Audi License Plate Screw Size

A license plate screw size sometimes appears as an unimaginable necessity. However, they sound peculiar right? I mean, who will really be too concerned about a simple screw size? But apparently, a great number of people get found with this necessity.

And whenever it’s about Audi license plate screw size, there will hardly be any non-interested readers who will get seen in this discussion. So don’t think twice. Just have a look at this entire blog from top to bottom. That will be a beneficial step to take from you all.

About Audi License plate Screw

License plates are too much essential to have in the cars. Along with that, they require a strong adjustment too. But a lengthy used license plate with lower maintenance is a risky thing.

In that case, the screws become rusty or junky. As a result, they have to face lower attachment ability. Replacing the screws is the only way to sort out the issue.

Except for that, a new license plate for Audi follows the same way too. All that needs is having a proper idea about the screw.

Screw size for Audi License Plate

Even though Audi is known as a luxurious car model, they have typical license plate mode to follow just like others. All that means, Audi follows the standard graded screw size for their plates. Both sizing have been placed on a chart. Have a look at it from down.

Standard sizing  M6 X 1.0mm X 8.0mm
Extended sizing  M6 X 1-2mm X 8-16mm

Here the chart above shows that standard sizing comes in the M6 model screw that has 1.0mm of width and 8.0mm of length. The majority of the Audi users go for this screw with the license plates.

But whenever the license plate comes under some customization, it needs additional screws. Therefore, extended sizes are available. However, it remains with similar branding and model.

The width area gets increased along with the thread length. And the sizing starts from 1mm of minimum to 2mm maximum for wideness.

Since the standard one gets found to be 8mm in length, the extended version can last till 16mm. Having better size, the extendable screws are easy to use for all the Audi models.

Replacement method of old screws

Knowing about sizing is not the only thing. It’s too much essential to change them. As the older ones become rusty and full of junk, they require immediate changing. However, the replacement is quite easy to perform. But some essential parts and items are needed to complete the task. They have been given in the following.

1. Screwdriver

2. Lubricant

3. Spraying can

4. Proper sized screw

5. Sandpaper (if necessary)

  • First of all, use lubricant on the rusted screws from their connecting areas. Lubrication will help to lose down the corroded screws. From that, they will become easy to unscrew
  • Sometimes, lubrication doesn’t appear enough useful for the screws. For that reason, sandpaper can be used instead of lubrication. It will help to decrease the threading so that the screw can come out automatically.
  • Whenever the screws are closer to remove, white vinegar can be used as an alternative remover. Make all the screws wet till they properly get removed.
  • Use a screwdriver that matches the screw size for unscrewing them. Hopefully, the corroded screws will not make any issue as they have been applied with all possible removers. And lastly, they will come out in an easy way
  • Now the screws are out of the license plate. Time to install the new ones
  • Since there are different sized screws are available, find out the actually required one for the plate
  • Make sure to use high-quality steel-made screws. Follow the similar unscrewing mode to screw them up again.

And thus, the screws can be easily applied to the license plate. All that needs is to tighten them properly under the requirement.

Recommended screw models for Audi License Plates

Some users believe in any type of screw for holding the plate. But in an actual sense, they are not as efficient as they look. Moreover, any typical screw model may not provide proper safety and fitment at all.

That is why; our research team along with some users recommended a particular model for the operation. It’s a screw model from HPP. Just like some other brands, they are available for Audi too.

These screws are made from high-quality stainless steel material and color format. And they are available for Audi with a size of 0.5 X 0.35 X 0.5 inches.

Although a license plate requires a maximum of 4 screws, it comes with a total of 316 screws. Having the entire will be enough helpful to use them for other purposes.

Coming to the sizing, they are available in all sizes. Both standard and extended sizing can be used by considering the sizing.

These are the main reasons that allow this screw model to judge under recommendation.

Are the screws essential for the License plate?

For better safety and protection, screws are undoubtedly the best things to use. They perfectly work as a holder to keep the plate in place. If any of these screws lose to perform, the license plate tends to be removed from the car.

And once it is done with falling, it will surely receive several damages. On top of that, the plate can even break down too. This is why the license plate doesn’t get compromised from adjusting by proper screws.

Customized License Plate

In some states of law, a fixed and authorized license plate gets used for the rides. But some fancy Audi users tend to have a customized license plate for the rides. As a matter of fact, they can literally form up in any size and color. But the only thing that is needed for their attachment to the vehicle is the screws.

Luckily, even the maximum extended screw sizing is perfect enough for the license plate. No matter how different the sizes are, all they hold the similar hinges for the screws.

Indifference, they will hold a maximum change in thread length. However, longer sized threading can be found for the customized license plates too.

Audi front License plate Screw size

A great thing about the luxurious cars is, that they come with similar license plate sizing for both front and rare areas. So that means, Audi will come with exactly the same sized screw for the front and rear sides.

Even if the front-sided license plate gets customized too, it will follow the similar screw sizing and installation process as the rear one.

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Final Statement


While talking about the beginning of this topic, Audi License plate screw size was not a worthy thing to discuss. But eventually, it has shown the necessity, pattern, and recommended sizing.

A license plate may not a necessary thing to use in some particular states. Perhaps, it seems so much crucial for these luxurious models. If you’re one of those unconcern Audi owners, don’t make any further delay to change or observe the screws. That’ll surely be a beneficial move to perform by you.

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