Mastercraft Vs Cooper Tires, Which One to Buy?

Mastercraft Vs Cooper Tires, one can choose any of these according to their need. Initially, the Mastercraft held less price than the Cooper. After that, Mastercraft will provide a more useful trade pattern than the copper in case of off-road driving with stones and sharp objects.

However, the copper is perfect for tackling all weather conditions, including mud. Also, it will give the consumer to load more weight and drive on the worst road.

Moreover, one has to read the whole article properly to know the detailed differences between these two.

Mastercraft Vs Cooper Tires

Tiers are something in the car that will carry the overall weight of the vehicle and keep it running. Even if one has the highest possible mechanic configuration, the car will not perform well without the tiers. Those are the most important parts of automobiles.

Among all the tier manufacturers, one can rely on the name Mastercraft and Cooper. Both of them are manufacturing the best quality and durable tires for a wide range of vehicles. They have gained the trust of the consumer with excellent design, material, and lifespan at an affordable price.

However, one cannot add tiers of two of these manufacturers at a time. They have to select any one of these two. Separating them by differences will do the job of selection easily. Luckily, they share quite a few differences with simple similarities. Let’s dive into the deep to extract their features to find which one will be best for which situation.


While selecting the material of the tiers, both of the manufacturers were wise enough to select coppers. So, there are no differences in material for these two tiers. However, Cooper is one of the best performers and long-lasting materials the tiers can have.


The design of the other instrument of automobiles may not have any impact on the performance. But the design and look of the tiers will decide the overall performance and functionalities of the tier. So, it’s important one must check the design and pattern of the tier before selecting.

One can keep a fact in mind that the tiers with a better tread pattern and rubber side will provide a better ride. Also, it will provide extreme traction and a smooth experience on difficult roads. Here, the Mastercraft tires have an aggressive-looking pattern with a 5-rib tread design.

 Also, it features a 12% lateral groove that is capable of cutting small stone and sharp objects which can be attached to the trade pattern. The overall design of the tiers will ensure better performance in off-road and highways.

On the contrary, cooper tiers feature the same 5-rib design but with the combination of sipping and zig-zag tread pattern. The design will ensure the highest performance on the off-road. However, they cannot avoid the small stone attaching inside the trade pattern. Here, it fails against Mastercraft.


This is an important feature of tiers that many people ignore. The speed rating of a tier will decide the amount of pressure it can handle, and more rating can cost more. In speed rating, one will have two options, R and S, to at least 115 mph. This rating has been normal in recent days in the best tiers.

However, Mastercraft offers more options in the speed rating. One will find R, S, and T with a minimum of 120 mph for their cars. In addition, the speed rating will change according to the size one will choose.


In terms of functionalities, both of the tier shares major differences. The Mastercraft tiers are best for city roads and daily use. If one is living in a country area with muddy roads and need to carry heavy loads, it is not an option.

On the contrary, the Cooper will withstand the heavy load, and it will perform best in the off-roads. One can use the tiers in any type of road in any weather condition without worrying about the performance.

Load Capacity

If one does not want a flat tire in the middle of the road, one must check the load capacity of the tires before buying them. As for the Mastercraft, the tiers can tackle more than 2000 lbs load when the Cooper can withstand more than 3200 lbs weight.


The lifespan of the tiers is a significant part of its functionalities. By this, one can have an idea of when they may need to change the tier, and they can be ready. Moreover, the Mastercraft is lagging behind Cooper in lifespan too.

When the Mastercraft runs on the roads for about 50,000 miles, the Cooper will give service up to 55,000 miles. That means the difference in mileage coverage has a huge difference in these two.


Both of the tiers have a price difference of at least 100$. Initially, the Mastercraft will cost around $550. Meanwhile, Cooper will cost over $600.

The design of the trade has a 12% lateral groove.It has the design of sipping and zig-zag tread pattern
it can avoid small stones on the roads.I cannot avoid small stones.
Not for the muddy roads.Perform well on muddy roads.
It will not provide a good [performance in all weather.It will provide the best performance in all weather conditions.
Make noiseDo not make noise
Have speed rating of R, T, and SHave speed rating of R and T
Load capacity is 2000 lbs.Load capacity is 3200 lbs.
Trade of the tiers will last for 50,000 miles.Trade of the tiers will last for up to 55,000 miles.
Hold an affordable price.Holds a reasonable price.

Mastercraft Vs Cooper Tires, Which One to Buy?

Both Mastercraft and Copper are two of the best tiers one can find in the market. However, they are a perfect fit for different situations. That means one does not have to stick their decision in between. In case of heavy load and better trade life, without any doubt, people have to go for the Cooper.

On the other hand, looking for an off-road performer in minimal load capacity, which is enough for regular use, Mastercraft is the option. Though this tier is not for muddy weather, they will perform well in the regular lifestyle with an affordable or inexpensive price range.


Overall, both of the tiers will perform well in different weather conditions. Though the Cooper holds a pricey but reasonable option, these will offer a variety of road and weather conditions. Also, one can use these for carrying heavy loads.

On the other hand, Mastercraft is an inexpensive option with excellent design. These can avoid stone and sharp objects to harm the tier. Though they are not muddy roads, they will offer excellent traction and control in the urban roads.

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