Mercedes W123 Interior, is it compatible in modern times?

Mercedes W123 Interior is one of the best interiors back of the manufacturing year of the car. Also, this is one of the most reliable interiors to date, with several options of material and color. The buyers will get three different material options that include natural leather, vinyl, and fabric. Among those, the most expensive one is leather. After that, the most popular one is vinyl.

The vinyl material gets the popularity with this series of Mercedes, which grab the curiosity of the people. Resulting in vast sales and history-breaking popularity. For more information, one will have to read till the end and understand every point.

Mercedes W123
Mercedes W123

Mercedes W123 Interior

All know that Mercedes is the manufacturer who comes up with the design of motor car first back in 18’s. The extraordinary scientist of this manufacturer always wonders about the human race with luxurious and ahead of the date design and features. Specifically, the W123 of Mercedes was one of the most reliable automobiles in Germany as well as all over the world.

The rattling inline-four diesel engines were manufactured to last forever with the best possible performance. Also, the exterior and interior of the car are so eye-catchy that they still will grab the attention of a crowd, even with the stylish car of recent times. The best thing about Mercedes and their car is the design never gets old and backdated.

They started manufacturing and launching the W123 back in 1975 and continued with it till 1986. According to the expert survey, W123 is the most successful launch of BMW. They sold 2.7 million units of this car before the end of the production, which is huge.

In this topic, we will focus on the interior of the W123 rather than any technical specifications.

Mercedes W123 Interior


The first thing buyers notice about the interior is the color. Specifically, the mentioned series will have black, blue, tobacco, bamboo, parchment, and many colors. Moreover, one will have to know the code of the colors.

If one wants to customize the color option, they will need to know the color code too. Also, after using the car, if anything happens and one requires to restore the color they will need the code for the repair because some of the colors seem so similar, which is actually not. If one anyhow chooses the wrong color code they will end up with an uneven interior.

Table: Color Code of Mercedes W123

Interior color option of MercedesColor NameColor Code
Antique Bamboo167
Dark Green156
Henna Red157
Middle red177


One can not only have several color options for their Mercedes w123. One can choose different materials for the interior. Some people do not like natural leather or are allergic to natural leather. However, they can choose artificial leather or MB-Tex, or fabric. Three of them will be long-lasting and comfortable. However, they will have different price tags.

Usually, natural leather, which is superior to cow leather is the expensive option. Also,the maintenance of this type of leather is a little more complicated than the other one. If one is looking for the details of the upholstery, they will find something like a three-digit code. Every number in the code will indicate three different things.

For example, code 235, digit two will indicate the type of the upholstery or the material. Secondly, the number 3 will indicate the year or the pattern of the model, and finally, the third number will indicate the color of the interior.

Table: Different materials with a different color option for Mercedes W123 series 0.

ColorFabric (0)MB-Tex (1)Leather (2)Velour’s (9)

Table: Different materials with a different color option for Mercedes W123 series 3.

ColorFabric (0)MB-Tex (1)Leather (2)Velour’s (9)
Siena Red037137237937

Table: Different materials with different color options for Mercedes W123 series 5.

ColorFabric (0)MB-Tex (1)Leather (2)Velour’s (9)
Dark Olive056156256956
Henna Red057157257957

Front Seat

The front seat of the Mercedes w123 will include a pre-swan backrest, cushion, headrest, and back panel covers. However, the optional armrest cover is not included, and one will have to buy those separately. Moreover, the seats are vinyl and have rosette embossing. But the late models have pinpoint instead of rosette emboss. However, if the seats are leather, then those will always have rosette embossing.

Rear Seats

The rear seats of this series will have a backrest, cushion, as well as armrest cover. However, the rear seat kits do not include any headrest cover. One will face different patterns of the back seats in vinyl and original leather.

How does Mercedes make their W123 seats?

Mercedes use different pattern and material to design and manufacture their seats. Specifically, they use superior cow leather to manufacture their seats. However, after the breakthrough discovery of vinyl or artificial leather, which looks exactly like real leather, they start using this material. This material is a non-animal-based product loved by all.

Moreover, they also have cheap but reliable and comfortable fabric options. All those materials will have different color options as well as patterns. One can choose any of the colors from the suggested one. All of the color options are possible for three of the material option. One will have to lock on the code of the material for color and material option for their interior.

How to find the color code of Mercedes W123?

The color code of Mercedes becomes extremely important in the time one needs to repair any damage. Usually, the interior of the car gets some damage from overuse. If the family has children, then the phenomenon is sure. However, after long-term use of years, the interior color fades away and needs refurbishing. So, one will need to know the color code if they do not want any uneven finishing. 

Normally, the color code will be in the manual book that comes with the car. One will find it in the interior section of the book. In case they lose the book, the code must be in the embossed plate located on the front core support under the hood.


Mercedes itself is the best version of an automobile manufacturer. They have created and rolled this industry for decades or centuries. Moreover, the interior of the Mercedes w123 is another phenomenon that has crossed the bestselling range at the time of the manufacturing period. Because of the vast option in color and material, people get to have the opportunity to choose their favorite one.

Buyers will have to remember the code of the color as well as their interior to order and maintain. Because of the multiple option detecting the exact color without the code is hard. Hopefully, one has cleared all their confusion regarding Mercedes W123 Interior from the above discussion.

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