How much does Audi A4 Virtual Cockpit Cost?

A virtual cockpit can efficiently let the driving mode feel comfortable and informative. And the internal navigation and route map system deliver a better riding experience all the time. On top of that, the beautiful functionality can let your car feel futuristic from the inner side. Moreover, when it’s an Audi A4, the virtual cockpit delivers a next-level appearance.

Yet, the Audi A4 virtual cockpit cost is not known by all. Nevertheless, some individual Audi users are still unaware of how it prices.

However, there will remain no doubts now, as this entire subject is based on the pricing and some other related factors. Assure yourself to have the proper idea about all these relevant things from below.

 Audi A4 Virtual Cockpit Cost
Audi A4 Virtual Cockpit

What is Audi Virtual Cockpit?

This can be called the upgraded instrument cluster. And all it does is make a replacement with the stock analog meter. This single-screen display gets adjusted on the top steering wheel area just at the right place of the analog one.

Besides that, the riders can choose all the essential information from the display. And in terms of performance, it delivers better facility and easy usage rather than the typical one. In short, a virtual cockpit provides much easier and better informative functions.

While talking about the sizing, they get seen in two different dimensions. One is 10.30 inches, and the other one is 12.4 inches. Both these sizing are the common ones that get used in almost all Audi models, including the A4 one.

A4 Virtual Cockpit Cost

Although there are lots of virtual cockpit models available, not all of them are perfect for getting used in Audi. As a result, some selective and particular models get counted to go with Audi. So usually, the price of a virtual cockpit for Audi is ranged from $800 to $1500.

 Some other models can even price lower and more affordable. On the other hand, some differences separate the cockpit from each other. Pricing is also based on the differences. And it’s obvious to have higher pricing for the higher classed models.

The functionality of the A4 Virtual Cockpit

That’s the main and crucial thing for what the expense gets done. A better and more functional cockpit display is worthy of going with. But all that matter is multiple features and accuracy.

Though some cockpit models are formed with next-level features, they entirely got some common natures in all. In a real sense, they can be called the primary functions of the cockpit too.

A standard variant virtual cockpit for Audi A4 is formed with:

  • Both 10.20 and 12.4 inches sized LCD
  • 1080pixel supportive input video channel mode
  • Digital speedometer along with digital rev counter
  • Bluetooth system connectivity
  •  720P HDMI input system
  • Three different application mode operating systems by Linux, Java, and QT
  • Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay function
  • Functional backup camera facility

So these are all the functions that get seen in the Virtual cockpit for A4. Moreover, they can be said the typical ones too. Being available for all models and sizes is the main reason behind this naming.

Additional Virtual Cockpit functions

All the functions above are related and known as the common ones. Nonetheless, some additional functions often appear in the cockpits. And they make a good impact on the pricing too. Here you can have a look into some highly known additional cockpit functions in the following.

  • The operative motion sensor system
  • Auto display brightness adjustment
  • Closeby warning indication
  • Third-party entrance restriction and alarm
  • Virtual road condition navigator
  • Multiple dial and color-changing options

All these features are known as the additional. Having some major ones, too, the pricing of the cockpit gets some variations. Furthermore, they all seem similar and almost nearby.    

Virtual Cockpit for Audi and its debut

Back in 2014 times, the Company by itself brought this highly featured display for their models. On the side of that, Audi A4 had made the journey with this system too. But the first variant models contained some major and minor functional defects too.

Technical glitches and lower display visibility under brighter sunlight are some common issues at those times. Later of that, the manufacturers solved all these problems and let the cockpit get used through higher sunlight.

But now, all the cockpit models deliver better performance and higher accuracy. Some users even claim it as a value for money item by considering all its positive and efficient features.           

Virtual Cockpit Varieties for Audi A4

There is not a single model or version of the virtual cockpit that gets found for the Audi A4. They come under some changes too. Actually, the previous Audi models till 2017 were not available with the standard virtual cockpit mode. But later the times, the 2018 standard edition has been customized with standard virtual cockpit mode.

And that is known as the Audi A4 Prestige. On the other hand, the A4 Premium Plus model of Audi contains the functional telematic mode and navigation system too.

MMI vs Virtual Cockpit. Which one is good to go?

MMI is mainly the Multimedia interface system that makes controls the entire informative functions and media. But it is not fitted in an accurate position like the virtual cockpit one. All that it does is provide the information and set up nav mapping into the principal case. In that case, it can be named as the alternative information provider too.

But the virtual cockpit on the other hand, remains at the center area of the rider’s eyesight. On top of that, it is perfectly fitted with a display that requires no removal at all.

Though they both perform almost similarly, the virtual cockpit brings efficiency by having a better appearance and design.

Are there any distinctions available between Audi virtual cockpit and the cockpit plus?

If they both get elaborated perfectly, there are two major differences to get seen in them. The virtual cockpit one belongs to older times, whereas the cockpit plus one holds is a kind of updated version.

Besides that, the virtual cockpit plus model is formed with better and longer battery life rather than the previous one. For that reason, it can run for better and higher times than the other one.

A virtual Cockpit for Audi A4-Worthy or not?

In general, finding out the worthiness is dependable on several things. Among them, performance according to pricing and durability are the main things that matter a lot. And while it’s a virtual cockpit model for Audi A4, it’s a little bit confusing to declare.

It’s undoubtedly an outstanding and high-tech thing to claim. Apparently, an Audi A4 model doesn’t cost lower too. So it’s not left to express that a brand new A4 model can be quite impressive to go with the virtual cockpit system.

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Final Statement

Spending a few more bucks for a better internal change is an impressive thing. And as you know, the Virtual cockpit can do this thing a greatly. However, the Audi A4 virtual cockpit cost is enough friendly and affordable according to its features.

Despite all these features, they’re highly known for proper durability. An A4 user may not feel it extraordinary at the beginning of usage.

But eventually, it shows up with the finest level of performance and skills that the user can’t deny. That’s how Audi performs for their devoted ones.

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