312 for each tire.

They have been elected as the great working ones among the others. Hence, BMW users feel they are perfect to use even though the price is higher.

Michelin is a very common name for tires. So do in the flat run tire costing. And it comes with $340 for the Pilot sport and $390 for the pilot supersport. They are different in pricing for some additional features.

Lastly, the highest price one in the market is, Goodyear Eagle F1. Some old users of 335i recommend this tire for the ride. It has better performing ability in both flatted and no flatted conditions. The tire works great and perfectly against any area with similar braking and acceleration.

Although these are the pricing of the tires, they come with additional labor costs and installation charges too.

Run-flat tires working process

They act like typical tires from the majority of the sides. On an unstable surface or offroad, the typical ones lose the air pressure and get deflated. As a result, they have no chance of getting used.

Flat run tires work against those issues, even if there is any air pressure or not. High technology-built tires work as a barrier on the road. Apart from that, the ride can be used with proper speed, and there’s no chance of losing the balance too.

All of these get possible to have an additional sidewall pattern. The general type of tires holds a similar nature with no reinforced sidewall from inside. But flat running ones contain an extra-thick reinforce layer to the sidewall areas. For that reason, it can highly manage the tire to stay stable.

Having this thick layer, the ride can make a run-up to 70+kmph in flatted conditions. So it also can be named the emergency tire in another way.

Positive sides of having Run Flat Tires

There is no compromise with flat running tires to use. BMW riders know it well. The majority of the riders shift from the typical conventional tire to flat running ones. Top-level performance is the only reason behind it. Here are some positive sides that can be observed.

Zero air pressure running

 They can literally run without any kind of air pressure. A standard and common type of tire lose its balance even under lower air pressure. But the flat runners remain so stable and accurate on roads. No chance of having issues in braking or controlling the steering too.

Lengthy changing

Tires usually get changed during a long time of usage. Flat running ones, in that case, work the finest. As the conventional ones can’t perform against serious conditions and require changes, flat runners don’t require any of these.

This is the biggest advantage of using them. And if they get flatted in a remote area, they don’t do any towing or fixing at all.

Negative sides

They are simply the best to perform. But some valid reasons bring downsides for them too. Let’s have a look at them.

High costing

The most common and highlighting issue of the flat running tire is that it costs higher. They have three times more cost than the standard ones. And the entire cost, along with tire price and installation charge, is way too much higher than the normal ones.

On top of that, flat running tires have costly fixing too. They can charge twice or thrice more than other ones to fix. And there’s hardly any chance to fix them whenever the tires blow out or get damaged.

Affects fuel economy

Run-flat tires are hard in the material. Therefore, it appears heavier than the others. If the tires get heavy along with the wheels, there’ll be good changes in fuel.

Above that issue, zero air pressure in the tire makes a ride heavier than previous. High fuel consumption is the only thing to get as a result.


Run-flat tires are completely different from other ones. For that issue, they are not seen regularly in the regular shops or areas. A lot of 335i users claim to have their tires from some online sites.

So having the tires from any nearby shop area is a lose or win move to play.

Flat runner vs. Traditional. The best one

Traditional tires almost offer a similar thing as the run-flat ones. Moreover, they have similar sizing, pattern, and design too. But the only thing that makes the flat runner best to perform is that it’s all area roaming.

Traditional ones might have better gripping and braking. But it gives up performing without proper air pressure. That is the plus point of running flat tires. Not a single chance of stopping the car on the road even if there’s no air pressure.

But the flat runners consume more fuel than the traditional ones. And they are not as common too. But considering both these issues, flat running ones are the best to choose.

Recommended brands by the users

As for being a luxurious car, users always prefer to go for the best things. Flat running tires also got some good brands to use. And they are recommended by aesthetic and professional users. Those brands are:

  • Bridgestone
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Goodyear
  • Dunlop and

Bridgestone Tarzana is the most common and widely known model by users. And it has the best efficiency level of performance.

Tires and rims are two different aspects that get combined into one. For great reasons, it is also necessary to know how much it costs to install rims. Some helpful information will be gained for sure.

Final Expression

Costing of a BMW 335i Run-flat tire doesn’t appear higher when they’re too much necessary. But practically, they cost higher as well as provide maximum performance.

And the pricing depends on different brands. So it’s now on to you which one you will go for. None of these models are less from higher performance. A budget and suitable model is the only thing to decide before purchase.

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