H7 Vs H8 Battery Size, What are the differences they share?

H7 Vs H8 Battery Size. This conversation is to illustrate the different sizes of H7 and H8 batteries. Mainly, people want to know about the size difference when they want to replace one battery with another one. Specifically, the H7 is smaller in length, and the H8 is larger in length.

In case of making the interchangeable decision between this two, one will have to check the battery compartment of the car. Also, the minimum and maximum power consumption rate along with CCA. For detailed analysis, have a look below.

H7 Vs H8 Battery Size

H7 Vs H8 Battery Size

One of the common phenomena of owning a car is one will have to change or replace the existing battery sometimes. The crucial part is that one cannot just choose any battery. They need to consider certain facts. Mainly, the size of the battery is a fact that is going to create a great impact on the choice and the performance.

Choosing a smaller battery than the existing one may cause poor performance because the engine and the system of the car will not get enough power from the battery. On the contrary, anything too bigger than the existing one will also create a serious issue. Especially, there will not be enough room to keep the battery. Also, the system will get overpowered, which will create short-circuit and damage.

Specifically, the Size of battery H7 and H8 is the most used battery in the vehicles like Porsche. People often want to replace one with another, and they need to know the battery size to be sure about the fit. Before going any further, one must know that the H in these two types of batteries refers to the size of the battery. Specifically, the width and height of the H-classed battery are the same. But the length of the battery will be different.

Below, we will discuss the differences between the battery shares, including the size.

H7 BatteryH8 Battery
The maximum dimension of this battery is 278x175x190 mmThe maximum dimension of these batteries is 315x175x190 mm
These are the Group 94R Batteries.These are the Group 49 Batteries.
This one will be less powerful than the other one.More powerful than the H7 battery.
Reserved capacity is less than the H8 battery.The reserve battery is more than the other one.
The terminal is right positive.The terminal is right positive.
Basic H7 is less expensive than the other one.Basic H8 is more expensive than the H7.

If one is thinking about replacing H7 with H8 or H8 with H7, they will have to consider a certain situation. Let’s start the analysis by replacing the H7 with an H8 battery. First of all, the H7 is smaller in size than the H8. Though the width and height of the batteries are the same, the length is different for both of the batter. While the H7 battery is 278 mm in length, the H8 is 315 mm in length. That means the H8 is 37 mm lengthier than the H7.

Also, the H8 will have a greater RC and CCA rating than the H7. This means the H8 will store more energy and generate more power for the system. If one is changing the H7 with H8, then they have to look that either the H8 will fit in the place. Also, the maximum power-consuming capacity is equal to or less than the power H8 will produce or not. If the car does not fit any of the criteria, then the replacement will turn out to be the worst decision.

In the case of replacing the H8 with H7, there are also some facts that need to be checked. First of all, the size. Since the H8 is larger than the H7, then H7 will get a good fit in the H8’s place. However, the length can cause a little issue in some cases. However, the most important thing to consider here is the power. The H7 will store and produce less power than the H8.

 So one will have to check if the minimum power consumption rate of their car is equal to or less than the power H7 will provide. If everything is showing green, then one can change the H8 with H7. However, the thing that one needs to take into consideration seriously is the price range. The H8 is more expensive than the H7. So, if it is not extremely necessary and one is doing fine with H7, then they should not decide replacing H7 with H8.

Overall, the battery of any car is a sensitive part since it is related to electricity. A single miscalculation can damage the whole system. So, one will have to make any decision regarding this with extreme care and consideration.

Which automobile manufacturer uses the H7 and H8 batteries?

Truly, the H7 and H8 are two excellent battery options for powerful vehicles. The design, build quality, amount of power, everything makes those perfect for a wonderful experience. Following the amusement, many renowned and luxurious manufacturers use this battery in their name. Namely, the Porsche, Mercedes, Cadillac, Bentley, Audi, Land Rover, BMW, Rolls Royce, and many more.

Is it possible to put a bigger battery in the car?

Well, attaching a bigger battery than the existing one in the car will depend on some situations. Mainly, the modern car with a curved body style comes with a specific and tight compartment for the battery. They do not leave places than the exact size of the manufacturer battery. For those types of cars, putting a big battery and replacing the existing one is impossible.

Another important consideration is the maximum consumption of the power of the car. Big batteries come with high power output capacity. Though the modern battery has the capability of controlling power, one must match the maximum power consumption of their car with the power the battery will provide.


Replacing the old battery or buying a new battery, the first thing to consider is the size of the battery. Because the size of the battery we use in the car determines many things, including power storage and CCA. Many people search for the size of H7 and H8 batteries with the intention of replacing one with another.

First of all, both of the battery belongs to the H group, yet their length will be different from each other. It is necessary to calculate the size mainly by replacing the H7 with H8. Hopefully, one has got all the answers regarding H7 Vs H8 Battery Size from the above discussion.

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