Olight Vs Fenix, which one to buy?

Olight Vs Fenix, these two manufacturers are successfully taking over the lights industry fulfilling all the requirements. However, they share major differences in technical and functional specifications. They have different battery types and charging types.

Also, they feature a different level of brightness in a variety of runtimes. Moreover, both of them have several weight options with the recharging hours. The main difference users will notice is the price, which is huge in between these two. For further information, have a look at the details we have illustrated below.

Olight Vs Fenix

Olight Vs Fenix

Both Olight and Fenix are flashlights manufacturers who have been manufacturing the best quality lights for a long time. Flashlights are a daily carry and daily use equipment that gives us a clear vision of the dark. Surviving outside at night without flashlights is hard.

Mainly, people going hunting or picnic will need a flashlight. Also, repairing the internal mechanism of any vehicle will require a simple and tiny instrument. Besides, going for playing airsoft or paintball inside the woods will need a flashlight.

However, buying one from the market will require some knowledge because not all the lights are a good choice. In that scenario, one can completely trust Olight and Fenix. They design and manufacture their product with the most recent technology to provide wonderful performance.

Here, the argument came that which one will be best between these two. To find the best fit for any specific situation, one has to know their features and differences. After that, it will be easier to select one of these for daily use.

The main differences between these two lights are the battery and charging system. While Olight uses a proprietary and non-interchangeable battery, Fenix uses standard Li-ion batteries. Besides, Olight has a magnetic charging cabala while Fenix features USB-C charging ports.

Moreover, they share some other major differences. Let’s have a look at those.


Both of the manufacturers are from Shenzhen, China, where the owners founded the companies not long before. Initially, they have come into the market with other products, and after some time, they start manufacturing flashlights.

As for Olight, they start manufacturing flashlights after they catch the market in Europe. Later, they start expanding their business all over the world. Now, they manufacture every possible light requirement of the world, from EDC to law enforcement.

On the other hand, Fenix came into the world back in 2001 with its wonderful products. With their brilliant design and manufacturing idea, they have expanded their business to over 100 countries successfully.


Amazingly, both of the manufacturers will offer a wide range of lumen to select from. The Fenix will provide 1 to 1800 lumens. Meanwhile, Olight will provide a minimum of 1 lumen to a maximum of 12,000 lumens. So, in the case of the lumen, the Olight is the winner.


The runtime of the flashlight is another feature that people are concerned about. Both of the manufacturers have different runtime for different models. Normally, the Fenix will provide a minimum of 3 hours to a maximum of 115 hours lifetime after being fully charged.

On the other hand, the Olight will provide a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 45 days runtime. Users can choose any of them for their interest.

Charging Time

The charging time of the battery will depend on the size of the battery. However, both of the manufacturer’s products take quite a time to be fully charged. The Fenix will take at least 4 hours, while the Olight will take 3.5 hours for charging.

Water Resistance

A flashlight may be a small instrument, but people use it for intense work. That’s why it needs to be strong and protected in every aspect. Luckily, the Fenix and Olight are an example of perfect lights with strong and sealed bodies. That means both of the devices are water-resistant.


The construction material of the flashlight is not something too concerned about much. However, some of the rough users look for tough material, and these lights will satisfy them. Both of the manufacturers used Aluminum material in the body and glass in the lenses.


When one has to carry the light for a long road or hiking, weight is an important feature to consider. The Fenix provides light of a minimum of 85g to a maximum of 987g weight with batteries. On the other hand, Olight will have a minimum of 122g and a maximum of 179g weight with batteries.


There is a huge difference in the price range of these two devices. Comparatively, Fenix has less price than the Olight. However, the price is reasonable according to the lumen, lifetime, and features they provide.

Olight Vs Fenix, which one to buy?

In case of the budget is not an issue and they are looking for brighter light that will run for a long time, they can pick any of the options from Olight. If budget is an issue and one does not need a high capacity light, they can go for the Fenix.

The Olight will provide more brightness for a long time. They are perfect for the hunter and people who spend a lot of time in the woods like defense. On the contrary, Fenix is perfect for everyday use at home or in the garage.

Now, the decision is on the users and what they will need. They can pick any of these two according to their need.


Flashlights are important for everyday use and for the people who love hunting doing picnics inside the woods. Besides, for defense, people who have to spend hours in the dark can get used to the flashlight. From many options in the market, one can choose from Olight or Fenix.

However, they often stuck into the conversation Olight Vs. Fenix. Well, the decision will depend on the need of the user. To make things easy, both of the light shares so many major differences. Hopefully, it will not be a hard decision to choose the best one.

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