2003 Audi A4 1.8 t, what to know before buying?

2003 Audi A4 1.8t, this is a four-door and five-seater sedan with extremely wonderful exterior and interior.  One will find many useful features under the hood of the car with a foldable hood.  They can have an open roof to enjoy the natural air in the summer.

However, the car is perfect for regular use with moderate power in the city and highway.  Also, it will provide a wide range of mileage.  That means one can go for a long drive with this car.  Hopefully, one will find enough information below on the car.

2003 Audi A4 1.8 t

2003 Audi A4 1.8 t

Good sunny morning may start with a happy sun.  But a good shiny color will make every morning sunny no matter what the weather is.  Matching these types of criteria, one can always choose Audi, and the A4 1.8t is the proof.  They have already done a great deal with their 2002 version.  The amazing exterior, detailed interior, and all the fun things inside the car make it something extraordinary.

Whatever the weather, the top-dropped feature of the 2003 A4 Audi will always make the ride amazing.  It will create a cozy environment inside the car when it is cold.  However, when it is summer and hot, one can drop the top to create a refreshing environment.

Another amazing thing about this car is its security and safety system of it.  This amazing car is loaded with a security system.  Specifically, this one has an electronic stability system to help everything to be in control.  Such as, the anti-lock system with a four-wheel brake will always keep the wheels stable even if on slippery roads.  Moreover, this one is beyond description along with a better thing.  Now, let’s have a look at the technical specifications of the car.

Table: 2003 Audi A4 1.8 t

Engine1.8L L4 turbo DOHC engine.
CylinderIt has four cylinders and 20 valves, and every cylinder has five valves.
FuelThe fuel type is multi petrol injection.
Engine SizeEngine Displacement is 445  cc
HorsepowerThe maximum horsepower is 170 HP at 5900 RPM.
TorqueMaximum torque is 225 Nm at 1950 RPM.
Transmission5-speed manual transmission.
Top SpeedThe top speed is 147 mph.
DrivetrainThe drivetrain is front-wheel drive.
Fuel TankThe fuel tank capacity is 18.5 gallons.
Driving RangeCruising Range is 505 miles.
WheelbaseThe wheelbase is 104.25 inches.
LengthThe length of the car is 180.55 inches.
WidthThe width of the car is 69.76 inches.
HeightThe height of the car is 56.18 inches.
Ground ClearanceThe maximum ground clearance is 4.3 inches.
SeatingPassenger seating capacity is 5.
Fuel economy in the cityThe fuel economy in the city is 20MPG
Fuel economy on the highwayFuel economy on the highway is 36 MPG
Fuel economy combinedFuel economy combined is 28 MPG.
Carbon emissionCarbon emissions are 193g per km.
WheelAlloy wheel.
PriceThe standard price range of this one is $27,850

Engine and Transmission

The engine of this car creates just okay power to make it a regular use car.  Specifically, it will be equipped with a 4-cylinder 1.8-liter engine with a displacement of 445 cc.  In addition, the performance of the engine is quite okay.  It produces a maximum output of 170 HP at 5900RPM and a maximum torque of 225 Nm at 1950 RPM.  Moreover, the 5-speed manual will help the engine to speed up to 147 mph for a comfortable experience.


The manufacturers have designed this car with four doors and a capacity of 5 seats, including the driver.  Moreover, this car will have a wheelbase of 104.25 inches, the length of the car is 180.55 inches, a width is 69.76 inches, and a height is 56.18 inches.  It can be said that this is a cute car, slightly lower than the ground.

Fuel Economy

Fuel is the automobile’s sustenance, through which the engine generates energy to power the motor of any vehicle.  Here this Audi A4 of 2003 with a tank capacity of 18.5 gallons, will cover the range of 505 miles.  That means you can drive 505 miles once the tank is full.

Moreover, the fuel economy of this one in the city will be 20MPG which is perfect for the city.  Besides, the fuel economy on the highway will be 36 MPG, and combined, it will be 28 MPG.  Those numbers are quite convenient and acceptable for this car.

Additionally, the carbon emission of a car is another important thing to consider.  If the car is burning too much fuel, then the CO2 emission rate will be high, which is not good for both car and the environment.  Here this car will produce 193g of CO2 per Km, which is not bad.


Being one of the luxury cars, Audi always does things out of the traditional footmark of the automotive industry.  Price is another factor that they give prior attention to so that their customer can afford it.  Moreover, this amazing car may seem too expensive, but it’s not.  One will find this car paying around$27,850.

How reliable is the 2003 Audi A4 1.8t?

Well Audi itself is the name of trust and reliability.  As for the A4 1.8t version of this renowned brand, this is one of the most reliable vehicles not only by this manufacturer but also in the whole industry.  One can comfortably use the car for a long trip.  With 18.5 gallons of the fuel tank, this one will travel more than 500 miles which is pretty impressive.

Also, this one will create a top speed of 147 mph, which is perfect for the highway as well as on the city roads.  Overall, one can completely trust this brand and this specific car for their next adventure.


Choosing the right care from the vast option in the automobile industry is hard, however, if one has already chosen Audi, then they are not on the right track of quality and affordability because Audi offers the best performer cars at affordable prices.

Moreover, this A4 1.8t vehicle of 2003 is a convenient option to go for in such a decent price range.  One will get enough power and long mileage with the car.  Hopefully, one will get enough information above to make their decision in the right way.

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