W203 Mercedes, What to so special about it?

W203 Mercedes is the second generation C-class and an update of the first generation c-class. They have brought wonder and surprise to this generation and amused the people before launching. After the breathtaking success of generation one, who knows that they were going to blast again? However, they did another big blast with this generation.

Specifically, one will get tremendous options in the engine, body style, mileage, top speed, and every single option a vehicle have. That means with Mercedes. One can get their dream car as they want. Furthermore, one will have to look below to justify what we are saying.

W203 Mercedes

Many may not know that Mercedes is the first manufacturer who brings the idea of any automotive vehicle to this world. They successfully designed the first-ever motor-driven vehicle back in the 18s. Officially, they launched their first manufactured car in 1983. Since its first launch and till now, they have held their position and reputation in this industry.

Moreover, one of their bestselling and best versions of the vehicle is the C-class. They have created a sensation in the market with their W203 C-class series back then. Introducing so many new things to the automobile industry, they have grabbed the attention worldwide with this series of theirs.

Specifically, w203 is the second generation of C-class Mercedes. They launched this series back in 2000 after they stopped manufacturing the first generation. After that, they continued with this series till 2007. They launched their last unit of this series in early 2007 and moved to another generation.

Though they launched the cars in 2000, they confirmed the design and started manufacturing the car back in 1995. That means they were planning to lunch the second generation right after the first. No wonder why they are so ahead of time and above human expectations. After a long process of designing, adding features, modifications, testing, and manufacturing, they finally launched the car in September 2000.

Moreover, this midlife refreshing second generation of Mercedes has brought more power to the engine. Also, the new design of the series has brought life to the interior and exterior of the car. No wonder the C-class was a success from the day Mercedes announced its launch. Furthermore, let’s know more details about the cars below.


With the second generation C-class or W203 engine, Mercedes did an extraordinary act of intelligence and launched the new ear. They have used various engine types in this generation which grab the attention of people worldwide. Having this much variation in the same generation in the engine was so unreal back then.

Specifically, they have two types of main engines, which are petrol and diesel engine. Under these two main categories, there are more subcategories in the engine. Also, they have successfully developed a different level of performance for the different vehicles under the same engine type.

As for the petrol-driven vehicles option of this series, the first car was the C180, the manufacturing year 2000 to 2002. This car had a 1998cc inline-4 engine with 127 HP horsepower and 190 Nm torque. With that power, this engine was able to bring 210 km/h speed at its highest in 11 seconds. Moreover, the performance continues to increase with every new edition of the car. The highest performance of the 4-inline petrol engine was with the C230 with 189 HP and 240 km/h top speed.

Another option for petrol engine is the V6 engine which is widely known as a six-cylinder engine. After the 4-inline, they launched the first V6 back in 2005 with 1496cc and 201 HP horsepower. Amazingly, this engine can bring 238 km/h speed in only 8.9 seconds. Moreover, the best performer engine in this category is the 3199cc 349 HP engine in the C32 AMG car manufactured from 2000 to 2004. This one can provide 250 km/h speed in only 5.2 seconds.

In addition, this series also has the V8 engine, which is impressive. Though they have only one option of V8 engine manufactured from 2004 to 2007, this one was quite performative. The 5433cc engine of 362 HP can bring 250 km/h top speed at only 4.7 seconds.

Now it is about the second option of the engine, which is the diesel-powered engine of the w203 series. As petrol-driven, this one also has variation in the engine. One will find inline-4, inline-5, and V6 engines in this category.

The lowest performer of the diesel engine is the first launched car of 2000 to 2003 named C200 CDI with 2148cc. This one has 114HP power, which can provide a 203 km/h top speed at 12.1 seconds. However, the highest performer car in this category is the C30 CDI AMG with 2950cc and 231 HP engine. That car could provide 230 km/h top speed in only 6.8 seconds.

Table:Mercedes W203 Engines

Mercedes W203 Engines
Petrol1.8–2.3 L M111 I41.8 L M271 I4 Kompressor2.0–2.3 L M111 I4 Kompressor2.6 L–3.2 L M112 V62.5 L–3.5 L M272 V63.2 L Supercharged M112 V6 AMG5.4 L M113 V8 AMG
Diesel2.1 L OM611 I42.1 L OM646 I42.7 L OM612 I53.0 L OM642 V63.0 L OM612 I5 AMG


The Mercedes has also done excellent with the transmission of this generation. They had a 5/6 speed manual and 4/5 speed automatic transmission in the first generation. However, they have added a new idea in this generation with a 6-speed manual and 5/7 speed automatic transmission. One can choose any of the options among these three for their dream car.

Table: Transmission of Mercedes W203

Mercedes W203
Transmission6-speed manual 5-speed automatic 7-speed automatic

Body style

Looking for a vehicle, the first thing buyers notice is the look of the car. By look, we mean the body style and the exterior of the car. As like every technical option, the body type of w203 have vast option to select from. One will find sedans, hatchbacks, coupes, and wagons. Also, the exterior color option of this series has several wonderful options. They have at least 12 different exterior color options with these four body styles.

Fuel economy

The fuel economy was not a concern of people back in the 19’s. However, with the continuous update and beneficial experience with Mercedes, people have got the idea. They finally knew that they should look for fuel economic cars, which would also minimize the carbon emissions along with maintenance costs. From the table below, one will get the information on fuel consumption and fuel economy combined for a different car under the second generation.

Petrol Driven Mercedes W203

This part will discuss the model of the second generation of c-class petrol-driven vehicles. The information seekers will get information on the manufactured year with different engine types, displacement, power, and torque. Also, they will get tested and real-time data on acceleration, fuel consumption, and top speed for every 100 km.

Table-1: Mercedes W203 Petrol inline-4 engine cars.

ModelsProduction yearsDisplacementPowerTorqueAccelerationTop speedFuel consumption
C 1802000-20021,998 cc127 HP at 5,300 rpm190 N⋅m at 4,000 rpm11 seconds210 km/h9.4 L and 30 mpg
C 180 Kompressor2002-20071,796 cc141 HP at 5,200 rpm220 N⋅m at 2,500-4,200 rpm9.9 seconds220 km/h8.2–8.5 and (34mpg to 33 mpg
C 2002000-20021,998 cc161 HP at 5,300 rpm230 N⋅m at 2,500-4,800 rpm9.3 seconds230 km/h9.7 L and 29 mpg
2002-20071,796 cc161 HP at 5,500 rpm240 N⋅m at 3,000-4,000 rpm231 km/h8.5–8.9 L and 33 mpg to 32 mpg
C 200 CGI2003-2005170 HP at 5,300 rpm250 N⋅m at 3,000 rpm9 seconds235 km/h7.8L and 36 mpg
C 230 Kompressor2004-2005189 HP at 5,800 rpm260 N⋅m at 3,500-4,000 rpm8.1 seconds240 km/h8.9 L and 32 mpg

Table-2:Mercedes W203 Petrol V6 engine cars.

ModelsProduction yearsDisplacementPowerTorqueAcceleration 0–100 km/hTop speedFuel consumption
C 230 C 230 w/ Flex2005-20072,496 cc201 HPat 6,100 rpm245 N⋅m at 2,900-5,500 rpm8.9 seconds238 km/h9.3–9.6 L and 25 mpg
C 240 C 240 w/ Flex2000-20052,597 cc173 HPat 5,500 rpm240 N⋅m at 4,500 rpm9.2 seconds235 km/h10.7 L and 22 mpg
C 240 4MATIC2002-200510 seconds232 km/h10.6 L and 22 mpg
C 2802005-20072,996 cc228 HPat 6,000 rpm300 N⋅m at 2,500-5,000 rpm7.2 seconds250 km/h9.4–9.7 L and 25–24 mpg
C 280 4MATIC7.6 seconds247 km/h9.8–10.1 L and 24–23 mpg
C 320 C 320 w/ Flex2000-20053,199 cc215 HP at 5,700 rpm310 N⋅m  at 3,000-4,600 rpm7.7 seconds248 km/h10.9 L and 21.6 mpg
C 320 4MATIC2002-20058 seconds245 km/h10.7 L and 22 mpg
C 3502005-20073,498 cc268 HPat 6,000 rpm350 N⋅m at 2,400-5,000 rpm6.4 seconds250 km/h9.7–10 L and 24 mpg
C 350 4MATIC10.3 L23 mpg
C 32 AMG2000-20043,199 cc349 HPat 6,100 rpm450 N⋅m at 4,400 rpm5.2 seconds11.5 L20.5 mpg

Table-3:Mercedes W203 Petrol V8 engine cars.

ModelsProduction yearsDisplacementPowerTorqueAcceleration 0–100 km/hTop speedFuel consumption
C 55 AMG2004-20075,433 cc362 HPat 5,750 rpm510 N⋅m at 4,000 rpm4.7 seconds250 km/h11.9 L and 19.8 mpg

Diesel Driven Mercedes W203

Here we will illustrate the information on the diesel-driven w203 cars manufactured a year with different engine types, displacement, power, and torque. Also, they will get tested and real-time data on acceleration, fuel consumption, and top speed for every 100 km.

Table-4:Mercedes W203 Diesel Inline-4 engine cars.

ModelsProduction yearsDisplacementPowerTorqueAccelerationTop speedFuel consumption
C 200 CDI2000-20032,148 cc114 HPat 4,200 rpm250 N⋅m at 1,400-2,600 rpm12.1 seconds203 km/h6.1 L and  30 mpg
2003-2007120 HPat 4,200 rpm270 N⋅m at 1,600-2,800 rpm11.9 seconds208 km/h6.9 L and 34 mpg
C220 CDI2000-2003141 HPat 4,200 rpm315 N⋅m at 1,800-2,600 rpm10.1 seconds220 km/h6.2 L and 38 mpg
2004-2007150 HPat 4,200 rpm340 N⋅m at 2,000 rpm224 km/h6.8–6.9 L and 35–34 mpg

Table-5: Mercedes W203 Diesel Inline-5 engine cars.

ModelsProduction yearsDisplacementPowerTorqueAccelerationTop speedFuel consumption
C270 CDI2000-20032,685 cc170 HPat 4,200 rpm370 N⋅m at 1,600-2,800 rpm8.9 seconds230 km/h6.8 L and 35 mpg
2003-2005400 N⋅m at 1,800-2,600 rpm
C 30 CDI AMG2003-20052,950 cc228 HP at 3,800 rpm540 N⋅m at 2,000-2,500 rpm6.8 seconds250 km/h7.6 L and 31 mpg

Table-6:Mercedes W203 Diesel V6 engine cars.

ModelsProduction yearsDisplacementPowerTorqueAccelerationTop speedFuel consumption
C320 CDI2005-20072,987 cc221 HP at 3,800 rpm510 N⋅m  at 1,600-2,800 rpm7.2 seconds250 km/h7.3–7.6 L and32–31 mpg

How many cylinders does the Mercedes W203 have?

Before jumping into the answer, one must know that the Mercedes w203 is an ocean of different types of cars. One will find many options in every single specification, from interior material to engine type. There are so many options to choose from.

The same goes for the number of cylinders too. Normally, the cylinder count starts from four. One will get a four-cylinder engine if they select inline-4. Also, 5-cylinder engine for inline-5. Moreover, they also have six-cylinder option with a V6 engine. In addition, one will get only one car that has eight cylinders. It is the C55 AMG car manufactured from 2004 to 2007.


Picking a single car from Mercedes will feel like picking something from an ocean. If one comes to the Mercedes and starts searching for the best vehicle, they will find they do have imagination limitations Mercedes does not. This manufacturer will surprise anyone with their brilliant design of the exterior, interior, and mechanical parts of any car. Also, this luxurious brand has options for mid-budget buyers. Moreover, one of their best series of cars is the second generation, known as the W203 Mercedes. Hopefully, one will be able to decide what they want from the details above.

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