Audi B6 Rs4, what to know about this vehicle?

Audi B6 Rs4 is the racing sports car of Audi with tremendous power, speed, and reliability. Along with performance, one will get security developed using the recent technology. However, the main reason for choosing this car will be the speedy adventure one will get from this one. Specifically, this tiny car will run like thunder cutting apart the aggressive atmosphere.

Almost every person looking for a decent car can afford this one. However, the fuel economy is in question for the people looking for a regular car. Moreover, one may look below in the detailed description to learn more about this option.

Audi B6 Rs4
Audi Rs4

Audi B6 Rs4

The B6 Rs4 of Audi, which is the B7 version of Rs4, is a high-performance variant of the Audi A4. This amazing car is produced by the Audi Sport GmbH to bring the best in the sports car industry. This one is considered the most high-performance and speedy vehicle of Audi, which they reintroduced back in 2012. Here the RS term represents the Racing Sport, so one can imagine the performance of the car, which is tagged as a racing car in the name.

Moreover, this tiny or small racing vehicle will run like a beast on the highway. But the performance of this one in the city will not be so satisfactory because the car is designed and manufactured for the most aggressive and speedy driving experience, which is not possible on the city roads. Strict rules and the number of other vehicles on the road is not a suitable environment for this car.

Next, we will discuss more points and detail about the B6 Rs4 of Audi to spread information to the seeker.

Table: Audi B6 RS4

EnginePetrol-powered 4.2L engine.
CylinderIt has eight cylinders and 32 valves.
FuelThe fuel type is petrol direct injection.
Engine SizeEngine Displacement is 4163 cm3.
HorsepowerThe maximum horsepower is 420 PS at 7800 RPM.
TorqueMaximum torque is 430 lb-ft at 5500 RPM.
Transmission6-speed automatic transmission.
Top SpeedThe top speed is 155 mph.
DrivetrainThe drivetrain is all-wheel drive.
Fuel TankThe fuel tank capacity is 16.6 gallons.
Driving RangeCruising Range is 292 miles.
WheelbaseThe wheelbase is 104.25 inches.
LengthThe length of the car is 180.55 inches.
WidthThe width of the car is 69.76 inches.
HeightThe height of the vehicle is 56.18 inches.
Ground ClearanceThe maximum ground clearance is 4.3 inches.
SeatingPassenger seating capacity is 5.
Fuel economy in the cityThe fuel economy in the town is 11MPG
Fuel economy on the highwayFuel economy on the highway is 25 MPG
Fuel economy combinedFuel economy combined is 18 MPG.
Carbon emissionCarbon emissions are 322g per km.
WheelAlloy wheel.
PriceThe standard price range of this one is between $26,400 and 34,980

Engine and Transmission

The main attraction of the B6 Rs4 is its engine which produces tremendous power that makes it a racing car. Specifically, one will get an eight-cylinder 4.3L engine with a 4163 cm3 engine displacement. Moreover, the performance of the engine will be pretty impressive. It will produce a maximum horsepower of 420 PS at 7800 RPM and maximum torque of 430 lb-ft at 5500 RPM.

Moreover, the 6-speed automatic manual will help the engine speed up to 155 mph for an aggressive race. Riding this car with that amount of power will lead one to the peak of the adventure.


Manufacturers have designed this car with four-door and five-passenger seating capacity, including the driver. Also, this one will have a wheelbase of 104.25 inches, the length of the car is 180.55 inches, a width of 69.76 inches, and a height of 56.18 inches. Therefore, one can say this is a small and cute car that is a little close to the ground.

Moreover, the ground clearance of this car is 4.3 inches. It may seem lower, but according to the car’s height, the ground clearance is more than perfect. One will feel extremely stable and secure even on the mid-aggressive roads and can drive at the maximum speed.

Fuel Economy

Fuel is the food of the car by which the engine generates power to operate the motor of any vehicle. Here this B5 Rs4 with a fuel tank capacity of 16.6 gallons will cover the cruising Range of 292 miles. That means one can travel 292 miles distance once they fill the tank.

Moreover, the fuel economy of this one in the city will be 11 MPG which is disappointing. The range is lower because of the speedy features of the engine. When driers drive the car at low speed in the city, the engine does not burn less fuel. It burns for the highest power but runs at low speed, which is not convenient. Well, the car is designed for racing adventure.

Besides, the fuel economy on the highway will be 25 MPG, and combined it will be 18 MPG. Those numbers are quite convenient and acceptable for this car.


Though Audi has the luxury car tag, one will find an affordable yet stylish and excellent option with this manufacturer. They always consider the need of different levels of buyers in every aspect, including affordability. Moreover, the standard price range of this one is between $26,400 and 34,980. The price will depend on the model of the car as well as the area of modification made by the buyer.

How reliable and fast is Audi B6 Rs4?

The name Audi is one example of reliability in the automobile industry. Being in the business for decades, they have always served the best possible thing the industry can offer to its customer. Moreover, this B6 Rs4 of Audi is also one of the fastest and best performer sports cars or racing cars. Therefore, one can completely rely on the performance and speed of the car.


Choosing the right car from the ocean of options is always a hard thing to do. If one has already chosen the Audi, then they will also have a vast amount of options; however, if the sports car or racing car category, Rs4 is a good option. Moreover, among different versions of this series, the B6, or one can say the B7 is one of the most popular options.

With this option, one will get extreme power, reliability, and tremendous performance. Hopefully, one has gotten enough information from the description to make the right choice.

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