Silverado Front Shock Bolt Size, what to know before selecting?

Silverado Front Shock Bolt Size is something fixed that one cannot change as one wants. Choosing the right size is as important as choosing the right powered engine for the car. Because too small and too big will not fit and will not serve its purpose.

Normally, the shock absorber or suspension system comes with shock bolts. However, in the case of only broken bolts, one will have to buy a new one and they will need to know the size. For knowing the size of the shock bolt of the Silverado, one must look into the article below.

Silverado Front Shock Bolt Size

Silverado is one of the popular series of affordable cars that people own and love to drive. Perfect for both on-road and off-road, users want to use every feature of the car for extreme adventure in every road type.

For the adventurous ride, one will have to get a high-quality shock absorber or suspension for the car. It is not hard to find the best possible shock in the market. However, not every one of them includes shock bolts.

Also, sometimes the shock absorber bolt gets cracked or damaged and requires a replacement. In those cases, one will need to buy the new shock bolt with the same specification as the existing one. Importantly, the size of the new shock bolt must be the same as the old one.

Unluckily, not everyone knows about the size of their Silverado shock bolt size. Moreover, it is nothing complicated to find. One can just ask the nearby automobile shops or in the workshop. They will surely mention the size of metric 9.8 or 10.9 of 8 grade. In inches, the size will be 5/16-18” x 7/8” long.

Now, one can buy the nuts from any nearby shops or online. While making the purchase they can recheck the size by having a conversation with the seller or the shop representative. Hopefully, there will surely be someone who will know enough about the automobile parts.

Is it possible to drive the car with a broken shock bolt?

Simply, one must not drive their car if anything is broken in the car’s mechanical system. As for the broken shock blots, it will create problems in acceleration, steering wheel, drivers comfort, and many more problem. Driving on the smooth road for some time is okay but for a long time with so much pressure will create an issue.

Moreover, driving a car with broken shock bolts off-road will become a nightmare. If the road is too bouncy, the whole shock absorber system will go down. Resulting in a huge repairing cost to the owner. Therefore, one must not drive their car with a broken shock bolt.

What will happen if one overtight the Silverado Front Shock Bolt?

In case one overtight the Silverado Front Shock Bolt, it will excessively squeeze the bush of the system. Resulting in less flexibility and performance in the shock. In this situation, if one goes on an aggressive road, the bolt and even the shock absorber can get serious damage. The tightening must not be more than 70 ft-lb torque.

Which grade shock will be the best choice for Silverado?

In shock bolt one will find two common grades, one is grade 5 and the other one is grade 8. The main difference between these two is their strength. The grade 8 bolt will have a lot more strength and performance compared to the 5-grade shock bolt. Therefore, the 8 grade bolt will be best for the Silverado.


The shock bolt is an important part of the whole suspension or shock absorber system of a car. This simple piece of the bolt will decide so much on the car. Therefore, a mismatch in size can cause so many serious issues. When the time comes to change or replace the bolt of the shock, they must get the right size.

Normally, one can just bring the old nut to the nearby shop and ask them to get the same one. Also, one can measure the nut if they have the instruments. Hopefully, one has got all their answers regarding Silverado Front Shock Bolt Size from the above information.

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