Automotive Touchup vs Paintscratch: What is the main difference?

Every user loves their rides from a different perspective. Some are obsessed with design and colour. But the majority of users are devoted to looks. An elaborated comparison between Automotive touch up vs paint scratches is, therefore, a valid thing to observe.

Stay tuned with us until the end to see how the entire discussion is formed. And frankly, this can be a great blog to observe by Mercedes users.

If the main differences get highlighted, the paint scratch performs better than the Automotive touchup. It can literally deliver a better look to the ride and provide a shiny vibe.

Automotive is probably another great model for the painting. And it can deliver better performance within short pricing.

These are not the only differences between them. Have a look till the last to know in a better way.

Automotive Touchup vs Paintscratch
Automotive Touchup

Automotive Touchup

This is an efficient way of avoiding any scratches. As the Mercedes models can come with major or minor scratches, painting the entire vehicle seems very costly.

Therefore, the automotive touchup system has created a good demand in the market. With this, any type of minor scratches on the body can be avoided very easily.

The automotive touchup system applies a high-quality coating to the color. Exactly a similar color coat is available according to the requirement. Some valid tools and items let the task performance in a great way.

Moreover, they help to put the color with the best accuracy and match up with the car. No matter which area gets scratched, the higher-tech facility with higher equipment literally makes them invisible. And the area looks the same as before. As from the user’s recommendation, the automotive touchup one seems better and perfect. Having varieties of panting models is the main reason behind it.

Most of the time, the automotive touchup process gets applied by the aerosol spraying can, the primer, and the clear coating. Though they don’t appear as perfect as the OEM painting, they still can provide a rich and shiny look to the vehicle.


Paintscartch is the updated variant of automotive touchup. For that reason, it has an overall better performance ability. This painting method can easily deliver a great look and finishing in the car.

Being a luxurious model, Mercedes has to appear with a similar and genuine color format. Paintscratch, therefore, works the best.

While describing the best part about this painting method, it can easily deliver an OEM feel during the painting. Easily, the paint scratch helps to deliver almost a similar color coating to the ride.

In fact, it sometimes becomes hard to identify and separate the repainted area for this painting mode.

A great number of users, therefore, have positive feedback about this paint.

Automotive touchup vs Paintscratch, the difference

So far, you have understood that there are some great differences available between them. Both of them perform a similar task, but they are not similar in their features and efficiency.

Here are some key factors been highlighted below.

Automotive TouchupFactorsPaintscratch
Aerosol spray canPainting modeSpraying cans
Available in multiple color modesColorsMultiple color formats
Glossy finishingColor coating textureBoth Glossy and matte finishing
Mainly for minor scratchesApplicable forBoth major and minor scratches

As some key factors have been exposed, the paint scratch performs better and is higher than the automotive touch-up. Being the updated version can be a great reason for it.

Both these models can deliver all the available colors in Mercedes. But the automotive one delivers a lower level of color format and appearance than the paint scratch.

In practical observation, paint scratch looks amazing and just like accurate to the OEM color format. For that reason, the ride will feel like there are no scratches on it.

Automotive can work against minor scratches. Applying some different coating can solve these issues. But it may not appear worthy enough against minor ones.

Although it can be done, professional hands are the only trusted way to avoid minor scratches. Moreover, some innovative car owners also feel confident in this painting process. Major scratches become easier to avoid by them too.

 Terms to observe for individual selection

Having some better options is not enough for the selection. Some legitimate issues deliver a great effort for the selection. Here you can have a look at these facts to select the best one.

Better Color coat

Both these painting methods get used against any scratches. In that case, the Pain scratch works with higher accuracy and quality. Furthermore, it can deliver a rich and standard look into the ride too.

The automotive one seems better too. But it sometimes gets faded or looks dull under sunlight. Some expert users claim this is a default painting time issue.

Perfect adhesiveness

They majorly get used to the luxurious cars. That means no comprise about the color quality and coating. The automotive one, in this case, performs quite well. But surely not as like the other one.

Paintscratch provides a great and iconic look to the ride with higher adhesiveness. For that reason, the color coating remains almost nearby to the OEM one.

All above them, it can simply remain in the vehicle for a great long time. That’s definitely for having better adhesiveness. And proper adhesive level always relates to better durability and performance.


Nothing can appear more efficient and worthy than pricing. However, paint scratch has created a good impression with performances. But it may not count as the perfect one for pricing.

With all these better and more efficient features, its prices are almost double the Automotive one! For that reason, it can be a great issue to select this model even if the performance is higher.

Whereas some other users may think about the pricing, some true luxurious fans never think about the cost at all.

  The best one to go with

All the things about these two painting modes are now clear. But the best one remains to choose. Talking about the automotive one first, it’s the proper budget-friendly option with moderate performance ability. Still, it doesn’t appear with the best color coating level.

Paintscratch, on the other hand, may price higher. Nevertheless, it performs from the best level with the finest quality. Even the OEM coating remains almost closer to the painted color.

All the functions and features indicate that the Paintscarch is probably the best one to go for. If the Mercedes can be the affordable one, this simple expense will not make any major facts at all.

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Final verdict

We now have proper knowledge about the discussion between Automotive Touch up vs. Painscratch. All now is needed to find out your required one according to color and budget.

Remember to follow the manual guidance so that there should be no mismatch in selecting the proper color mode. Wishing you a happy ride to all.

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