Audi TFSI Ultra Vs TFSI, what differences do they share?

TFSI Ultra Vs TFSI, searching for differences between two of the most highly performing engine of Audi, one will end up finding major performance differences. Especially, the ultra-version of TFSI is better than the TFSI.

The TFSI ultra will burn less fuel than the TFSI. Also, this one will be more performative than the other one. However, both engine is reliable, and they will provide the most adventurous driving experience. Furthermore, one will have to look below for more information.

Audi TFSI Ultra Vs TFSI


Both TFSI and TFSI ultra are two of the fascinating engine Audi that they use in different vehicles. Specifically, the term TFSI means Turbo Fuel Satisfied Injection, which has an ultra-version with the name Ultra TFSI. The engine concept is that the fuel is pressured and injected into the combustion chamber to create a charge instead.

Generally, this is a mix-up technology of the directly injected system and supercharging technology. This technology makes it possible to use up to 15% less fuel than the V6 engine. That means one can save fuel insanely and emission less carbon.

Both TFSI and TFSI ultra is convenient option to choose. However, the TFSI ultra is more convenient than the TFSI, which will ensure better performance, less waste, and light technology. In case one is in a dilemma between these two engine options, they must look below in the table.

Table:TFSI Ultra Vs TFSI

TFSI ultra will burn insanely less fuel.TFSI will burn less fuel but more than TFSI
The carbon emission rate is extremely low.The carbon emission rate of this one is low but more than the other one.
More convenient driving experienceConvenient driving experience.
Produce more power than ever.Produce a vast amount of power but less than ultra-version.
Common in Audi A4 and A6.Common in Audi A1 to A5.
Most advanced technology o Audi.Comes before Audi TFSI ultra technology.
Reliable, efficient, and trustworthy.This one is also reliable, trustworthy, and efficient.

How does the TFSI technology work in Audi?

The working principle of the TFSI engine in Audi is neither complicated nor easy. If one has little knowledge of the engines and how they work, they will understand the working principle of this TFSI engine too. Firstly, the engine injects the fuel creating pressure directly in the combustion chamber to create a charge instead.

 This process removes the heat from the intake air to create higher compression and improve efficiency. Also, it will be responsive along with actively removing the knock. This is all the process, is not it easy as hell? Well, it is yet the outcome of this outstanding technology is breathtaking and extremely beneficial.

Mechanism of TFSI engine-Two circuits fuel system
– low and high pressure.  
-The low-pressure circuit includes a tank, a fuel pump, coarse and fine cleaning fuel, fuel gauge.  
-Direct pressurized injection system, which is part of the high-pressure circuit.

Which Audi vehicles have a TFSI engine?

Specifically, TFSI, the mix-up technology of direct injection and supercharging engine, is only petrol-powered. The manufacturer did not design this technology for diesel fuel. So, all the vehicles with this engine type will be petrol powered.

Table: Audi TFSI Vehicles

Size in LPower
1.2TFSI 86 PS or 85 HPA1
1.2TFSI 105 PS or 104 HPA3
1.4TFSI 122 PS or 120 HPA1
1.4TFSI 125 PS or 123 HPA3
1.4TFSI 185 PS or 182 HPA1
1.8TFSI 120 PS or 118 HPA4
1.8TFSI 160 PS or 158 HPA3, A4, A5
2.0TFSI 170 PS or 168 HPQ3
2.0TFSI 180 PS or 178 HPA5, Q5
2.0TFSI 200 PS or 197 HPA3
2.0TFSI 211 PS or 208 HPA4, A5, TT, Q3, Q5
2.0TFSI 265 PS or 261 HPS3
2.0TFSI 272 PS or 268 HPTTS
2.5TFSI 340 PS or 335 HPRS 3, TT RS
2.8FSI 204 PS or 201 HPA7
3.0TFSI 272 PS or 268 HPQ7
3.0TFSI 290 PS or 286 HPA6, A8
3.0TFSI 300 PS or 296 HPA6, A7
3.0TFSI 333 PS or 328 HPS4, S5, Q7, A6
4.0TFSI 420 PS or 414 HPS6, S7
4.0TFSI 520 PS or 513 HPS8

What are the drawbacks of the Audi TFSI engine?

Though the TFSI engine of Audi is a brilliantly designed engine, it will still have some drawbacks. Proving the fact that no engine is free from faults, this one will have some features that may annoy users.

Mainly, this is a high-maintenance engine that requires high-quality oil to run. One has to make sure that they are using the best quality engine oil to keep this healthy and running for the long term. Moreover, the turbine of the engine is quite expensive and repairing. Validating the statement replacing that expensive thing will be more expensive. Lastly, the engine will often require a change of engine oil since it will work so much it will burn so much.

What is the Fuel consumption rate of TFSI for different Audi?

We all know even if the same engine performs differently in a different model of Audi. It is not only true for Audi but also for every single car manufacturer. Because of many factors of a car that influence the performance of an engine, one will get different performance from the TFSI engine for different Audi. Let’s see the table below to clarify the statement.

TFSI engine fuel consumption for different Audi
VehicleFuel Consumption in 100 kmCO2 Emissions per mile
Audi A453.5 US mpg to 58.8 US mpg183.5g to 167.4 g
Audi A554.7US mpg  to 56.0 US mpg178.6 g to 175.4 g
Audi A651.1 US mpg to 53.5 US mpg191.5 g to 183.5 g
Audi A750.0 US mpg122g


The automotive industry has blessed this world with a tremendous amount of wonder. They have designed brilliant cars with extraordinary engines to provide the most extensive experiences. One of the brightest names in the automobile industry is the Audi which has dedicatedly performed for the benefit of their customer.

Proof of their car is the design and manufacturing of the engines TFSI and TFSI ultra. Both engines have similar working principles but different performance categories. Hopefully, readers have found all the answers regarding the above discussion.

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