How common is the Audi 4.2 timing chain guide issue?

A timing chain plays a vital role in the performance of a vehicle. Including that, it ensures the best and most effortless functionality of the internal parts. Synchronizing all the parts together is what the timing chain does.

Audi 4.2 timing chain is a very common variant in the automobile sector. Aside from that, it’s the typical one that gets used for most of their models. So today’s blog will talk about this timing chain and some other facts. Hopefully, it will bring some positivity to you through riding.

audi 4.2 Timing chain issues
audi 4.2 Timing chain

About Audi Timing chain

No matter what the brand is, a timing chain delivers the typical performance. All it does is transmit the movement between both the camshaft and crankshaft. In terms of movement, the timing chain vertically provides rotation. While talking about the material, is made from high-quality steel. Small particles of the chain are formed and linked all together. For that reason, it shapes like a chain. In this way, it’s known as the timing chain.

However, Audi follows a similar sequence and way for their timing chains too. That is why; a single timing chain unit from Audi can surely last for longer times rather than any other typical model. Having high-quality material is the main reason behind this lengthy performance delivery.

what’s a 4.2 Timing chain?

4.2 mainly relates to the engine pattern and version of Audi. This is a 4.2-liter V-8 engine that is known for great reliability and great efficiency. For having the 4.2 markings, the timing chain has been named with it.

And this timing chain model usually gets seen in the 2007 to 2018 Audi models.

So the 4.2 timing chain from Audi simply makes a connection with the set of the intermediate shaft, the crankshaft, and the camshaft. Several hydraulic adjusters along with the guided rails control the entire timing chain movement functions.

4.2 timing chain area

Though this timing chain performs higher, it follows the typical positioning like other ones. Therefore, it is placed on the rear side of the motor. Moreover, its entire system is headed towards the firewall side.

That is why; this timing chain system follows higher efficiency with better accuracy.

4.2 Timing chain issues

It’s not left to know that, this timing is quite impressive and great in performance. But several legit factors are granted as timing chain problems. In practical, it’s even claimed by the technicians and users too.

On top of that, it is a quite complicated task to perform and solve. Anyways, the most common issue of a 4.2 timing chain is, that it becomes stretchy over time. Although it gets done naturally, frequent stretching is surely not a simple issue to avoid.

Reasons behind timing chain malfunction

A highly stretched timing chain is a very common timing chain problem. Even if it gets done naturally, there are some valid reasons to observe behind it.

Delayed oil changing: This is the most common and principal reason for having timing chain issues. An irregular engine oil change not only affects the timing chain but also hampers engine condition.

All the engines come with a required oil usage period. As soon it is over, all the internal functions face problems including the timing chain. That is why; the irregularity of engine oil replacement is a crucial thing to avoid.

Higher engine pressure

Higher engine revving delivers faster timing chain operation. Moreover, it’s a huge threat to the chain that stretches down its efficiency. In that case, avoiding higher-revving can allow a better situation for the engine along with the chain.

Engine overheating

Lack of coolant water in the radiator can cause higher heating of the engine. On top of that, the timing chain will become stretchy more quickly. In addition, the engine will create some annoying sounds from the timing chain too.

To avoid this simple but effective issue, a proper coolant checkup is the only way to perform.

Cost of replacing the chain

While the timing chain is completely done to perform, there is no other way rather replace it. However, it belongs to the luxurious segment. So the replacement cost is probably higher than the others.

A typical 4.2 modeled timing chain requires a replacement cost of around $3,200 to $3,900. This is the minimum to the maximum estimated cost for the entire operation.

Talking about individual costing, the estimated labor cost is around $2100 to $2500. And the entire parts cost below $1k.

The valid time for changing the timing chain

Some professional riders claim that a timing chain can be used till having any major issues. In real fact, internal clicking sounds don’t hamper the timing chain performance at all. So on, it is needed to be changed while having some serious problems.

But in general, a typical 4.2 timing chain model can easily last for 85k to 120k miles. Nonetheless, the range varies from person to person and their driving pattern.

A sober and decently driven ride can last with the timing chain even higher than the estimated time. On the opposite, aggressive driving mode all the time will deliver nothing but frequent timing change replacement.

The consequence of a broken timing chain

Since timing chain makes a sequence control over some major parts. It can provide huge destruction to the engine. If luck favors, a broken timing chain will not let the internal parts be damaged at all. But that is hardly getting seen during the usage.

Most of the time, a broken timing chain can be the great reason for a damaged crankshaft or the camshaft. As a result, it appears as the main victim of major internal damages.

And that is why a broken timing chain is recommended to go through an immediate replacement.

4.2 complete timing chain kit

A good number of users have enough idea about the timing chain. But they are not properly aware of the entire timing chain kit.

Usually, a complete timing chain setup comes with some different parts and efficiency. Here you can have a quick introduction about them from the following, However, all of them get used during the entire timing chain replacement process.

  • Lower timing chain tensioner guide
  • Upper timing chain tensioner
  • Lower hydraulic tensioner
  • Right upper tensioner chain
  • Upper left timing chain guide rail
  • Lower left timing chain guide rail
  • Center upper timing chain guide rail
  • Center lower timing chain
  • Right-sided camshaft
  • Center timing chain

So these are all the common parts that get used for the timing chain. None of them can be avoided for the entire process. That is why; assure to have all these parts under the entire timing chain kit set.

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Final Expression      

So what’s left to know about Audi 4.2 timing chain? Probably nothing. If any advice is given to you all, don’t make any compromises or neglect the engine condition. Whenever it does a clicking or tackling engine sound, ensures to have a great observation.

Because it will be a great thing to replace a defective timing chain instead of having major works in the engine. Believe in that and follow the guided path.

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