Usually, all types of rides require major or minor services. Whether it’s cheap or price high, they require the least amount of maintenance. Cars from Mercedes don’t get excluded from this requirement too. Fortunately, you can have a clear idea about the Mercedes A3 service cost.

For that, stay with us till the end to know the entire procedure.

If the costing is briefed shortly, it remains in a price range of $250 to $550. Although it’s a single model, the pricing comes under some differences.



Mercedes is greatly known as the best in class. Just like the statement, they provide great effort in their car models too. So basically, the A symbolic letter for Mercedes relates to higher and Standard level services.

Therefore, the A3 indicates the Third time A grade service of the ride. As from the authority, the A-rated servicing means higher and standard work to the ride. And in terms of work, the servicing comes with some major or minor replacement and upgrades.

Cost of A3 Servicing

Since it’s a higher graded service, it will definitely deliver a better option. So, the pricing is higher too. Check the pricing chart below to know about the cost in a better way.

Servicing points  Costing
Authorized Dealer point  $250 to $550
Aftermarket repair shops  $200 to 4400

So the pricing chart is simple to explain. An authorized dealer point will surely cost higher for delivering better facilities and technologies. Apart from that, they have better handling and expert hands for the work. For that reason, the pricing starts from $250 which can last for $550.

But the aftermarket repair shops opposite require lower costing. Even if Mercedes is a premium brand, the cost seems less than the authorized areas.

The main reason behind the low cost is, that they don’t perform great as like the authorized shops. Above all, they may lack professional hands. Still, the rides can go through their A3 services. And apparently, they perform enough well too.

What actually does the A3 service offer?

Well, it’s a part under Service A. And the A3 simply relates to the air filter and the spark plugs. When the ride comes under Service A times, it gets done with multiple checkups or changes. And the A3 gets included in that too. Although the air filter and spark plugs get cleaned. But they get replaced at no cost instead of fixing them. And all these things get done under warranty. Furthermore, sometimes they can be charged too.

Process of attempting A3 service

The very first thing is, that A3 service can’t be attained or performed from the beginning. As it’s a standard graded service, following sequence is the only way to perform the task. For that reason, the A graded service starts from the beginning. This periodic time is applicable for cars with 1 year or 10,000 miles of usage. The rest of the services comes under 20,000 miles or 2 years of using time.

The model and year of the ride vary a lot for the service cost. Mercedes simply don’t come with a single model at all. Moreover, plenty of models goes through a similar servicing process.

The only distinction is, that they charge differently according to the model design and Class.

Applicable things under the Service

Now the costing is clear and known to all. So let’s find out the functions or items that the company provides. And these things altogether get counted under the servicing.

Here all the items are given in the following.

  • Replacing the oil filter
  • Motor oil replacement(Synthetic)
  • Checking tire inflation and solving
  • Resetting the maintenance meter
  • Observing brake components and replacement (charges extra)
  • Checking oil fluid level and changing(if necessary)

These are all the things that get done under an A3 service. However, they follow an interval and periodic time of service. For that reason, it can be performed after every 10k of running times.

Above all, Mercedes remains so concerned during the service A times. Specific features of the vehicle with production year and model get claimed or listed in the service sheet. And it latterly helps to deliver the upcoming services easily.

Additional Services and cost

Service A is not the only facility from the company. Whenever the ride is done with A, it automatically gets converted for the B service. And that means the B servicing gets performed whenever the ride gets used for 20,000+ miles or 2 years. Here all the functions under the B service have been given below.

  • Synthetic oil replacement of motor
  • Checking all fluid levels
  • Measuring tire inflation and fixing
  • Inspecting brake components
  • Cabin dust cleaning
  • Air filter cleaning or replacement
  • Refilling brake flash and fluid( requires extra charge)
  • Replacing oil filter

These are all the things that get done under B graded service. Practically, they are almost the similar ones as previously. Cleaning the cabin dust along with air filter replacement are the additional ones.

If any major changes get seen, it’s for refilling the brake fluid and flash. Most of the time, the rides don’t require them at all. They last for long times until they’re completely done performing. Changes require around $200 for the brake fluid. So that means, it will definitely increase the servicing cost.

Service A vs Service B. Any differences or not

While it’s been named the A3 service, it works like the symbolic A letter. In general, Service A and A3 services typically follow the same process.

Different application time is the only thing that brings changes to them. And just like that, Service B also follows the same thing. It comes with exactly the same process and factors. The timing interval is the only thing that makes distinctions between them.

 Service A is applicable between 10k miles or 1 year using time, the Service B gets seen for 20k miles or 2years of running time. Above all these things, service B only offers cabin dust cleaning with a brake fluid changing process.

Mercedes Benz E350 with A3 servicing

No matter what the models are, all of them will be serviced in a similar process. That is why; the E350 Benz follows the same rules too.

Changing the oil filter with oil, checking up the brake fluid, and measuring wheel alignment are all those servicing things for this model too.

The A7 and A8 services

The more the rides get older, they require better services. And that is why the A7 and A8 services get seen by the company. Though they’re not related to internal area or performance, still these services are worthy to achieve.

Describing the A7 first, it makes a replacement of both the transmission oil and filter. From that, the ride feels smooth for shifting the gear.

Coming to the A8 service, follows both the procedure from previous times. Lubricating the sunroof as well as cleaning is the additional thing that takes part.

Do the A3 servicing really worthy?

It’s usual of doubting it. Since it’s a premium segment car, it must have followed the great and top-level performance. Regarding that issue, it is surely worthy to go for and follow.

While finding out the reasons. First of all, they are enough life-saving and affordable. Few expenses for maintenance can easily reduce any upcoming issues. Moreover, they allow the car to feel better and smoother for driving.

So keeping the cost aside, they are undoubtedly worthy and perfect to go for.

When the costing is in mind, you guys can have a look at C300 vs E350 models. And the great thing is, they follow exactly the same pricing and costing for servicing.

Final Verdict

Mercedes A3 service cost is surely affordable and friendly. No doubt or complaints about it. In addition to being budget-friendly, they can assure the proper safety of your ride for a great long time. Hopefully, the discussion will appear enough helpful for the interested ones.

If you own any model from Mercedes, make sure to grant the A3 along with other services. Because of this fact, the ride will last for longer times with better durability.

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