How Does Audi Advanced Key Work?

How Audi Advanced Key Work? This question is the answer to the working principle of Audi’s technology-based experience. Audi features proximity sensors in their car’s doors and advanced keys to provide keyless operation. The driver inside the 5 feet radiation can turn ON and OFF the Audi with that advanced key.

Moreover, the key will have a memory function to store previous data. Specifically, the life of the users will be easier with the advanced key. A special design and special programming of the key will make it unique to the specific car. That also increases the safety, security, and reliability of the consumer. Furthermore, one will have more information below regarding the topic.

Audi Advanced Key Work

How Does Audi Advanced Key Work?

Audi, one of the best car manufacturers, has always brought exciting and technology-based features in their cars. Another wonder of Audi is their advanced keys which is a keyless entry and manipulation of the car. The world has already entered into the keyless operation of the car holding the hand of Audi. This is the next evaluation of the keyless style to open any door of the car.

From the beginning of Audi, they have always prioritized the need and comfort of their customer. They not only pay attention to selling the car but make it possible that the ownership of the car is easier throughout the time. The advanced key is the result of their dedication to their customer.

Moreover, this key provides a convenient and easy lifestyle when doing other things like holding groceries or a child. They can simply open the car doors whiteout, searching for the key inside the pockets. Also, one will not have to pull off their hands in the snowy cold weather to open the car.

The working principle of Audi’s advanced key is as simple as water. However, the design, mechanism, and development of the Audi advanced key are not so simple. If one knows about different sensors, the operating method of this key will be simple. Every recent Audi which has an advanced key will be a special kind of sensor in every door.

Those sensors, specifically proximity sensors, are programmed with the advanced key as a pair. Both the sensor and the key can communicate by transferring data. If one is inside the radiation or the range of the sensor and presses the key dedicating the sensor, it will get a radio signal and act upon the command. Moreover, one can operate and manipulate the Audi with the key within 5 feet of the car. Therefore, the range of these sensors on the car doors has a range of 5 feet.

Moreover, some of the advanced keys Audi has memory functionalities. Those keys can capture and utilize memory of a certain time. Hopefully, one has to understand the working process of the key. Another thing one must remember is the key is much more than just opening and closing the doors of Audi.

What will happen if one loses their Audi advance key?

If one has lost their Audi advance key or broke it, they will need a replacement. For the replacement, they will have to do some sorts of work. Firstly, they will have to find an Audi dealer nearby if they do not have a dealer in their city, they may need to travel to another where there is an Audi dealer.

After that, they will need some papers to prove to the dealers that the person is the owner of the car. If they fail to prove that the key belongs to the car they own, the dealer will not agree to provide the replacement. One should bring the documents mentioned below to prove their ownership.

  1. The car registration or title
  2. Driver’s license
  3. Identification

After proving that owning one will have to pay a replacement fee for the key. The amount will be around $280 to $470, depending on some factors. Also, one may have to pay an additional fee to reprogram the key according to their car’s specifications because all the key has their separate identifications for the individual car. One cannot use a programmed key for another Audi, even of the same model of the same year. So, the amount may seem high, but it’s worth it.

Is it possible to start the Audi via smartphone?

Audi is turning into a world of advanced technology and manufacturing more convenient options for users. Amazingly, it is possible to start and turn off the Audi with an authorized smartphone. Audi uses the near field communication or NFC to connect the smartphone and the car. Also, one will have to have the official app for Audi to do so.

Operating the car with a smartphone will be easier and more comfortable. One will not have to worry about the key. In the near future, Audi may become completely keyless and develop new exciting features.


The advanced key of Audi is one of the best features that Audi is developing for their customer. This keyless entry will remove the struggle of finding the key inside the pockets while both hands are occupied. Also, some of the keys have memory features that can store data of the previous action.

With this advanced key, the life and experience with the car will be more effortless, comfortable, and convenient.

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