Tacoma Access Cab Vs Double Cab, what to know?

Tacoma Access Cab Vs Double Cab is a logical explanation when it comes to choosing any vehicle from the Tacoma series. The main differences they share in the price and the seating arrangement. Initially, the access cab will offer four seats with two access doors. Meanwhile, the double cab will provide five seats with four access doors.

Moreover, the double cab will always cost more money than the access cab. However, the towing capacity of the double cab will be more than the access cab. Furthermore, one has to look below and scan the detailed differences to clarify their doubt.

Tacoma Access Cab Vs Double Cab

Tacoma Access Cab Vs Double Cab

Tacoma is a popular series of Toyota that have gained so much love and trust from the consumer in a short time. Because of the variety of options in color, mechanism, and size, one can choose one according to their personal preference.

While filtering the choice in Tacoma vehicles, one intense option is the cab type. In Tacoma, one will get two cab options, one is an access cab, and the other one is a double cab. Both of the cabs have different dimensions and different price ranges.

Initially, one can get introduced to the cab as the space availability. As for the access cab, one will get two rows of seats by two-door on both sides. That means the cab will have two-door and four seats for four-person.

On the other hand, the double cab will offer twice as the access cab, which means four-door in the cab. Also, the cab will have more space for the passengers inside the car. At least five people can sit inside the cab.

In the next section, we will discuss the feature and differences between access and double cab. This segment will illustrate the information by which one can decide on what they are looking for. 

Engine and Transmission

Both of the cabs have 6-speed manual/ automatic transmission, but they share small differences in the engine. While the access cab has 2.7L four-cylinder engine, the double cab hasa 3.5L V6 engine. So, the performance of the cab will be slightly different.

Towing and Payload Capacity

Two of the major difference between access cab and double cab is their towing and payload capacity of them. As for the access cab, it will provide 6400 pounds towing capacity and 1620 lbs. payload capacity. Furthermore, the double cab will offer 7700 pounds towing capacity and 1155 lbs payload capacity.

This difference comes from the bed size of the truck, which is 5 feet for an access cab and 6 feet for a double cab.

Fuel Economy

Often many people ignore buying their favorite car because of the less fuel economy. Because these types of car will cost so much in the long run and they will be harmful to the environment. Luckily, both of the cabs of Tacoma will provide permissive fuel burning and promising fuel economy.

The fuel economy will be 18 mpg for the city and 22 mpg or highway for Tacoma double cab. Besides, the access cab will provide 20 mpg for the city and 23 mpg for the highway.


The last and most important feature to distinguish these two cabs is the price range. Whichever model one chooses for Tacoma, they will have a price difference of at least 1000$. Always, the double cab will be more pricy than the access cab.

Table: Tacoma Access Cab Vs Double Cab

Access CabDouble Cab
The base engine size is 2.7LThe base engine size is 3.5L
It will provide a V4 engine.It will provide a V6 engine.
The seating Capacity is for five-person.The seating Capacity is four four-person.
Front Passenger Volume is 57.5 cubic feetFront Passenger Volume is 57.5 cubic feet
Rear Passenger Volume                is 42.6 cubic feetRear Passenger Volume                is 28.1 cubic feet
Rear Head Volume is 38.3 inchesRear Head Volume is 34.9 inches
Truck Bed Size is 6 FeetTruck Bed Size is 5 Feet
Towing capacity of 6400 pounds.Towing capacity of 7700 pounds.
Payload Capacity is 1,620 lbs.Payload Capacity is 1,155 lbs.
The drive type is RWDThe drive type is 4WD
Fuel Mileage in the city is 20 mpgFuel Mileage in the city is 18 mpg
Fuel Mileage on the highway is 23 mpgFuel Mileage on the highway is 22 mpg
Horsepower is 159 HP at 5,200 rpmHorsepower is 278 HP at 6,000 rpm
Torque is 180 lb-ft at 3,800 rpmTorque is 265 lb-ft at 4,600 rpm
The number of valves is 16The number of valves is 24
Tacoma Access cab will cost around 27,035$Tacoma Double cab will cost around 28,035$

Tacoma Access Cab Vs Double Cab, what to know?

Choosing between Tacoma access and double will depend on some usability and the needs of the user. Mainly, the seating arrangement will be a concern to think about. Having family members more than 4 requires more space. That means one has to go for the double cab option over the access cab option.

However, looking for less pricy and comparatively okay for regular use will lead one to the access cab. In case one will not need so much towing and payload capacity, the access will do just fine. Otherwise, they can go for the double cab option. Moreover, both of the cabs will perform well in both highway and off-road driving.


Overall, the conversation Tacoma Access Cab Vs Double Cab will lead a consumer to their best fit. According to the above information, the access cab will cost less than the double cab, which is a big fact while considering the affordability.

Moreover, if one does not need extra space and towing capacity, they should not go for the double cab option costing more money. Because in functionality both of the truck is same and one will find nothing different. Now, the decision is on the customer to choose between access and double.

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