What is an Audi S1 Engine?

S1 is one of those great engine models that often get heard from aesthetic car lovers. Besides, it belongs to Audi and their particular models. This engine variant has made some revolutionary changes in the automobile segment.

Today’s discussion will help to learn about what is an S1 engine along with its performing ability and other things. We believe that this discussion will appear enough worthy and legitimate to you all for observation.

So let’s begin the exploration without making any further delay.

Audi S1 Engine

The Revolution of the S1 engine

S1 engine made its debut in the industry back in 2014. The Audi authority has felt a necessity to launch something attractive but efficient model for the users. And therefore, they produced the smallest S variant model and named it S1.

Here a functional chart below is formed with all the features of the vehicle.

Engine2.0 liter TFSI turbo four-cylinder engine
Maximum power  228bhp
Maximum torque  231Ps
Transmission system  Six-speed manual
Drivetrain patternFour-wheel drive  
Acceleration  0 to 60 within 5.5 seconds
Top speed  250 kmph

So this cute-looking ride can literally deliver an aggressive riding experience. For that reason, it is featured with the 2.0 liter four-cylinder TFSI engine. The entire performance gets controlled through a 6-speed manual transmission system for an easier and better riding experience.

For being the smaller shaped one, it can bring out quite good acceleration from 0 to 60 in less than 6 seconds. And having the top-end chasing can let the ride till 250kmph. All these highly performable things get seen in the ride through its four-wheel driving mode. And it’s probably the major thing that delivers this level of power into the ride.

In-depth details of the S1 engine

Knowing about the engine and its typicality may not be a sufficient thing. Here you go with some internal details about the S1 engine.

Generally, the S1 engine has been used in both the 8x S1 and S1 Sportback models. As a matter of fact, this engine belongs to Volkswagen EA888’s third generation. Some major components of the S1 engine have been listed.

1. Steel-forged crankshaft

2. Cylinder head

3. Dual overhead camshaft

4. Dual-stage exhausts valve lifter

5. Highly casted iron block

6. IHI Turbocharger

7. Higher injection system with multiple-point port injection

8. Economy mode shut down

9. Compression ratio of 9.3:1

These are all the components and key features that get seen in the S1 engine. As the standard version has been explained above, it’s time to know about the Sportback version.

Model  8X S1 Sportback
Engine type2.0liter CWZ turbocharged petrol-driven engine
Transmission systemSix-speed manual  
Maximum power172kw @6500RPM  
Maximum torque370nm @ 1700-3000RPM  

So this Sportback version is formed with some great additional quality and features. While comparing the typical one, it has been added with better power, torque, and performance. Moreover, this S1 engine has created more demand in the market for higher performance and efficiency.

Audi S1                           

Audi S1 is the smallest S-class model from Audi. It’s a complete hatchback model that has made production from 2013 to 2018 among the true Audi lovers. In another way, this gets called the supermini rocket, which contains some similarities to like Quattro.

Furthermore, the Audi S1 has had a huge impact on the market for being such powerful and economy friendly.

S1 Turbocharger

A perfect engine seems more perfect with the turbocharger system. And that is what gets seen in this S1 engine. Anyways, the Sportback CWZ edition is formed with an IHI turbocharger system.

It makes a path towards the exhaust manifold and delivers 20.4 psi as the maximum outgoing boost pressure. That is why; the Sportback engine delivers better and higher engine performance rather than the standard TFSI version.

The Audi S1 engine. Is it faster or not?

As the S1 version was discontinued from the market back in 2018, it is quite difficult to compare it with other models. But still, the S1 is the fastest and quickest car model in the segment.

Having the all-wheel driving mode, this compact-sized vehicle brings out some great power and performance into the road. And that’s probably an outstanding movie from this ride.

Differences between Audi S1 and A1 engine

The S1 comes with an upgrade rear-side placed suspension with a four-link setup system. With that, it is also formed with an extended mounting system and more responsive steering ratio features.

Regarding the wheels, S1 comes with a little bit of wider wheels than A1. As a result, wide and bigger-sized wheels ensure better braking and control on the road.

And all these things make the ride feel more aggressive, powerful, and efficient to perform.

The definition of TFSI Engine

The standard S1 version engine holds the TFSI mode. And it means Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection system. As to the Company’s declaration, this is one of the most utilized and refined engine versions from Audi.

So how the TFSI Engine works?

It has a great impact on both performance and fuel efficiency. The direct fuel injection system makes a combination of turbocharging technology. And that is how it brings out higher power from the engine and an almost 15% lower fuel rate than any typical V6 engine.             

Audi S1 Dynamic Version

Although the engine seems great in performance, the dynamic mode delivers some higher-level things in it. While switching into the dynamic mode will provide a less responsive steering system with a stiffer damper and louder cabin noise.

These are the major things that get found in the dynamic version. Moreover, the rest of the other things remain almost similar and the same for this upgraded engine version.   

Does the Audi S1 know as Quattro?

Yes, it is. In fact, this model is highly known as the Quattro one among some users. As it is so much fun and entertaining to drive, it almost feels like the Quattro during an on-road performance.

Some professional riders even believe that the S1 is the elder brother of Quattro. Being almost similar is the main reason behind this statement.

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Final Expression

It will be a very easy task to describe what is an S1 engine. Audi has made some great masterpieces under their production level. And this S1 engine is one of those finest creations. A cute and small-shaped hatchback can deliver an aggressive level of driving mode and performance.

Even though there are no updates, models get found for the S1 engine. But this classic game changer is still a dream of some automobile lovers. Believe it or not, that’s the bitter truth.

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