BMW Cars Module Replacement Cost, what to know before going to the workshop?

It does involve so many other features with it. If one is looking for the cost of the car module, they must know this term involve ECU, TCU, BCU, and abs control unit with it.

So, the cost will be separate for those different units of the car module. The good thing is one does not have to change the whole thing if any of them is no longer performing well. So, the cost will be reasonable and affordable.

Moreover, one will have to read the details till the end to know more about the cost.

BMW Cars Module Replacement

BMW Cars Module Replacement Cost

BMW or Bavarian Engine Works Company, based in Munich, Germany, is one of the most renowned automotive companies. They are well known worldwide because of their luxury vehicles. Some of the vehicles used different modules in the car with an embedded computer in it. One can digitally control the system of the car with the computer.

If one does not know about the car module or powertrain, in automotive vocabulary, it is a computer in the vehicle that controls any specific part of the car. With the BMW car module, one can control some specific and major parts of the car.

This unit will control the emissions, transmission, charging system, and simply almost every car’s function. With the information coming from the different sensor of the car, this unit analyzes those and take quick action against the information. The amazing thing about the car’s heart and brain is that they will learn from the data and make more efficient and reliable actions further.

Demonstratively, BMW car modules or PCU mainly consist of Electronic Control Unit or module,a transmission control unit, a Body control unit, and an ABS control module. Sometimes, one may have to replace the whole system or one of the three. One can replace or repair the bad one instead of changing the whole system.

Specifically, the replacement cost for the ECU or engine control unit will be around $600 to $1500. This price includes the parts and labor costs. Moreover, the Abs control module replacement cost will be around $1000 to $1600.

Moreover, the TCU or Transmission control unit will cost $500 to $900, and the Body control unit will cost $540 to $610. This estimated price will depend on the model, the year of the BMW, the place of the owners, and the choice of workshop.

Table: BMW Cars Module Replacement Cost

BMW Car ModuleMinMax
ECM or ECU$900$2000
ABS control module$1000$1600
Body Control Unit$540$610

This table represents the maximum and minimum price range of the car module cost separately. It will be uncertain if one wants to know the total price of replacing the car module. One can estimate the cost by adding the cost of the parts first and then the labor cost. Overall, the cost can go anywhere between $2500 and $3000 depending on where one has bought the parts and taken the service.

It is possible to cut down the total price by taking a wise decision. For this, one will have to be knowledgeable about certain things like the real price of the parts and the time of labor, and the logical labor cost per hour.

BMW Cars Module Replacement Cost

Figure: BMW Cars Module Replacement Cost

Looking for more details on the cost of car module replacement? Well, one will find a detailed illustration of the car module and its replacement costs below.

BMW ABS control module replacement cost

Before going to the replacement cost, let’s get some idea about the term. The ABS control module or Anti-lock braking system control module is an embedded computer in the vehicle. This computer will continuously receive and analyze signals and information from the wheel speed sensor.

Specifically, the sensor will provide the wheel’s speed along with spinning and traction based on the road condition. Then the ABS control unit will analyze that information to check the wheel is getting enough traction. This module will help if anything goes wrong with that specific system, and it will prevent any harmful situation.

Now, let’s have a look into the ABS control unit replacement cost for some popular BMW vehicles.

Table: BMW ABS control module replacement cost

BMW ABS control module replacement costCar modelMinMax
BMW iX$1200$1450
BMW iX3$1000$1320
BMW i3$1420>$1600
BMW i3s$1420>$1600
BMW i4$1550$1600

BMW Engine Control Module replacement cost

We have given the estimated cost of replacing the ECM of BMW. However, one must know the definition and function of this system. It will help determine its importance of it along with possible pricing ideas. The name Engine Control Module says the function of this unit. As the name applies, this unit will control the engine of the car.

This unit will take data from all the sensors which are directly or indirectly involved with the engine. After that, it will take action to analyze that information and control the electric flow of the engine. Moreover, let’s have a look into the replacement price of this unit for some different BMW models.

Table: BMW Engine Control Module replacement cost

BMW Engine control module replacement costCar modelMinMax
BMW iX$1000$1650
BMW iX3$1300$2000
BMW i3$1020$1200
BMW i3s$1020$1200
BMW i4$1550$2000

BMW Transmission Control Module replacement cost

TCU or TCM, this term refers to the transmission control module of any automotive vehicle. In BMW, this module has a great responsibility since they are not manual but automatic. This system will allow gear shifting in automatic vehicles.

 Many sensors inside the system will send data to the TCU to help the transmission to change gears optimally and efficiently. Moreover, it will increase the overall performance along with fuel economy. Now, let’s have a look into the replacement cost of TCU if it goes bad.

Table: BMW Transmission Control Module replacement cost

BMW TCU replacement costCar modelMinMax
BMW iX$500$750
BMW iX3$620$800
BMW i3$700$900
BMW i3s$750$900
BMW i4$750$900

BMW Body Control Unite replacement cost

As its name says, this body control unit will control some specific body-related functions of BMW. Specifically, it will look over the windshield wiper, lighting, heating, air-conditioning, theft alert, and more. Moreover, the replacement cost of BCU will be,

Table: BMW Body Control Unite replacement cost

BMW TCU replacement costCar modelMinMax
BMW iX$540$600
BMW iX3$540$600
BMW i3$540$600
BMW i3s$590$610
BMW i4$590$610

What signs BMW will provide if the car module is bad?

The BMW having the car module or Powertrain module is actually an intelligent system that can communicate. That system will provide a different sign to the driver or the owner by which they can understand that their car module is not working properly or going bad. Moreover, there will be many signs but some of the common signs are,

Warning lights on the monitor

One may see different signs in the monitor of their BMW indicating ABS, tier, fuel, and many more. If the system is having any trouble the signs will be light with yellow or red color. The color yellow means having a problem and the red means serious problem.

One will understand which part is the problem by following the sign. If the light is in the tier then the problem is in the tier.

Poor performance

It is usual that if one is ill, they will not be able to work properly. They will get tired and make so many mistakes with their work. That is what happens here with a bad car module in the BMW. Overall performance of the car will decrease if the system is not working properly.

Mainly, one will experience less fuel economy and less speed while driving the car. Also, taking a turn and move become difficult with an unhealthy PCU.

Increased Emissions

With a troubled car module, BMW will increase its emissions. Because it will burn more fuel, it will produce more Carbon die oxide. Resulting one will cause extreme harm to the environment as well as the human body.

Trouble starting

Another common issue with a bad car module is the car will not start properly. Since the electronic flow will be no longer in the right direction, the engine or the motor will not get enough energy to start. Resulting it will take more time to start or even it will not start at all.

Locking wheels

It is directly involved with the ABS control unit. This system ensures that the wheel of the car does not get locked when those are not getting enough traction from the road. If the system is not working properly, the wheels will get locked in low traction.

Increased Breaking and acceleration effort

One will face they need to push harder or more in the breaking or acceleration paddle. The car must be stopped in a single push in the paddle but it does not show a response on one. Moreover, the driver will experience that they are not getting enough acceleration from pushing the paddle on the regular range.

Security System Problem

The security system of the vehicle is extremely important to keep it safe from thieves. Sometimes the alarm does not work properly or if one tries to forcefully open the car door it does not notify the owners. Those are serious consequences that can take place if the car module is not working properly.

Mainly, this problem occurs if the body control unit of the car module is not working. Specifically, that unit is responsible for the security system of the car.

What functions does the BMW car module perform?

The car module of BMW is a huge deal that monitors and controls the overall function of the vehicle. From starting to parking, it will be connected with the whole system of the car. Also, after parking, some of the parts of the car module will be still active like a theft alert. Specifically, the functions or responsibilities of the car module are,

  1. Electronic flow
  2. ABS braking
  3. Shifting RPMs
  4. Energy or Fuel ratio
  5. Emissions
  6. Variable valve timing
  7. Charging rate
  8. Idle speed
  9. Tier pressure
  10. Traction
  11. Fuel injection
  12. Ignition timing
  13. Electronic differential performance

What are the differences between ECU and ECM of BMW car module?

The term ECU means Electronic Control unit and the term ECM means Engine Control Module. Both of the names may not be similar, but they share the same functionalities. This unit of the car modules will control and analyze the engine, motors, and electric flow inside the system. The different sensors of the car will send data to this system.

After that, it will receive the information or data and analyze those to come up with action. For example, the sensor in the battery will provide the electronic flow data then it will analyze those. Result the system will find out if anything is not right with the electronic flow of the car.


The car module of BMW is not something simple. One can say it is the heart and brain of the car. So, analyzing and finding the cost if it’s gone bad will not be easy to decide. However, because of its complexity, some of the workshops can make fools of the owner and cost him a fortune.

However, this article has covered every detail of BMW cars module replacement cost. One will demonstrate details of every feature of the cost here. Hopefully, it will help them understand the wrong of the car and find a way to make it right.

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