What is Audi 5 Exclusive Special Paint Color?

Audi 5 Exclusive Special Paint Color is the sensation of Audi. Those vibrant colour options have become the most wanted paint option in Audi worldwide because of their elegance. Audi offers those colours in almost every model of Audi. One will have to choose the color option while ordering the car. However, those colors are not something inexpensive. Buyers will have to pay an extra handsome amount with the standard price.

Furthermore, they will not feel unworthy and waste money after seeing the car. Any of these colors will enhance the life of the users with a positive mind. Hopefully, one will find all the detailed information regarding the topic below.

Audi 5 Exclusive Special Paint Color

Audi 5 Exclusive Special Paint Color

Audi exclusive special paint colors are so popular that they get sold out within a few days. Being one of the best automobile manufacturers, Audi always brings the best out of everything and amuses the people. As for the exclusive color of Audi, one will find more than one option.

According to the researcher of Audi, at least 38% of the users choose the white shade, Audi, all around the world. Those statistics claimed that white is the most popular paint among Audi users, with 81% of the vehicles that have any sort of white. Also, the shades of silver, black, and grey are also popular among customers.

Moreover, the company always offers incredible shades of paint to their customers to remove the boringness. One can choose their preferable color from the Audi exclusive custom paint option. This program has so many paint options out of the standard configuration. Let’s have a look at the standard painting of Audi.

Siam beige, metallic

One of the simple yet smart paint options Audi is the Siam beige metallic. It helps the Audi to come out with its best features and look like out of the world. Also, this one has been the most popular color for years with positive feedback from the customers.

Nimbus Grey, pearl effect

Some people are obsessed with the colour black and grey, and they will find this shade fascinating. This one with a pearly effect will have a more stylish but classy look which will attract anyone’s attention. This sophisticated and smart paint of Audi will come as standard with no extra cost.

Merlin purple

In the entire Audi industry, Merlin purple is another popular color that people love worldwide. This color stands out with any model of Audi and is mixed up with any household and environment. This one is most probably the wonder of Audi in their paint option. In case one wants to keep their car neat and clean, always nothing is as good as this shade. However, one will have to pay extra for this paint.

Nogaro blue

Looking for the best visible and elegant paint option for Audi, Nogaro blue is the one. Though this one is not a common or people’s regular choice, it is perfect for extreme visibility on the road. Even miles apart, whoever is on the road will notice this elegant blue color. Scientifically, blue is the safest color when it is to the exterior paint of any vehicle. So, for the blue paint lover, this is something extraordinary for which they will have to pay extra.

Solar orange

For a nice and easy-going color that will be classy yet stylish Solar orange Audi is quite an option. However, this one is one of the most sensible paint options for Audi, which requires great care.

What is the official paint option for Audi?

Luckily Audi has tremendous options in color. One can customize the paint of their Audi in anything they want. However, the customization will cost extra money to the buyer. Besides, Audi offers extremely wonderful official paints.

Ascari Blue Metallic
Brilliant Black
Daytona Gray Pearl Effect
Florett Silver Metallic
Glacier White MetallicIbis White
Manhattan Gray Metallic
Matador Red Metallic
Monsoon Gray Metallic
Mythos Black Metallic
Navarra Blue Metallic
Black w
Blue StitchingBlack w
Leather Seating SurfacesNougat Brown w
Leather Seating SurfacesRock Gray W
Leather Seating Surfaces

What do Audi Exclusive means?

Human being always wants something unique and extraordinary in their things. Audi respects that desire of people and always try to bring the special to their customer. People looking for something special in their Audi will find exclusive things. With Audi, an exclusive mean one can customize their car with various personal touches. Audi will create the personal wishes and dreams of their customers a reality.

They can change the color and interior of the car the way they want. This manufacturer has a vast amount of options in anything. They have declared that the imagination of their customer may have a limit but not in their options and that is what exclusive means in Audi.


Audi offers a vast amount of official paint options as well as customized options. One can create their favorable color from the library of Audi paint. Moreover, in recent times Audi has created a sensation with its 5 exclusive and special paint options. All of those paint appears to be the most stylish, elegant, and attractive yet classy.

However, those colors will not come in handy and one will have to pay a handsome amount for these. Hopefully, one has got all their answers regarding Audi 5 Exclusive Special Paint Color and cleared all their doubts.

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