What are the Trunk dimensions of an Audi Q3?

Whenever a car gets purchased by anyone, there are some valid reasons behind it. And the trunk area comes into the list of those intentions. Having a better trunk capacity in the vehicle always plays a vital role among the users, especially for those who have an obsession with making long journeys.

So today, let’s talk about the Audi Q3 Trunk dimension as there are lots of Q3 users. However, some individuals may even read about this topic too. It will be too educative for them.

Trunk dimensions of an Audi Q3

Audi Q3 Trunk

Among some great and highly demanding models, Audi has some of its SUVs too. Say hello to the Audi Q3, which is known as the high-performing Crossover. This model has some great features and qualities available it.

Moreover, it contains better Space for the trunk area too. As Q3 is loaded with higher functions, all the areas are massive in sizing too.

In general, the cargo or trunk has an entire sizing of 530 liters. It also can be defined as 23.7 cubic feet of sizing. But this is not the fixed one to observe. The extended area provides higher sizing. Thus, some functional changes can easily let the thing done to perform.

The Trunk dimension and capacity

Though the standard sizing has been explained, an individual explanation is still to come. Before knowing about the trunk dimension, have an idea about the Q3 backside area.

So the Q3 comes with a 97mm of length and 19mm of width for the Inner Space. Though the size dimension is enough as the Crossover, the fifth rear seat got some additional firm.

That can be a little bit of an issue for the usage. Along with that, the center perch relates to a higher level which can be a little bit uncomfortable for the passenger.

Ignoring this simple issue, the rest of the sizing with knee and headroom space is comfortable enough and easy to use.

Whenever the internal storage is impressive enough and legitimate, the trunk area will appear great too.

Trunk space

Coming to the trunk space, Q3 has provided a perfect room like an SUV. Removing the rear-sided bench towards the front position brings out a trunk space of around 680 liters.

However, the front-sided forwarded seat is quite impossible to get used by a person except for the children. And whenever the rear seat gets placed to have better legroom, the trunk area will still appear with 532-liter Space. That means the trunk space is very impressive and enough for taking the loads.

Practical space observation

Gladly, one of our research team members owns an Audi Q3. Therefore, it has become easier to go through the practical observation and measurement of the sizing.

Opening up the trunk, the entire Space looks very bigger and wider. A total of two proper-sized bags perfectly took place inside of the trunk. Each of the bags contains 28 inches long and 18 inches wide sizing dimensions.

Keeping both the bags, the overhead area is still perfect for gathering some other things. That is why; the three handbags perfectly get adjusted into the side by sideway. But that’s not all.

The trunk still left some little more space. As a result, a 12 inches long and 8 inches wide cartoon took place as the final one. With all these things, the trunk delivers an extremely tight-fitting. Still, both the left and right-sided corner was good to go with some other things. However, the gaps required another moderate-sized thing instead of the bags. Therefore, some flexible household items can be inserted into the corner areas. And that’s all. The entire trunk of Q3 is loaded with lots of bags, accessories, and boxes.

That is definitely a huge and insane cargo room for this Crossover.

Additional Space and area

This is probably a great thing to get from the cargo area. Even though it is enough in sizing, it can be extended too! And this will help to deliver better room rather than the previous model.

The extending process is to slide down the rear bench from the front area. While performing that, the cargo space will surprisingly get converted into 675 liters. Nevertheless, there will not be enough leg space remaining for the backseat.

Similarly, making a fold of the rear seat will help to increase the luggage space to 1.5 liters.

Audi A3 Sportback Trunk Dimension

Different models follow differences in sizing. So do the Audi A3. It comes with enough truck sizing, just like the Q3. At the beginning of the tailgate opening, it shows a 380 liter-sized inner space.

Being a hatchback model, the sizing is great and impressive. But whenever the rear seat is folded down, it brings out a bigger room of 1200 liter, which is simply amazing.

2015 Audi A3 Trunk Dimension

The A3 from 2015 times was available in both sedan and convertible patterns. For that reason, they have different trunk spaces to measure.

The Sedan version comes with a 12.4 cubic feet sized trunk. That was functionally big enough according to the car pattern. And this was available for the standard A3 sedan models with the RWD drivetrain version.

Coming to the AWD sedan, it was formed a little bit smaller than the other one. 10.0 cubic feet is the actual sizing of this variant.

Furthermore, the convertible one got two different trunk spaces too. And their sizing variation is dependent on top area opening and folding mode. As a result, the top-up mode delivers a ten cubic feet area for the trunk. And whenever the top remains folded, it gets decreased to 7.2 cubic feet.

Apparently, all these sizes are perfect by judging the vehicle pattern.

Is it worth it to find out measure the trunk dimension?

If there is a sober riding intention, finding out the size of the trunk is not that much necessary. On the opposite, frequent traveling in the car is definitely necessary to count and measure the total Space.

It will deliver a proper idea about the estimated quantity and internal area of the trunk. That is why; finding out the size dimension is a worthy decision.

Knowing about the required gas is also important to deal with. Audi Q3 gas type will help to let that thing happen.

Final Statement

You’ll never know when the car will require loading up with multiple things. So on, understanding the Audi Q3 trunk dimension is the best decision.

Whenever any Q3 user prepares to go for a trip, it will be a harder task to fill up the luggage and other things in sequence. Perhaps, this entire article will make the task easy to perform. There’s no doubt in it indeed.

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