BMW X3 Roof Rack, what is the main purpose?

BMW X3 Roof Rack will perfectly enhance the look of the car. The owners of the X3 can attach the authentic roof rack of BMW to increase the usability of their vehicle. They can also attach carriers like a cycle, suitcase, and cargo over the base roof rack. It will help them grab and securely attach their cycle when they enjoy the beach.

Also, they can carry their kayaks on the roof rack and have a wild interaction with the sea anytime they want. Furthermore, one should look below to know more about the topic.

BMW X3 Roof Rack

Roof racks in the vehicles are the most useful things. Mainly, in the SUV-type car, where there is not enough space to store the bicycle or cargo, the roof rack serves as something that saves the day. Also, some solo or dual on-road travelers who tend to travel by their car prefer a car with a roof rack. This rack maximizes the space of the car. One can store many things in the roof rack of their car that picks the interest of having a roof rack.

Moreover, BMW is one of those few automobile manufacturers that design their cars, remembering the roof rack feature. In the design of their car, they especially prioritize the mountain of the roof rack. It is because one will not get enough space the store things inside the car.

Specifically, BMW also manufactured many styles of roof racks to increase their usability for their customers. They manufactured that system using high-strength aluminum tubes. Also, they add anti-theft protection and the highest safety requirements with it. They also equipped their car and roof rack so that they can install other instruments like roof boxes, carries, and more.

Also, the multifunctional roof rack of BMW can be a mountain with all the other roof parts, such as a box. One can simply attach those over the roof rack. It will also perfectly compliment the car’s look and will not create anything odd. One of the amazing things about the BMW X3 roof rack is one can attach their things without any worry of damage and theft.

The roof rack will keep the asset safe and secure with different security options like anti-theft. Also, the wise section of material and design of the roof rack will not create any friction and noise. Even if the mountain things are made out of metal, the journey will be noise-free. The base rack of BMW will be 3.25 inches wide, and the length will depend on the length of the roof of the X3 model.

In addition, one can car a minimum of 75kg load in their BMW X3 roof rack. In case one is concerned about the price, it will cost around $190 to $340. Besides, the users can also mountain other supportive racks to attached cargo, boxes, or anything else on the roof rack. By this, one can subtract the instrument weight and then attach something over it within the range to carry.

Moreover, the different options of BMW roof racks are,

BMW X3 roof box carrier

The authentic BMW Box carrier is made out of high-quality material that can withstand heavy loads and speed. The amazing deep black shade box will have silver side panels, which enhance the look of the box. It can store320 L, which is compatible with the BMW roof rack. One easily attached this 191 cm lengthy, 64 cm width, and 40 cm height box on the BMW X3 roof rack.

BMW X3 roof cycle carrier

If one is looking for the safest transport for their bike or racing bike for a picnic or even a competition, nothing is more secure than the BMW X3 roof cycle carrier. People often go on vacation in an open place where children want to drive their cycles. In that case, the X3 owners can easily mountain more than one cycle on the roof rack using a cycle carrier.

The cycle carrier of BMW will be able to handle 20kg weight in its frame diameter of 22mm and 80mm. This carrier will securely hold the cycle even if on the worst road. Also, it will keep the cycles safe from thieves.

BMW Luggage Rack

Usually, people carry luggage when they travel for several days. So the owners of X3 can attach luggage over the base roof rack. By this, they can carry quite an amount of luggage.

Are all the BMW roof racks the same?

BMW features different types of roof racks such as base racks, cycle carriers, kayaks, cargo carriers, and more. If one is talking about the base carrier of BMW then it is a big NO. The base roof rack of BMW is not of the same size. Specifically, the dimension of the rack will depend on the dimension of the roof of the car. Besides, all the other racks are almost the same and compatible with all the BMW vehicles.

How wide should be the roof racks of the BMW X3?

The size of the roof rack may not concern people but it is something to be concerned about. If one does not pick the right size then they will end up with a malfunction of the rack. According to the expert, the wide must not be smaller than the wide of the car. Otherwise, all the weight of the carriage will be pointed in a place rather than distributed to the whole roof.

Also, the width of the roof rack must not exceed the width of the roof of the BMW X3. Maximum they can go until the mirror edge of the car. One can simply measure the width of their roof rack by pointing to the center. They will first select the center of their vehicle roof and then measure both sides. If both sides are equal then the summed measurement will be the width of their roof rack.


The roof racks are something extremely useful and life savior when it is about to carry any big or heavy things. Some may think it will compromise the look of their X3 car. Well, the good news is authentic BMW X3 roof rack will enhance the look of the car rather than compromise.

Overall, one can completely trust the BMW X3 roof rack with its valuable things. This simple instrument will perfectly help the owners when they are going somewhere with loads.

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