Audi Guard Protection Kit costs and everything

Whenever it comes to protection, Audi is one of those sophisticated car brands that make no compromise. In a real sense, guard protection kits are too much essential for keeping the car safe from any incoming harmful entities. On top of that, they enhance both the look and protection level of the ride to the next level.

Audi guard protection kit is just awesome and effective that is recommended by some users too. However, today’s subject will elaborate on the kit, it’s pricing and some other relevant objects too. Let’s hope for the best, and here the discussion is going to begin.

Audi Guard Protection Kit costs

What about the Guard Protection kit?

That’s not an everyday thing you will hear. But it’s a very common and usual thing that gets seen in the automobile segment. Shortly, these are the mats or coverings that remain in the car differently. Since they protect some essential areas of a car, they are named guards. These guard protection kits are available in two different modes most of the time. One of them is applicable for the floor, and the other one is for the cargo.

So basically, these protection kits are perfectly designed with high-quality fibers. And the deeply ribbed, multi-functional channel design makes them standard and stable in design and appearance.

Moreover, perfectly layered material lets these kits deliver superior protection against mud, dirt, or any watery sources. On the other way, it lets the ride feel protective against higher snowy or rainy times too.

Audi Guard Protection Kit- In details

It’s not left to know how essential they can be. In a single word, they are the best ones for delivering superior internal protection. But in terms of Audi, the level of protection is stated to the higher level.

As the best part, all their protection kits come as all-weather protective ones. That entirely means these kits are perfect for use against every type of weather and situation.

In general, they are available in two different modes too. One of them is the floor mats. And the other one is Trunk mats. Have some individual knowledge about them.

Floor mats: Even though floor mates are very common things for the rides, Audi has one of the most proper and durable ones. Usually, these floor mats come in a total of four pieces for the ride.

Two of them get used for the front desk, whereas the other ones are perfect for the rear side. They are formed with both standard black and glossy black color formats. While some other floor mats follow a typical design, it follows some differences.

The entire floor is perfectly lined in a different sequence. Having this design makes a very comfortable and strong gripping in bare feet. Moreover, the functional lining will surely hold any dirt elements. So no matter what they are. Mud, water splashes, debris, or some other things will never make an entrance into the main car body at all.

Cargo mats: These can be called trunk mats too. But having some distinctions, the cargo mats don’t appear as similar as the floored ones. Although they perform the same, the design and sizing are not similar at all.

Talking about the cargo mats, they can be called the simple ones with less efficiency. It has a thick layer of around 10mm that perfectly suits up the entire cargo. Measuring the sizing is not certain as different Audi models follow differences.

Above all, these hardly consist of internal gape design. In reality, the trunk area has a very lower chance of getting debris or harmful objects than the inner area. For that reason, these things ensure major protection of any trunk area elements at a great level. On the opposite, higher external car impacts or shaking can harm some sensitive objects. But this trunk-sided guard protective lets us not have any debris or harmful elements in the trunk.

Nevertheless, these washable kits are easy and perfect for frequent usage. There is no chance of having damage or tearing issues at all.

Costing of the Guard protection kit

Though they come with the rides in stock condition, some models hold typical quality protections to them. For that reason, the older guard protection kits have a replacement with the new ones.

Here you observe in following to know about the pricing. Remember, these are the estimated pricing for these kits. And the cost can even get higher or lower too.

Guard Protection kits from Audi(Including all-weather floor mats and cargo mats)$300 to $380 (For all the standard models)
All-weather floor mats from Audi$200 to $$240

So these two above are the main guard protection kit costs. The first one is the complete package of protection kits. And it is included with both the floor mat and cargo mat. A total of four pieces of cargo mats perfectly adjust to the ride from the internal area.

And the pricing is ranged from $300 to $380 depending on the model and vehicle pattern. It can perfectly ensure the best guard protection of the vehicle.

Now coming to the second variant, it is only available with the floor mats. That means there are no cargo mats that get seen with it. And the pricing starts from $200 till $240. Although there are no changes in quality, sizing makes a big difference in cost.

Audi Q7 Guard Protection Kit

The Q7 model from Audi probably has some fan base for being a highly efficient model. On the side of that, they get searched for knowing about the guard protection kit too.

However, this model holds a similar protection kit as has been explained. The all-weather premium floor mats and cargo mats have the engraved Audi logo in the silver coating that looks amazing.

Simply, these are similar and typical guard protection kits like the other ones.

Do the guard protection kits worth it?

Some common confusion arises from typical issues. And that is why they get asked too. Practically, these protective kits often get seen going worse even in shorter usage. But they are probably not from Audi.

Nonetheless, the Company claims to deliver its finest level and quality of product to its users. In fact, there are hardly any complaints from the users though they are getting used for a great long time.

And in case of any problems, the nearby dealer points Audi are always ready to fix the issues. By judging altogether, they are absolutely worthy of going for and. There’s no doubt about it.

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Final Statement                

It’s not rocket science to understand the Audi guard protection kit and its functionality. They may look simple but certainly don’t perform as simply as their appearance. Even if they get measured under the value for money factor, there are the best ones.

Not a single Audi user will love to have any unbearable stains or dirt inside the car. Spending a few bucks for these kits will last for a ultimate time. Neither to worry about performance nor the dirt.

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