Toyota ATF Type T IV Vs Dexron II, are they interchangeable?

Toyota ATF Type T IV Vs Dexron II, in the logical debate one will find the best fit gearbox or transmission oil. Both the oil is an authentic product of Toyota and they are perfect for different passenger cars. Also, one can use them in any small vehicle.

However, they share different viscosity levels as well as different temperature levels. Specifically, the Dexron perform well in low temperature. Also, it has a wide range of temperatures in a performance unlike ATF type 4.

To know more details about the topic stuck with us till the end.

Toyota ATF Type T IV

Toyota Atf Type T IV Vs Dexron II

In the whole car, one has to use oil in a different part of it. From the engine to the gearbox, one has to use different types of oil to keep the metal rust and friction-free. The gearbox or transmission fuel is the type of oil one usedin the gearbox to keep the metal part of the gearbox grinding free while they move.

People may so well know the fact they have to change the engine oil from time to time. However, they have to change the transmission oil from time to time. Because with all the move and friction of metal, the oil cannot keep its oil or lubricant structure for a long time.

So, like the engine oil one have to change the gearbox oil after a scheduled mileage. As for Toyota ATF Type T IV and Dexron II, both are gearbox or transmission oil of Toyota brand. Toyota is one of the trustworthy brands for automobile accessories.

Most people all around the world choose this brand because of its authentic and reliable products. Both Toyota ATF Type T IV and Dexron II are two of the most popular gear ox fluid since they were released in the market. Toyota is the manufacturer of both of the oil.

Therefore, people create a debate about which one will be best for them. Since they are the authentic product of Toyota both will be best. However, one has to think about some criteria of the oil as well as some differences to select.

Toyota ATF Type T IV is a fully synthetic automatic gearbox fluid or oil. People widely used this oil in Toyota vehicles with the AISIN WARNER gearbox. Because this oil is specially formulated to provide high performance.

Mostly, this oil is work excellent for the slip controlled lockup automatic transmission. Also, it increases the transmission power under high speed driving conditions providing the highest degree of protection.

On the contrary, Dexron II is one of the most commonly used automatic transmission fluids in Toyota as well as foreign vehicles. Since it is compatible with a wide range of temperatures providing perfect performance, people feel comfortable and safe with this fluid.

Also, this oil is the best fit for automotive transmission all over the world with a different type of temperature. It will perform well in winter as well as in the summer.


As for Toyota ATF Type T4, it is built to use in the AISIN automatic gearbox. One can use this oil in Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu, and Scion automobiles. Simply, one can use it in passenger cars, small commercial cars, off-road vehicles. However, this is not for the big truck or car.

On the other hand, one can use the Dexron2 in the power steering and the gearbox of any passenger car, small vehicles but not in heavy vehicles. For instance, Cruiser 200, Camry 40, Toyota Alphard, and Toyota Vitz.


For high viscosity index, ATF type4 is the best option. Also, it carefully balances the addictive substances in it. Besides, this oil will provide optimal friction performance providing protection to the parts and wear. This oil will ensure the gear shifting without any failures and hesitations.

Meanwhile, the Dexron 2 will also provide excellent viscosity with outstanding durability. Also, this one is fuel economy which means it will waste less fuel. Another amazing thing about Dexron is it will perform well in low temperatures.

With excellent stability, it will ensure smooth gear shifting without any failure and hesitation. 


As soon as one is using the ATF Type 4 for what it is made for, it has no disadvantages. However, it is a little more expensive than the Dexron. Dexron 2 is widely used oil that shares no disadvantages.

Let’s have a look at the specific differences.

Density, at 15°C0.8520.861
Flash point, °C185156
Boiling point, °C316
Pour point, °C-48
Viscosity, at 40°C, cSt34.032.3
Viscosity, at 100°C, cSt7.37.0


Gearbox or transmission fuel is as important as the engine oil and it needs replacing too like the engine. However, people often tuck in Toyota ATF Type T IV Vs Dexron II discussion. Since Toyota is the most trustworthy automobile accessories manufacturer. However, both of the oil is perfect for passenger car or small vehicles but they share differences in the major specification. So, simply one can say that both the oil is not interchangeable all the time. Mainly, because they have different viscosity and temperatures.

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