Major differences GLE 580 vs GLE 53 and cost

The GLE 500 and GLE 53 are two great performing machines that Mercedes ever produced. As a matter of fact, they are widely known as the most luxurious crossover models too. However, they play some great roles to stay on the bottom level.

And therefore GLE 500 vs GLE 53 come out as a comparison among the true Mercedes lovers. Well, it’s high time to highlight both of them in a significant way. So without any more delay, let’s get into the real discussion.

 Mercedes GLE 580

Major differences in 500 and 53

Talking about their major distinctions, they both come with separate engine power and type. Here you guys can have a look at the chart below. It will clarify the doubts.

GLE 580  PointsGLE 53
4.0 liter 8-cylinder gasoline/hybrid engineEngine3.0 liter, Straight 6 cylinder gasoline engine
Twin-turbo, V8 Gas/ElectricEngine TypeIntercooled I-6
483.0hpEngine power429.0 hp  
385nm @1800RPMMaximum torque515nm @2000 RPM
483hp @5500RPMNet HP430hp @6000RPM
9G-TronicTransmission systemNine Speed AMG-TCT

All these factors above mainly make the differences between these two models. And it shows that the GLE 580 comes with a more powerful engine and torque. High performing engine capacity and nature is the main reason behind it.

Except for the speed, GLE 580 probably has a better and smoother transmission system. Entire specs remain in a positive favor for the GLE 580.

About GLE 580

This non AMG twin-turbo V8 engine can pull up a higher acceleration with more torque and power. GLE 53 makes a good performance too. But probably not as like the 580 one.

Apparently, the 580 is known as the most powerful GLE model. 4.0 liter 8-cylinder V8 engine under the hood can bring out a tremendous speed with superior acceleration.

Along with the power, the 48 volt electric supplying system delivers its smoothest and easiest roaming ability on the road. Functional ISG (integrated starter generator) allows a native starting process of the ride against any weather or condition.

With this outstanding power and potential speed, the 580 can easily beat up any other SUV or Crossover model within the range.

About GLE 53 

It’s an AMG built machine that holds a 3.0 liter twin-turbo, six-cylinder engine. From this engine, it produces a perfect SUV alike power that is enough for the roads.

The functional EQ boost system provides better torque and power in the ride for being stronger. Additionally, this model has a sober performing ability with a standard torque.

Apart from its torque, the mild-hybrid system also maximizes 21 hp along with 184lbs of torque. That’s literally great and worthy to achieve from this model. The GLE 53 that is why is a very well known and moderate powered model under AMG.

Additional Specs

While the major differences are explained, it is now time to follow some additional factors. Like earlier, they also get listed in a functional table.

GLE 580Specs  GLE 53
AWDDrivetrain systemAWD
22.5gallonsFuel tank  22.5gallons
17mpg in city 23mpg in highwayAverage fuel rate19mpg in city 22mpg in highway
Rack pinionSteering type  Rack pinion
194.4 inchesTotal length  194.3 inches
70.4 inchesTotal height70 inches  
118 inches  Wheelbase118 inches

The majority of these specifications remain closer and similar to each other. Although the GLE 580 is an updated model, it matches up with the GLE 53 in size dimension, sitting position, and tank size.

Talking about the fuel consumption ability, the GLE 580 requires a little bit higher fuel level in both city and highway. A bigger engine capacity will definitely cost higher fuel.

Compared with the GLE 53, the fuel level is surprisingly great and affordable for the users. Nevertheless, both these models get found with the same sized fuel tank. That means, they will relatively stay near during the higher running ranges.

On-road performance

FactsGLE 580GLE 53
Acceleration (0 to 100)4.8 seconds5.2 seconds
Top speed  250kmph250kpmh

It was obvious to have the fastest acceleration by GLE 580. However, it generates a similar maximum speed comparing the GLE 53. That’s probably for the lower weight and better aerodynamic design of GLE 53.

Safety factors

In terms of safety, Mercedes don’t make any compromise at all. That is why; both these models are built with some higher-level safety functions.

So these are all the safety materials that are available in both these models.

  • Backside camera
  • Blind spot monitor
  • Lane-keeping assistance
  • Antilock braking system
  • Traction control
  • Stability control
  • Brake assistance

Having all these features, these models provide the next level of safety and performance to their users.

2021 GLE 580 and GLE 53 pricing

Both these models are in the market for a long time. Therefore, the 2021 editions 580 and 53 are known as the latest ones. However, there are no changes get seen in their engine and performance.

Moreover, the price is different. A standard GLE 580 model costs around $79,000. On the other hand, a GLE 53 prices approx $72,500. This is the updated pricing for both models. Anyways, some extra adding of around $7.5k can probably deliver better performance and facility.

Factors that determine to price

An updated model will surely be price high. That is what that gets seen in these two models. Since the 580 is the upgraded variant, it comes with higher engine capacity and better handling. Plus, it performs with a friendly fuel economy like the GL 53 too. Still, the potential power remains the same in both of them.

So an overall observation indicates that a quicker acceleration with better power delivery is the main reason that creates a variation in pricing.

Better power and better torque costs are high. That’s the real fact.

So which one is worthy to go for?

An interesting fact about these two models is, that they are almost closer to each other from the majority sides.

GLE 580 belongs to the non AMG variant but performs better. Practically, it has higher torque and acceleration on road. In addition to the performance, it costs a few extra bucks from the other one.

On the opposite, the GLE 53 delivers an affordable cost with a sober accelerating ratio and the same potential speed. Moreover, it delivers a better fuel economy too. But it can’t perform better and more responsive acceleration rather than the GLE 580.

And that is why; the 580 Crossover is simply the best choice to go for. But if the pricing is a great concern, a little bit less performer GLE 53 is the worthy one.

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Final statement

No matter whether it remains under AMG or Non AMG variant, a true crossover lover will always find the best model. We believe in supremacy. And that’s what the Mercedes models offer among the classy people.

You will definitely don’t need to make any further comparison between GLE 580 vs GLE 53. Just assure to follow all these terms with great attention. That will be enough to know about these two models.

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