Audi Rotor Wheels, what to know?

Audi Rotor Wheels are one of the highest performer wheels in the Audi manufacturer. They use this type of wheel in their vehicles to improve the braking performance for different characteristics of vehicles. For example, the racing or sports vehicles of high speed and heavy performer require high-quality and heavy-duty wheels and braking systems. For this type of car, Audi offers differently patterned rotor wheels.

Specifically, one will be willing to drive their Audi with the highest possible performance if they select the perfect rotor wheels. Moreover, one will find detailed information below regarding the topic.

Audi Rotor Wheels

Audi Rotor Wheels

Specifically, the rotor wheels are some special wheels that the Audi engineers developed. Because these wheels have a direct connection with the rotors or the brake discs. Each of the wheels of the car will have a connection to rotors separately. That means the four wheels have four rotors in them. These rotors in the wheel will convert kinetic energy into thermal energy.

In Audi, whenever one presses the paddle or brake pedal, it will send signals via the brake cylinder to the calipers to squeeze the brake pads together against the rotors. This action will stop the motion of the wheel and stop the car without delaying any second.

Moreover, Audi uses the Alloy steel rotors wheels of different rim sizes in their different type of vehicles. While selecting the rotor wheels, one has to keep in mind that they will find different types of rotor wheels which have different types of rotors. Such as blank and smooth rotor wheels, Drilled rotor wheels, slotted rotor wheels, and drilled and slotted rotor wheels. Let’s have a detailed look at the types.

Drilled Rotor wheels

As with the name, the drilled rotor wheels have sequential drilled holes in the metal part. Mainly, the design of creating holes in the metal part is to allow water, dust, and heat to pass away from the surface of the rotor easily and to keep it clean always so that no external entity can cause friction and minimize the braking performance.

These types of rotor wheels are perfect for users who live in the countryside area. Also, in the area where rain, snow, dust, and mud are daily life things. However, these wheels are not for the high heat environment performance.

Blank and smooth rotor wheels

These extremely common rotor wheels in passenger vehicles feature a smooth and blank surface. These are OE-specific wheels that come from recycled steel and are not so performer as the OEM wheels. In case one is planning to use ceramic brake pads, then these blank and smooth rotors wheels are not the suitable options.

Slotted rotor wheels

If one sees slots around the exterior of the rotor that means this is a slotted rotor wheel. Specifically, this type of wheel is a great choice for heavy-duty vehicles like SUVs and trucks because the slots are designed to draw more air in between the pad and rotor surface to stop the motion with extreme force.

Moreover, these slots will be helpful in removing the broken mud, dust, and pad glaze of high temperatures.

Drilled and slotted rotor wheels

Finally, the drilled and slotted rotors are designed for the performance vehicles like sports and racing cars such as Audi RS4. Racing and sports cars require an enhanced cooling system to improve their performance. Normally, sports and racing cars are for high speed and extreme performance. In those types of vehicles, these drilled and slotted rotors will improve the braking system.

Other facts about these types of rotors wheels are they can tackle high heat. However, since high speed means high friction and high temperature, the normal rotor wheels cannot attack those situations.

Now, one can choose any rotor type according to their vehicle type. They have to make sure they do not choose the blank and smooth rotor wheels for aggressive sports cars and vice versa. Another thing to look for while selecting the wheels is the size of the wheels according to wheel and vehicle types. Below one will find the most popular options of rotor wheel size for Audi.

Table: Rotor wheels size

SizeWheel TypeVehicle type
19×8.5 ET43OEM B8 Audi Wheellower concave
19×9 ET52OEM Audi TTRS Wheellower concave and lower offset
19×9 ET33OEM B8 S5 Audi Wheelmore concave
20×8.5 ET45OEM A6 Wheelslower concave
20×9 ET40OEM S6 Wheelslower concave
20×9 ET26OEM RS5, RS4 Wheelgreat on allroad
21×9 ET35OEM S7, S8 Wheelworks great on a Q5/SQ5
19×8.5 ET42 (F) and 19×11 ET50 (R)OEM R8 WheelsSuitable for R8

What are the symptoms of a broken or failing rotor wheel?

Among all the wheels, rotor wheels are the most effective and performative wheels. However, over time these wheels lose their quality and need replacement. The time those are losing their quality, they will show some symptoms. The users need to pay attention to those to know that their rotor wheels are failing.

  • – One will hear a grinding noise while braking.
  • – The breaking performance will decrease dramatically.
  • – Visible rust or damage in the rotor.
  • – Feels vibration while pressing the brake pad or shaking the car while stopping the car.
  • – Ridges over the surface of the rotor.


Imagine having a car without wheels. That’s a funny thing to do because no car is possible without wheels. To move and run the car, it will require wheels. Moreover, the automobile industry has vast options in wheels. As for the Audi, they also offer a huge number of options on the wheel. However, one of the popular choices is the rotor wheels.

Rotor wheels will come with wheels and an enhanced braking system. With different types of rotors, the user will find different options for different styles of vehicles. Hopefully, one has understood all the details regarding Audi Rotor Wheels.

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