Mercedes W204 vs W205 Appearance Preference

W204 and W205 are two luxurious models that make a great deal in the market. But whenever it’s about Mercedes, the expectation is beyond imagination. Luckily, they have provided their two hardcore competitors to the users.

And for some great reasons, a comparison also takes part between W204 vs W205.

Make sure to stay till the end if you have enough devotion about the models from Mercedes.

Generally, a higher toque with better acceleration is the main difference between these two models. The W205 can deliver a better acceleration time from 0 to 100 kpmh within 7.5 seconds.

W204 performs at a similar speed with a little bit higher time of 8.1 seconds. But the acceleration ratio comes in some great changes by depending on some performance upgrades and features.

Except for this info, there are some other details available too. Checking them up will be a great decision.

Mercedes W204

Mercedes W204

The W204 is a C-Class third-generation model from Mercedes. This model started its journey back from 2007 to 2014. During this entire time, all the patterns have been launched for the users.

For being a compact and standard using a car, it gets counted under Compact Executive Class. The company has launched this model with great intention among the users. Better reliability within affordable pricing was the intention that later create a great value.

However, the intention took place as a great success too.

Mercedes W205                   

This is the updated and refreshed edition from W204. Just like the previous one, it belongs to the C-Class variant too. While observing the updated one, it has gained a better and more compact design from the previous time. Stylish and beautifully finished rectangular-shaped lines increase the appearance.

In short, it has been updated with better features, design, and reliability. As it’s the updated version, it comes under the fourth-generation variant too. Almost all the vehicle patterns were available in this variant.

Keeping the look and design aside, this C-Class variant is also formed with some higher features.

W204 vs W205. The Key differences

Since they both are different from each other, there will be distinctions too. And they are based on features, specifications, and performance. An efficient distinction chart will be a perfect thing to highlight all the dissimilarities.

Facts  W204W205
Model year2007-2014  2014-2021
Vehicle typeSaloon, estate, wagon, and coupeEstate, sedan, coupe, and convertible
Drivetrain patternRWDBoth AWD and RWD
Engine TypeInline 4 engine  V-6 engine
Engine PositionFront  Front
Engine size2148cc1991cc  
Maximum Power268 Bhp208 Bhp
Maximum Torque360 nm380 nm
Top speed250 kmph250 kmph  
Transmission system6-speed automatic or manual6-speed automatic or manual
Fueling systemDirect InjectionMPI  

So these are all the differences that get seen between these models. As it has been said earlier, the W205 comes with better engine performance as well as torque. Although the 204 has a higher engine capacity, it doesn’t bring up much power for heavier weight.

Moreover, the W205 comes with a better and more refined engine version. Apart from that, it has higher reliability and fuel consumption mode. In short, this is a perfect fuel economy model rather than the previous one.

Nevertheless, the most interesting fact between these two models is, that the W205 can pull up a higher torque than the W204. Having a better and refined engine is the main reason behind it.

On-road distinctions

A practical differentiation is better than having a bookish idea. That is why our skilled team members had a longer observation on each of these models and here they what they have found.

  • First of all, the W204 brings out acceleration from 0 to 60 within 8.3 seconds. But the W205 on the other hand does a similar thing within 7.5 seconds.

Though they both contain a similar gearbox, the W205 does the job with higher and refined engine capacity.

  • Fuel economy: W204 comes with an average fuel rate of 6.7 liters per 100km range. Apparently, this is a standard fuel-consuming level that is perfect for the economy and affordable too. Coming to the W205, although it’s a refined engine, it delivers a poor fuel rate of 5.5 liters in a 100km range.
  • Talking about the weight, both these models are different too.  The W204 weighs around 1520 kg. On the opposite, the updated variant has a lower weight ratio around 1470kg.

Gaining better power and speed is another main reason for this low weight

  • The company has made the updated variant more compact and sleek in design. Therefore, the W205 has a maximum oil tank capacity of 41 liters.

On the other hand, the old versioned W204 comes with a maximum tank capacity of 59 liters. Bigger sized fuel tank delivers a higher fuel rate

  • The cargo space of both these models remains almost closer to each other. In this case, the W204 comes with a space of 480 liters. But the W205 is available with a higher space of almost 485liters.

Additional mismatches

All these facts from above get seen between the W204 and W205 models. However, there are some additional points available too. And they are mainly based on some efficient upgrades.

The 7-G Tronic plus is an upgradable transmission system for both these models. In fact, all the Mercedes models can easily build up through using this system.

It mainly maximizes the engine performance by delivering better and smoother shifting ability. Apart from that, it delivers a better fuel rate that makes the ride more compact and lower in cost.

Here you can have a look at the chart below. It will show the performance of both these models with a 7-G Tronic Plus transmission system.

W204  FactsW205
7.6 secondsAcceleration( from 0 to 60)7.2 seconds
5.3 litersFuel economy(Per 100km)6.5 liters

So the chart shows that the 7-5 Tronic Plus makes a great effort in power and fuel rate. That is why it gets considered the eco-friendly mode for the car. Users who demand a budget-friendly performance go for this functional transmission system.


Costing or pricing provides a good impact on selection. Subsequently, both these models come with a lot of variants in them. Each of the prices is different and individual. By judging the overall pricing, W205 prices higher than W204.

For being the updated variant with better design and performance, W205 probably costs high. Furthermore, the pricing according to the performance level is enough perfect and standard to go for.

The best one to go for

The best one gets selected by judging overall entities. Most of the time, features and performances make a good effort to select.

Practically, both these models are perfect to go for. They have moderate and friendly fuel economy along with better engine performance too.

But the W205 has some better performing ability and features as it’s the updated version. It can deliver higher acceleration with a more friendly fuel economy that anyone can demand.

Except for that, it costs a higher than the other version. But judging the performance and reliability, W205 is surely the best choice to go for.

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Final Expression                    

Hopefully, the entire comparison about Mercedes W204 vs W205 was a successful one. In a real sense, none of these models are lower in performance. All that requires is the proper budget to go for any of these models.

The older one might not upgrade with better function and facility. But all it can provide is a lower purchasing cost. W205 prices are a little bit higher, but there is definitely no compromise in performance at all.

Don’t hesitate further; make yourself a proud owner by choosing any of these models.

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