What will be the Audi A4 B7 Modified Cost?

Audi A4 B7 Modified Cost will depend on the choice of the customer. Because different customers or people will have other preferences, the price will be different. One cannot estimate a fixed price for the modification of the Audi A4 B7. However, we can illustrate the possible points one can modify with the costing.

Moreover, one can modify the engine as well as interior and exterior paint of their car. Also, modifying the interior material is also possible. For further information, one can look below and read through the details below to be informative.

Audi A4 B7 Modified Cost
Audi A4 B7

Audi A4 B7 Modified Cost

Being one of the most versatile automobile manufacturers, Audi has been offering tremendous benefits. The customers of their and their wants are Audi’s most priority, and they have always headed up. With the exclusive program Audi a, customer can modify their Audi as they want. So everything will be so unique and personal in the car, which will be more affectionate to the user.

Originally, Audi A4 B7 is one of the cars that they launched back in 2004 with the best performance and look. Audi A4 B7 is a petrol-powered inline-4 car with a 1984 cm3 engine. Also, one will get 130 PS horsepower and 195 Nm torque from the engine with a top speed of 132 mph.

Moreover, this 5-seater sedan with 18.5 gallons fuel tank will easily cover at least 544 miles. One will find the extreme feel of traveling by this car. Besides, this car will cost $24,409. However, as we mentioned before, one can modify almost everything in the car with an extra charge. The mentioned price is the official price, and modifications will add on according to the features.

In this section, we will discuss the features of the Audi A4 B7 that one can modify at a possible cost.

Adds Power

The most wanted modification one will want to do with this car will be adding a little more power to the motors. Initially, the official car will provide 130 HP only, which is a little lower to be on the highway and get the best. One can modify the car to get more power from it. To do the job, the users will need some extra instruments or need to replace the existing mechanism with something new.

Overall, the modification for power will not cost more than $3000 for another 100HP horsepower. If one wants to add more power, the cost may increase accordingly. However, the wise decision of selecting the devices and instruments will always cut off the total price. Let’s see what one will need to add more power to the car.


Though intake does not add much power to the system, more air and more fuel burning to produce more power is the theory here. With the help of intake and the formula, one can boost up the energy to produce more power. The intake will provide more air in this formula to produce more power.


The turbocharger engine gets the most benefits from the intercooler to maximize the power. This is a part of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of cooling the charger sir after pressurizing the engine. Cooler will enable the engine to take more fuel without upsetting the combusting ratio, which can create fire for extra work.

Downpipe and High-Flow Catalytic Converter

The engine of A4 b7 suffers from restrictive catalytic converters, and small diameter exhausts fitted. However, this new one will not create any issues and remove the previous problem with the engine to produce more power.

Software Upgrade

After changing everything inside the car, now it is time to upgrade the engine software to let the system know. Though there will be many options to upgrade the software, APR stage 2 is always the best.


Another thing people widely modify is the exterior paint of the car. Luckily, with Audi, one will have every possible shade of paint. One can choose anything from the official colors, which will not charge any extra in most cases. However, if one wants to modify the color from the exclusive one or subscription one, they will need to pay extra. Moreover, the paint option will be around $650 to $2000, depending on the shade and quality. The most common interior and exterior color options for Audi A4 B7 are

Ascari Blue MetallicBrilliant BlackDaytona Gray Pearl EffectFlorett Silver MetallicGlacier White MetallicIbis WhiteManhattan Gray MetallicMatador Red MetallicMonsoon Gray MetallicMythos Black MetallicNavarra Blue MetallicBlack w/Blue StitchingBlack w/Leather Seating SurfacesNougat Brown w/Leather Seating SurfacesRock Gray w/Leather Seating Surfaces


Many times people want to modify the wheels of the Audi with something different than the official one. Below is the wheel size of the car that one has to maintain. With this size, one can choose a summer tier, winter tier, or all session tier. Moreover, the price will start from $960 and can go up to $1300 according to the quality.

Table: Wheel Size of Audi A4 B7

215/55ZR16 93W7Jx16 ET42
205/55ZR16 91W7Jx16 ET42
215/55ZR16 93W7.5Jx16 ET45
235/45ZR17 93W7.5Jx17 ET43
235/45ZR17 93W7.5Jx17 ET45
235/40ZR18 95Y8Jx18 ET43
235/40ZR18 95Y8Jx18 ET45

These are the area one can modify their Audi A4 B7, which are common and popular. However, there are other areas that one can bring modifications to. Overall, the modified cost of the car will depend on the area and choice of the customer.

That means the cost will not be constant but so much more unpredictable because different humans have different preferences. Some may come up with less cost, and some may come up with double the actual cost of the car. It will always depend on the buyers, and it will be different for different buyers.

Will it be a problem if one adds up the power?

In the process of modification of Audi A4 B7, the first thing one considers is to increase the power since this one is not so powerful. One may ask why one doesn’t buy any powerful option instead of this. Well, this one is one of the inexpensive but excellent car options. Also, modifying things in it is not so expensive.

Therefore, one can add the power-up or increases the power of the car without causing any issue. The total mechanism will increase the power but will not create any exhaust inside the car.


Many people want to modify their car according to their personal preferences. Mainly, automobile enthusiasts love to take an adventure by modifying different parts of their cars. However, this is not possible with all the manufacturers. But the Audi will provide every possible benefits to modify their choice. Here, one can modify the different areas of the A4 b7 car by paying extra.

From the engine to body paint, one can change almost everything about the car. Hopefully, one has to understand all the possible aspects of Audi A4 B7 Modified Cost from the discussion above. Now, one can use the information to create theirs.

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