How Often Should You Start Your Car to prevent internal damages?

How Often Should You Start Your Car, the answer to this question will depend on the temperature. If the temperature is too low one may have to start their car daily. It will keep the battery and the engine alive.

Because a low temperature is bad for the battery and the engine of the car. It became worse when people do not start their car for days. In the meantime, the engine loses its starting temperature and the battery loses its power.

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How Often Should You Start Your Car

Sometimes people left their car in the garage for way too long time. Also, in the winter keeping the car unused for a long time can damage the internal instruments of the car. Imagine sleeping for two days straight, what will happen to us?

The same goes for the cars too. If we left them unused for a long time, they start losing their health. Mainly, the battery gets affected by the idle position of the car. The long one keeps their car idle the more the battery loses its lifespan.

Also, the engine loses its operating temperature if we keep the car unused. After quite a time when we finally start the car, it took way too long to start the car. Because the engine is already frizzed. This is a common phenomenon in the winter.

One has to be extremely aware of their car in the winter. Because this weather is too vulnerable for the car. Even there are many cases, people left their car for a day in the garage and the next day the car is dead.

In the meantime, the battery become dead and the engine drained all its energy. Because the weather was too cold and the engine loses it’s starting temperature. So, one has to start their car on a regular schedule even they are not going anywhere.

One may think that the car is off so the engine will not consume power. Which is a piece of completely wrong and misleading information. Even the car is off, the engine will keep draining power. If the temperature is low like 0 degrees or below 0 degrees the situation gets worsens.

To keep the car safe and alive one has to start the car every day if the temperature is too low. They can do it in the garage. Just start the car and seat for a while. The rest of the instruments inside the car will do the job.

The next thing one has to do is check the charge level of the battery. As with the engine the battery also losses power even in sleep mode. So one has to recharge the battery from time to time. If the temperature is too low one may have to recharge the battery once or twice a week.

One of the best ways to prevent the death of the battery in extreme cold weather is by unhooking it. This trick will work if one is not using the car at least for days. For the job, one will need only the crescent wrench. Just disconnect the ground battery cable from the post so that all the electrical components draining power from the battery get disconnected.

As with the battery and the engine, the components inside need some burnishing and care. So once every week one should go for a drive with their car. So, the components get some lubricant and get away from rust.

The metal and metal connection of the car needs lubrication on schedule. If not they start losing their life. This will also prevent the car to start.

What to do to keep the car in Hibernation?

Keeping the car in hibernation means not using the car for months. It happens when people go on vacation. This is a long-term sleep for the car which is not good. To keep the car alive and healthy one has to do some steps.

First of all, one has to unhook the battery from the car so that the battery does not die by providing energy to all the electronic components of the car. Also, one has to empty the fuel system. Otherwise, it can cause sludge to the engine and the other components.

What will happen if one does not use their car for too long?

Some people may think the less they use the car the more they can live. Which is a piece of misleading information. The machine is like humans at some point. Mainly in the physical perspective since they have no soul. Imagine a person not having any physical exercise, lying on their bed for a week.

That person will feel weak, he will feel his head is too heavy, and he will feel hard to even wake up, for that person walking will be extremely hard because he will not feel strength in his feet and will feel dizzy. In the meantime, his internal organs will get affected.

The same goes for the car too. If one left their car unused for too long the battery and the engine will get affected the most. After that the other component of the car.

Eventually, the battery will die and the engine will drain all its energy. Resulting in a dead car.


A car is not something inexpensive. In case the car loses its lifespan because of the foolishness of the user, they are the ones who will face the consequence of thousands of dollars. People often left their cars for days in the parking or garage which is extremely harmful.

However, sometimes people need to do it and they ask How Often Should You Start Your Car? So, the simple answer to the question will depend on the weather and the temperature. Thus, we have discussed the topic in detail above. Hopefully, one will find all their answers.

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